My Good Read of the Day (08/29/15)

08/29/2015 — Leave a comment

Blood Meridian

by Cormac McCarthy

Book Summary Note from Felina Silver Robinson: Cormac McCarthy has captured the violence of the 1800s when all the Aboriginals, Mexicans and Americans wanted nothing more to do with one another than to kill each other.  This was truly one of the more violent periods of our times and its all captured here in black and white. Imagine the act of scalping, it’s utterly preposterous and animalistic in nature, but that was how it was. The only good thing was that the characters in the book were memorable. The kid, the judge and Glanton. They made the book work and feel more comfortable. Lets not forget the layout of the old west. The picture you hold in your head about the landscape as you read is definitely memorable. It helps you get a true essence of what really went on in the time

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