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All Photo’s in this post were taken by Felina Silver Robinson

and cannot be used or copied without her permission

Copyright© 2015


Fun With Nature On Family Day©

By Felina Silver Robinson

Copyright© 2015


When you think of fun

It should be anything under the sun

Although the sun doesn’t have to shine

Just as long as you make the time

To spend with the ones you love

Doing whatever is on your mind

Today, our Sunday was meant to be

A fun day

So we venture out

To wander about the Arnold Arboretum

Despite the mix of sun a clouds

The hint of a chill in the air

We looked around at almost every tree or bush

That came our way

Snapping pictures so that we could store

Memories of this very day

How I wish we could have stayed longer

But allergies got in the way of our beautiful day

So off we went for frozen yogurt instead

With memories of the day tucked firmly away in our heads

IMG_0284[1] IMG_0283[1] IMG_0282[1] IMG_0278 IMG_0279 IMG_0280 IMG_0281 IMG_0192 IMG_0194 IMG_0195 IMG_0196 IMG_0197 IMG_0198 IMG_0199 IMG_0200 IMG_0201 IMG_0202 IMG_0203 IMG_0204 IMG_0205 IMG_0206 IMG_0207 IMG_0208 IMG_0209 IMG_0210 IMG_0211 IMG_0212 IMG_0213 IMG_0214 IMG_0215 IMG_0216 IMG_0217 IMG_0218 IMG_0219 IMG_0220 IMG_0221 IMG_0222 IMG_0223 IMG_0224 IMG_0225 IMG_0226 IMG_0228 IMG_0229 IMG_0230 IMG_0231 IMG_0234 IMG_0235 IMG_0236 IMG_0239 IMG_0241 IMG_0242 IMG_0243 IMG_0244 IMG_0245 IMG_0246 IMG_0247 IMG_0248 IMG_0249 IMG_0250 IMG_0251 IMG_0254 IMG_0255 IMG_0256 IMG_0257 IMG_0258 IMG_0259 IMG_0260 IMG_0261 IMG_0262 IMG_0263 IMG_0264 IMG_0265 IMG_0266 IMG_0267 IMG_0268 IMG_0269 IMG_0270 IMG_0271 IMG_0272 IMG_0273 IMG_0274 IMG_0276

Emerald ash borer detected in Suffolk County

Enerald Ash Borer