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Dr. Gregg Angell survives hunting accident that claimed friends’ lives

WESTPORT, Mass. —The wife of the only hunter to survive an accident that claimed the lives of two other experienced outdoorsmen said the fact her husband survived is a miracle.

Dr. Gregg Angell, of Westport, and his two friends, Steven James, of Marshfield, and Robert Becher, of Cromwell, Conn., fell into the Westport River when their small skiff capsized Tuesday morning. James and Becher died.

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“It’s absolutely a miracle — no doubt in my mind,” Lorraine Angell said. “He has frostbite on his fingers and frostbite on his knees. He is in shock but physically otherwise OK.”

Angell was rescued by the Coast Guard. He said he tried to wave to the rescue helicopter, but he could hardly move.

“He was in fetal position,” Lorraine Angell said. “Watching the video of him coming up breaks my heart. He knew he only had a little while longer.”

His core body temperature was 80 degrees when he arrived at the hospital.

She said her husband is not sure why the boat capsized.