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French gymnast breaks leg during vault landing

Samir Ait Said of France fractured two bones in his lower left leg during the men's gymnastics competition.

Meet 11 Massachusetts athletes who will compete in the Rio 2016 Olympics

Elena Pirozhkova

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Wayne Gretzky calls Gordie Howe ‘the greatest hockey player ever’


Lenworth ‘Kip’ Williamson made resolution in 1989


Arnold Peralta, Honduras National Soccer Team Player, Dies at Age 26

Arnold Peralta, Honduras National Soccer Team Player, Dies at Age 26

Bravo Star and Fitness Instructor and Model Was 37

Greg Plitt

Zamperini story told in ‘Unbroken,’ Laura Hillenbrand’s 2010 best-seller

Blaine Steinberg, a former Big Green athlete, dies from illness
Dartmouth student dies

HANOVER, N.H. — Blaine Steinberg, a Dartmouth College student and former athlete, died Friday night at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center, school officials said.

A member of the class of 2015, Steinberg fell ill and died, Dartmouth President Phil Hanlon said in a written statement. Steinberg was from Wynnewood, Pa.

Steinberg played lacrosse her freshman year at Dartmouth, but quit after suffering two concussions, the Valley News reported.

The college offered counseling to students and staff Friday and Saturday.

When I first heard about the police were talking to Aaron Hernandez in connection to the murder of his deceased friend and former athletic Associate Odin Lloyd, I just didn’t want to believe that he could have played any part in it. I mean he was a New England Patriot. I would still like to believe that the remaining members of the New England Patriots team are all upstanding, law-abiding citizens. It’s ok to have personal problems. But not the kind where you go to work, spend time among your colleagues and act as though nothing has happened. What does that say about all the men who played beside him unaware and unable to see the horrible acts he committed in his eyes, in his body language, in any of his actions? Well New England Patriots Team Members, don’t blame yourselves, you’ve done nothing wrong.  Aaron Hernandez was a professional at everything he did. He fooled a lot of people.  His lawyers have said that all the evidence against him is circumstantial. That is a heck of an abundance of circumstantial evidence. Now there is a flop house 11 miles away filled with ammunition and clothing that may help the police in their case against him for murder. Only time will tell us how this all turns out.

Today’s headlines cause one to pause and really think about what is going on around us. We sit and wait for news on the health status of the great Nelson Mandela in South Africa who was that countries former president. He is now in critical condition in Pretoria where he’s been since June 8. At age 94, he’s seen more than his share of the hospital in recent times. We pray for him and his family
We still await some form of resolution to the flurry of news reports on the Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez and what his role if any, might have been in the recent murder of his friend and associate Odin Lloyd. Hernandez’ property including his home, has been searched several times with hoards of investigators, including dogs and locksmiths. We still wait to hear from those who make the decisions about what the next steps in the investigation might be.

In Merrimac, MA a woman somehow fell from a moving vehicle suffering serious injuries was taken by helicopter to Anna Jaques Hospital then transferred to a hospital in Boston. Thankfully the police did arrest Henry Matos of Lawrence for driving under the influence. Moises Matoz also of Lawrence was put in protective custody. The police are investigating circumstances of this tragic incident.

Innocent bystanders continue to fall victim to lightning strikes. In Casco, Maine three people were struck by lightening at the Point Sebago Resort last night. Two were fortunate enough to only need on scene treatment while a third victim had serious injuries and had to be hospitalized

Imagine being 81 years old and sitting at a table in your home reading a paper and you start to hear loud booms coming from your basement. Dora Cummings was smart enough to call 911 and leave her home without injury. Unfortunately, her house was not so lucky. The Berlin home was destroyed when the two propane tanks exploded.

On a lighter note, you twinkie loving people will be happy to know that twinkies and some other favorited hostess products will return to shelves on July 15, 2013 offered by their owner, Hostess. They will be bearing a new tagline of “The Sweetest Comeback in The History of Ever”. Enjoy your sweet tooth sweet lovers.

Always know that for every great tragedy, there is always some great miracle of life that happens somewhere close by. Those miracles may not always be heard or seen, but those special enough to be a part of the miracle are grateful for the miracle. Continue to do good in your life and great reward will come to you and those you love. Believe!