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A disused runway at the former South Weymouth Naval Air Station will serve as a stand-in for the Boston Marathon finish line during the deadly 2013 terrorist bombings in the upcoming film “Patriots Day,”

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Victims identified as Victoria McGrath, Priscilla Perez Torres

Tsarnaev jury sentences Tsarnaev to death

Today we both honor and remember the four lives lost and approximately 264 that were maimed or injured at the hands of two terrorists. Two brothers chose for their on selfish reasons to commit a horrendously unforgettable, as well as unforgettable act. Not only did some lose their lives or limbs, people lost the feeling of being safe. Some business have since shut down due to financial reasons. The lives of many have been immeasurably affected in uncountable ways. Their only solace is in that one of their attackers perished trying to flee and the other sits in jail waiting upon his sentence, no longer able to hurt anyone. The City of Boston and all of its supporters have gathered round near and far since April 15, 2013. I know that none of us will forget what happened. But Knowing that there is such an outpouring of love and support from all around Boston will remain forever Boston Strong. So wherever you are, no matter what you’re doing take a moment to remember the events of that horrific day. Offer a prayer for what’s been lost but more for what has now been found. A new beginning, a bigger, stronger family. We are all united and stand together and shall allow no one to ever take this power over our City Again! Happy #OneBoston Day!

by Felina Silver Robinson

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