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No injuries reported

Massachusetts State Police

New cancer treatment targets sick cells only

A patient receives chemotherapy

A patient receives chemotherapy.


The first day of summer is Monday, June 20. Here are some tips to help you stay healthy while you enjoy the sunshine

A four-month-old was found unresponsive today in a Chelsea apartment

Alexsandra Wadleigh scheduled to be arraigned Tuesday

Photo furnished by Merrimack Police Department

4-vehicles involved in chain reaction crash


Beneath My Cover©

Felina Silver Robinson

November 3, 2013

What you see isn’t always what you get

I might have tattooed covered skin

Piercings throughout my body

And multi-colored hair

But that does not define who I really am

Believe it or not

I’m quite educated

if you got to know me you might be able to see that

I love art and have a keen eye for da Vinci, Picasso and Van Gogh

I can tell you anything and everything about history

In fact my teachers use to tell me that I should teach them

Can you believe it

I appreciate all kinds of music including Mozart, Haden and Bach

I can cook tantalizing cuisine that will leaving you wanting for more

I’m not here to judge you for judging me

I just want to tell you that just because you see me

it doesn’t mean you really see me

look beyond my cover and you will find the real me

I look forward to meeting you

I hope to become your friend