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Here’s Your Chance To Find Out What It Might Be Like:  Plans for underwater ‘oceanscraper’ are revealed

Belgian architect Vincent Callebaut has revealed ambitious plans for a series of underwater eco-villages

Say what you will about Boston’s buildings, but there are some spectacular feats of architecture around town: The State House. The Hancock Tower. The ICA. And…various doors?




 Copyright 1998, 2015

Felina Silver Robinson


One big, one small, one wide or one thin, one dark or one light,

Buildings are like people they shine with all their might


Some smooth, some course, some fancy or plain

A building can be filled with almost anything


We enter them daily for home, work, or play

We don’t even realize what they do for us each day


Buildings they protect us from good weather and bad,

Buildings keep us safe in each and every way.

What’s your favorite building? Would you share it with me?

Tour some of America’s most bizarre buildings

File:Tholos Athena Pronaia.JPG

Tholos: Almost certainly, the idea of circular buildings in Greece derived ultimately from the round store huts of the early Aegeans.  Mycenaeans built round tombs and later tholoi, as circular constructions were called, were built in stone and marble for two or three centuries before the example, the Tholos at Delphi, was erected in about 390 BC. Delphi was a great religious centre, where could be found the shrine of Apollo and the seat of the most renowned of Greek oracles, a place hallowed by association, superstition and myth, sited magnificently and dramatically high above the Gulf of Corinth.

Taken from Oxford University 1993 – Roberts History of the World