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 Copyright 1998, 2015

Felina Silver Robinson


One big, one small, one wide or one thin, one dark or one light,

Buildings are like people they shine with all their might


Some smooth, some course, some fancy or plain

A building can be filled with almost anything


We enter them daily for home, work, or play

We don’t even realize what they do for us each day


Buildings they protect us from good weather and bad,

Buildings keep us safe in each and every way.

What’s your favorite building? Would you share it with me?

Taken from the Complete Works of William Shakespeare


ACT II, SCENE I. A Sea-port in Cyprus. An open place near the quay.

Good ancient, you are welcome.


Welcome, mistress.
Let it not gall your patience, good Iago,
That I extend my manners; ’tis my breeding
That gives me this bold show of courtesy.

Kissing her

Sir, would she give you so much of her lips
As of her tongue she oft bestows on me,
You’ll have enough.

Alas, she has no speech.

In faith, too much;
I find it still, when I have list to sleep:
Marry, before your ladyship, I grant,
She puts her tongue a little in her heart,
And chides with thinking.

You have little cause to say so.

Come on, come on; you are pictures out of doors,
Bells in your parlors, wild-cats in your kitchens,
Saints m your injuries, devils being offended,
Players in your housewifery, and housewives’ in your beds.

O, fie upon thee, slanderer!

Nay, it is true, or else I am a Turk:
You rise to play and go to bed to work.

You shall not write my praise.

No, let me not.

What wouldst thou write of me, if thou shouldst
praise me?

O gentle lady, do not put me to’t;
For I am nothing, if not critical.

Come on assay. There’s one gone to the harbour?

Ay, madam.

I am not merry; but I do beguile
The thing I am, by seeming otherwise.
Come, how wouldst thou praise me?

I am about it; but indeed my invention
Comes from my pate as birdlime does from frize;
It plucks out brains and all: but my Muse labours,
And thus she is deliver’d.
If she be fair and wise, fairness and wit,
The one’s for use, the other useth it.

Well praised! How if she be black and witty?

If she be black, and thereto have a wit,
She’ll find a white that shall her blackness fit.

Worse and worse.

How if fair and foolish?

She never yet was foolish that was fair;
For even her folly help’d her to an heir.

These are old fond paradoxes to make fools laugh i’
the alehouse. What miserable praise hast thou for
her that’s foul and foolish?

There’s none so foul and foolish thereunto,
But does foul pranks which fair and wise ones do.

O heavy ignorance! thou praisest the worst best.
But what praise couldst thou bestow on a deserving
woman indeed, one that, in the authority of her
merit, did justly put on the vouch of very malice itself?

She that was ever fair and never proud,
Had tongue at will and yet was never loud,
Never lack’d gold and yet went never gay,
Fled from her wish and yet said ‘Now I may,’
She that being anger’d, her revenge being nigh,
Bade her wrong stay and her displeasure fly,
She that in wisdom never was so frail
To change the cod’s head for the salmon’s tail;
She that could think and ne’er disclose her mind,
See suitors following and not look behind,
She was a wight, if ever such wight were,–

To do what?

To suckle fools and chronicle small beer.

O most lame and impotent conclusion! Do not learn
of him, Emilia, though he be thy husband. How say
you, Cassio? is he not a most profane and liberal

He speaks home, madam: You may relish him more in
the soldier than in the scholar.

[Aside] He takes her by the palm: ay, well said,
whisper: with as little a web as this will I
ensnare as great a fly as Cassio. Ay, smile upon
her, do; I will gyve thee in thine own courtship.
You say true; ’tis so, indeed: if such tricks as
these strip you out of your lieutenantry, it had
been better you had not kissed your three fingers so
oft, which now again you are most apt to play the
sir in. Very good; well kissed! an excellent
courtesy! ’tis so, indeed. Yet again your fingers
to your lips? would they were clyster-pipes for your sake!

Trumpet within

The Moor! I know his trumpet.

‘Tis truly so.

Let’s meet him and receive him.

Lo, where he comes!

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Higher Ground©

copyright 1998, 2015

By Felina Silver Robinson


What makes us feel safe?

Being above on higher ground

Above the waves out in the sea

So they can’t swing by to wipe us away

Each time the rain falls so heavily

We run so fast for higher ground

To keep ourselves from drowning,

Won’t you please help save me?

Come winter or fall

Come fly with me

Up to a higher ground

Midnight’s Children

by Salman Rushdie

Book Summary Note from Felina Silver Robinson: Author Salman Rushdie tells his own story in such a way that everyone falls in love with it. He tells the story of a “dorkish” kid who stumbles through his life trying to figure out just what he wants to be when he grows up. There’s pressures to be one thing or another, but he’s his own person and he has to find out what will make him happy in his own way. His ending may not be what anyone else would have chosen, but he ends up happy nonetheless and everyone else seemed happy enough to read it since he won so many awards for it.

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Salman Rushdie

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Guardian Angel©

Copyright 2015

By Felina Silver Robinson

angels right side

I find myself lost in a sea of the pain of others

Unable to fight the urge to solve the problems of the world

I am no sitter

I can’t stand by and let things be as they may

Someone needs to take charge of all the wrong doings

What if it was my life that was forever being changed?

What if no one cared about my innocence?

Would you, could you sit by and just let things just be?

I choose to be your guardian angel

The one you can look to when it seems no one else cares

The one that will turn over every rock to prove your innocence