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The age when men completely give up on trying to look good may surprise you! And wait until you see how soon it happens after many tie the knot! Agree?

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My husband actually cares a lot about what he looks like aside from being clean shaven. That is my only pet peeve.  I love how some men look with facial hair.  I just don’t like kissing a guy with facial hair.  I do very strongly care about how the people in my life present themselves.  You can be comfortably dressed and still look good. So, I’m truly grateful to have a husband that does care about his appearance.  I think it helps everyone feel better about themselves when they feel better about the way they look.If you stop caring about how you look then you stop caring about a lot of other things too.  Then you know you are in for some trouble, so watch out and find ways to keep each other feeling good.  I always compliment my husband on his appearance and that really helps.  But don’t say if you don’t mean it.