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Dombey and Son, by Charles Dickens

No Regrets Will Be Found Here© 2015

by Felina Silver Robinson

I don’t want the things that everyone else has

I want what I need

And that is you

I don’t want the things that no one wants to give me

Because I will always work hard to get what I need

I don’t want to cry because I can’t change the world

I will accept what can’t be changed

But will try to change what can be

I don’t want to have days where I stand alone without loved ones

Because I didn’t make time for them

Because I wouldn’t make time for them

I don’t want to live with with a broken heart

Knowing that I could change everything

Before it’s too late

My life won’t be riddled with regret

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J.K. Rowling

King calls ‘Revival’ a ‘straight-ahead horror novel’

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3. Ted Grant: NMAI’s Meet Native America Series

Ted Grant, vice-chairman of the Otoe–Missouria Tribe. The tribal seal in the
background shows the seven clans of the Otoe–Missouria, with a prayer feather
at the center.

4. Rose Hips: A Stroll on the Beach Can Ease Arthritis and Cure the Sniffles

Leeanne Root
These rose hips were found growing on the beach at Bluff Point State Park in
Groton, Connecticut.

5. Milky Way ‘Stars’ in Summer Blockbuster Night Sky

Bryce Canyon National Park
The Milky Way view in this phantasmagorical panorama of the night sky in
Bryce Canyon is generated by a webcam is worth visiting.

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7. Iceland on Alert for Massive Eruption of Bardarbunga Volcano

Thinkstock/Johann Helgason
Eyjafjallajokull, above, erupted in 2010 and stranded millions of airline
passengers with an ash cloud. An even bigger volcano, Bardarbunga, is rumbling,
and it’s anybody’s guess as to what it will do, and when.

8. Top Rug: Weaver Lola Cody Wins Best of Show at Santa Fe Indian Market

Lola Cody with the woven wool rug that took Best of Show honors at the 2014
Santa Fe Indian Market.

9. Morales Presents Degrees to First Graduates of Bolivia’s Indigenous Universities

Juan Karita/AP
Evo Morales

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Via Twitter
Frank Waln

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