I’m Almost All Grown Up© – A Poem By Felina (2/20/16)

02/20/2016 — Leave a comment

(Note to reader: I find a picture I like and write a poem about what I see. Hope you enjoy)

This is what I see…Felina Silver Robinson

Candy Cigarrette

Photo by Sally Mann

I may stand just over 4 ft tall

I may only be 10-years-old

But I can hold myself up

I can make myself look older

I can turn the head of any man

And women look at me and wonder

Why I hold this “Candy Cigarette” in my hand

With my other hand

Tucked under my armpit

They glare at me wondering

Whether or not it’s the real thing


If this is an act?

They are uncertain

I know it’s not real

But it sure makes me feel good

To know I have them thinking

I’m Almost All Grown Up©

Copyright 2015

by Felina Silver Robinson

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