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I Appreciate All That I have©

Life is Bigger Than We Are

Sometimes we’re lucky enough to live a full life

We learn as we go and experience most things

Others are not as lucky

Some have no choice but to grow up fast

Not knowing what it is to be a child

They instantly become a caretaker

as soon as they can reach the sink and the stove

for some they have to go to work to help bring money into their home

Some are raised in famine with no roof over their head

No walls to separate their family from other families

No medicine to help the sick

No electricity

Some are just not fortunate to live as others do

I appreciate

the air we breath

the running water

for cooking our food,

for bathing,

for cleaning our clothes and our homes

The home we live in,

The school our children attend

The stores we shop in

The clothes we wear

The cars we drive

The doctors who care for us

The medicine that makes us well

I’m sad for those…

Who die young

Who never get to know love

Who never get to know happiness

Copyright 2014 I Appreciate All That I have© Felina Silver Robinson

Weymouth teacher ‘Mr. D’ recognized for 65 years of service

Today we celebrate Labor Day
A holiday that we don’t have to differentiate who the day is meant for
We can celebrate it how we feel we want to honor ourselves and those
That we know have worked so hard for themselves their families
To have something to be proud of
To offer a part of themselves and earn something for being good at it
To help the place they live in and call prosper
We inspire ourselves
We motivate others
We try something new or stay with something old
What ever we do, we do it with pride
No matter where in the world we might be
Man, woman or child, we have something to celebrate
Today I celebrate remembering my first jobs as
A babysitter, newspaper carrier, assistant to an editorial consultant and a waitress, working at the library, town hall, police station and court-house during high school for business coop,
All those jobs before I started college

Do you remember your first job(s)? I’m sure you have much to be proud of too. Enjoy your celebration.