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A Massachusetts family is suing Panera Bread after they say the restaurant put peanut butter in their daughter’s grilled cheese

Panera Bread

Amount of peanut exposure considered low, company says


‘I’m Allergic to Myself’: Woman Details Rare Condition Being Allergic to Her Sweat, Tears

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Did you know that Food allergies cost U.S. $25 billion a year?


See what all the talk is about$25-billion-a-year/

Just this summer a girl died from a peanut allergy at camp.  It’s not easy to police lunches and snacks in an environment such as summer camp or even the school lunchroom.  There are limitations on family budgets as to what they can actually afford to feed their children or themselves for that matter. So now they have to worry about whether or not what they’re feeding their own children could be harming someone elses.  I have food allergies, accompanied by so many other allergies that my allergists doesn’t know what to do with me or for. But still no matter the price, human lives are worth more than the cost of the remedy for the illness. Always be aware of your surroundings, what’s in and around them. Question the content of your food if you are not sure.  If they don’t know, don’t eat it!