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Whitney Houston’s Daughter Was Found Unresponsive in Bathtub, Police Say

Bobbi Kristina Brown

Family Is A Game Of Tug Of War©

My Poem of the Day


I’ve put my whole heart into loving my husband

Without question

I love his family too

I did not come to judge

I did not come to take

My hands are only open

Hoping to receive love and affection

I try all I can to make our house a home

Giving all that I have for free

In turn me and my children are chastised

For trying to take what’s said not to be ours

There have been no gifts to us

There have been no rewards

We given plenty of sacrifice along with blood sweat and tears

There is no reason for this display of such disdain

My heart is now aching and yearning for a time

When we can again all be happy as one

A family is forever

Together through thick and thin

Casting out only those that sin

But upon redemption to receive them once again

Giving us the chance to be a family once more

Taken from the Complete Works of William Shakespeare

The Merchant of Venice


ACT V, SCENE I.–BELMONT. Pleasure grounds of



Lor. The moon shines bright!—In such a

night as this,

When the sweet wind did gently kiss the trees,

And they did make no noise; in such a night,

Troilus, methinks, mounted the Trojan walls,

And sigh’d his soul toward the Grecian tents,

Where Cressid lay that night.

Jes.                                   In such a night

Did Thisbe fearfully o’ertrip the dew,

And saw the lion’s shadow ere himself.

And ran dismay’d away.

Lor.                             In such a night

Stood Dido with a willow in her hand

Upon the wild sea-banks, and wav’d her love

To come again to Carthage.

Jes.                                  In such a night

Medea gathere’d the enchanged herbs

That did renew old Æson.

Lor.                                In such a night

Did Jessica steal from the wealthy Jew

And, with an unthrift love, did run from Venice

As far as Belmont.

Jes.                     In such a night

Did young Lorenzo swear he lov’d her well—

Stealing her soul with many vows of faith,

And ne’er a true one

Lor.                        In such a night

Did pretty Jessica, like a little shrew,

Slander her love, and he forgave it her.

Jes. I would out-night you, did nobody


But hark, I hear the footing of a man.

(On 2/01/15 – Join me for the continuation of 

“The Merchant of Venice”, 

ACT V, SCENE I.–BELMONT. Pleasure grounds of


Suppliance (n.)

Suppliance means pastime, diversion.  Suppliance is cited in William Shakespeare’s Hamlet (Ham I.iii.9) Laertes says to Ophelia about Hamlets loves “The perfume and suppliance of a minute.” Felina Silver Robinson

Hamlet and Ophelia, by Dante Gabriel Rossetti

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Taken from the Merriam-Webster’s Encyclopedia of World Religions

Here is a dose of daily religion from A to Z.

Today’s religious topic is as follows:

“Asgard”Old Norse Asgardr, In Norse MYTHOLOGY, the dwelling place of the gods. Legend divided Asgard into 12 or ore realms, including VALHALLA, the home of ODIN and the abode of heroes slain in earthly battle; Thrudheim, the realm of THOR; and Breidablik, the home of BALDER. Each important god had his own palace in Asgard, and many Germanic peoples believed that these mansions were similar in design to those of their own nobility. Asgard could be reached from earth only by the bridge Bifrost (the rainbow). See also GERMANIC RELIGION.


(Comeback on 2/01/15 and continue to learn about religion. Tomorrow you’ll read and learn more about “Asher”.

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