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Skip Moskey, author of a new biography about Larz and Isabel Anderson, looks up at an original statue that still stands on the Brookline estate.

New Hampshire police are investigating after drones were spotted late at night outside the windows of several residences.

Love Hurts©

Felina Silver Robinson
Copyright© 2014


When your partner doesn’t hear you

Not because they can’t
But because they won’t
When you know you deserve better
 But end up with what you see
Is what you get
You are the glue that holds everything together
If you’re not doing it
Nothing will get done
If you’re not buying it
You don’t get what you need
Forget about what you want
When he’s angry
He lashes out at everyone
Especially you
His apologies are few and far in-between
When they do come
They are lacking sincerity and remorse
You try to disguise your pain
But it gets harder each time
As time goes on you become nothing
But a hardened shell
Your own family finds you hard to recognize
No longer do you wear the smile they became so accustomed to seeing
This time your heart seems uncertain if
It can forgive
If it wants to forgive
If it will forgive
Isn’t the answer to what is broken
In your love
Love just hurts
Hard choices must come about
In the end
Love may just not be worth it

This Old Chair of Mine©

Copyright 2016

By Felina Silver Robinson

This old chair of mine

Has kept me warm

It’s seen me through all my ails

It’s seen me come

It’s seen me go

It’s held my tears

It’s held my hand when no one else was near

This old chair of mine

Has been the companion no one else could be

Although now tattered and torn

No longer holding onto it’s natural beauty

That means nothing to me

It holds all the character I need

It does the job no one else has offered to do

I owe my strength to the one and only old chair of mine