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1. Challenge to Chesapeake cleanup tests EPA power

2. French children exposed to dangerous cocktail of pesticides, campaigners say

Analysis of hair samples from youngsters living or studying near farms or vineyards found total of 624 pesticide traces
A field in northern France

3. South Carolina sues as US seeks to halt work on plutonium disposal site. 

The White House is aiming to stop work on a plant whose cost has ballooned by billions,

but local interests as well as diplomatic and chemical issues are making it difficult. 

4. Three Mile Island, and nuclear hopes and fears. The disaster at a Pennsylvania 

plant fueled misgivings about nuclear power, as have those at Chernobyl and Fukushima.

But the fossil-fuel alternative still holds great allure

5. France must dig deep for a solution to the problem of buried toxic material

A long-term waste repository licensed to hold 44,000 tonnes must close. But cleaning up
the Alsace site could be dangerous
Stocamine france waste

6. Xinhua Insight: No sure cure for China’s soil pollution