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Pritzker Prize 2016: Alejandro Aravena owes success to asking ‘stupid questions’

Alejandro Aravena is the winner of the "Nobel Prize" of architecture, the Pritzker Prize. Here are some of his greatest designs...

Here’s Your Chance To Find Out What It Might Be Like:  Plans for underwater ‘oceanscraper’ are revealed

Belgian architect Vincent Callebaut has revealed ambitious plans for a series of underwater eco-villages

The 1970s Johnson Building until recently sat behind a stone wall; now, the BPL aims to draw more people in

The 1970s Johnson Building until recently sat behind a stone wall; now, the BPL aims to draw more people in.

10 Amazing Tree Houses: Plans, Pictures, Designs, Ideas & Kits

10 Amazing Creative Unique and Unusual Treehouse Designs

World’s most isolated inhabited island holds global architecture competition

A lonely spot of land in the ocean. Tristan da Cunha as pictured from space.

1. Native Youth to Rise Up, One Skatepark at a Time

2. 23rd Annual Service Honoring Fallen Law Enforcement Officers Today

3. Harry Reid to Roger Goodell: ‘Follow the NBA’s Example’

Harry Reid says NFL should urge Snyder to change his team’s name

4. New York State Charges Passamaquoddy Fisheries Official With Elvers Poaching

WCSH6/NBC affiliate
Passamaquoddy fisheries official charged with fraud while helping Unkechaug Indian Nation implement an eel management plan.

5. South Dakota Senator Tim Johnson Visits the Cheyenne River Youth Project

Courtesy CRYP
Sen. Tim Johnson with Cheyenne River Youth Project staff and members

6. Video: Shoni Schimmel’s Rookie Blog With the Atlanta Dream
Shoni Schimmel

7. Climate Change is Real, Let’s Fight It Together

8. Chickasaw Hall of Fame to Induct Five

Chickasaw Nation
Irene Lois Pettigrew Digby is among the inductees to the Chickasaw Hall of Fame.

9. Mavericks: Trio Founds IFAM to Challenge Santa Fe Indian Market

Former SWAIA administrators Paula Rivera, John Torres Nez and Tailinh Agoyo have founded an art market that looks to be an alternative to SWAIA’s Santa Fe Indian Market.

10. Eastern Band of Cherokee Replenishes Iconic White-Tailed Deer on Its Lands

Eastern Band of Cherokee
The white-tailed deer, a Cherokee cultural icon, has virtually disappeared on Eastern Band of Cherokee lands, but now it is being reintroduced.

11. The Fallin Fallout: Festival, Riverwind, and Mom All Issue Statements

Photo by Christina Owen, source:
Protesters at Pink Pony’s Norman Music Festival performance.

12. Senate Democrats Host Meeting to Discuss Job Creation in Indian Country

13. The People of the Longhouse

14. Native American Architecture

15. Who were the Mound Builders? The First American Civilization built by Native Americans!

16. Solutreans Are Indigenous Americans

File:Tholos Athena Pronaia.JPG

Tholos: Almost certainly, the idea of circular buildings in Greece derived ultimately from the round store huts of the early Aegeans.  Mycenaeans built round tombs and later tholoi, as circular constructions were called, were built in stone and marble for two or three centuries before the example, the Tholos at Delphi, was erected in about 390 BC. Delphi was a great religious centre, where could be found the shrine of Apollo and the seat of the most renowned of Greek oracles, a place hallowed by association, superstition and myth, sited magnificently and dramatically high above the Gulf of Corinth.

Taken from Oxford University 1993 – Roberts History of the World