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SCITUATE, Mass. —Looking for the perfect gift for the adventurous person on your holiday shopping list?

How about a 3.75-acre private island in Briggs Harbor off Minot Beach?

The Patriot Leger reported that Horse Island has been in the DiGiacomantonio family since the 1950s, when Dominic, a local developer, bought it for $5,000 as a Christmas gift for his wife.

The gift was so unusual that the couple’s daughter, Elaine, entered it into a Florida radio station’s contest for most unique Christmas gift, and she won.

“The station went as far as to call Scituate to make sure it wasn’t a lie,” said DiGiacomantonio. “I got a tape recorder, which at that time in the 1950s was a big thing.”

But Dominic DiGiacomantonio fell ill and died before his plans to build on the island were realized, and when his wife died in 2002, she had never set foot on her personal enclave.

Now Elaine DiGiacomantonio, of Holliston, is selling the island after buying it from her parents’ estate in 2002.

“I purchased it from the estate because my sister is in Florida and she didn’t want it,” DiGiacomantonio said. “I’d like to see someone do something nice with it.”

Listed at $849,900 by Gibson Sotheby’s International Realty, the island of cedars, wild blueberry bushes and granite outcrops is accessible by boat during high tide and by foot over areas of the marsh during low tide. The land is assessed at $5,900 and, like several nearby islands, is identified as 0 Glades Road in Scituate.

Liz Roberts, the listing agent for the property, said it is zoned for residential building and is divided into two parcels.

DiGiacomantonio put the island up for sale in 2008 for $750,000, but later took it off the market because of the poor economy.