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The Anger Wrapped Around My Heart©

Copyright 2015

By Felina Silver Robinson


Regret is far from the tongue

Of the man with anger buried in his soul

His anger finds its way into my heart

For all the moments he stole from me

My happiness slowly slips away

Like water in a leaky faucet

As much as I try to let go of the anger

His grip is tighter than my will is strong

I long for a moment of happiness free from his hold

I pray for the strength to fight for what I need

I vow to slowly chip away at the

Anger wrapped around my heart

Set forth by the man with it buried in his soul

If willing desire and determination can conquer all evil

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Personally, when I’m angry about something, I immediately talk about it with whomever is affected or involved. Holding onto the feelings ends up hurting everyone in your path until you can process all of your feelings. It is important to resolve all situations without delay so they fester within you. I’ve also found that writing about what you are feeling helps, because you are able to look back over what you have written and address each issue. You can pick apart what made you feel the way you did and whether or nog those feelings should have occurred. Then you can figure out what you can do to help stop the situation from occurring again. Going for a walk, exercising and cleaning also help me work through whatever ails me.

Here you will find several articles on anger and aggression. I hope you can take what you need from them to make your battle with anger more manageable. Good luck!

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