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The Death of Ed Herrmann

Lauren Graham, Kelly Bishop, Edward Hermann

Taken from the Merriam-Webster’s Encyclopedia of World Religions

Here is a dose of daily religion from A to Z.

Today’s religious topic is as follows:

“Arhat”, in BUDDHISM, a perfected person, one who has gained insight into the true nature of existence and has achieved NIRVANA (spiritual enlightenment). See ARAHANT.

Statue de l’Arhat Tamrabhadra (musée Guimet)

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Taken from the Complete Works of William Shakespeare

The Merchant of Venice



Bass. I pray thee, good Leonardo, think on

this:                                             [stow’d,

These things being bought and orderly be-

Return in hast, for I do feast to-night

My best esteem’d acquaintance: hie thee, go.

Leon. My best endeavors shall be done



Gra. Where is your master?

Leon.              Yonder, sir, he walks.   [Exit.

Gra. Signior Bassanio,——

Bass. Gratiano!

Gra. I have a suit to you.

Bass.                       You have obtain’d it.

Gra. You must not deny me: I must go with

you to Belmont.                          [Gratiano;

Bass. Why, then you must.—But hear thee,

Thou art too wild, too rude, and bold of voice;—

Parts that become thee happily enough,

And in such eyes as ours appear not faults;

But where thou art not known, why, there

they show

Something too liberal. Pray thee, take pain

To allay with some cold drops of modesty

Thy skipping spirit; lest, though thy wild be-


I be misconstrued in the place I go to,

And lose my hopes.

Gra.                       Signior Bassanio, hear me:

If I do not put on a sober habit,

Talk with respect, and swear but now and then,

Wear prayer-books in my pocket, look de-


Nay more, while grace is saying, hood mine


Thus with my had, and sigh, and say amen,

Use all the observance of civility,

Like one well studied in a sad ostent

To please his grandam, never trust me more.

Bass. Well, we shall see your bearing.

Gra. Nay, but I bar to-night; you shall not

gage me

By what we do to-night.

Bass.                           No, that were pity;

I would entreat you rather to put on

Your boldest suit of mirth, for we have friends

That purpose merriment. But fare you well:

I have some business.

Gra. And I must to Lorenzo and the rest;

But we will visit you at supper-time.


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ACT II, SCENE III.—The same. A Room in SHYLOCK’S



See His Touching Tribute

Neil Patrick Harris

My Poem of the Day


You are my forever dad©

You may not have planted the seed that made me

But you were the man who reared me

You taught me right from wrong

And all that I needed to know to make it in this world

You taught me how to ride a bike

While you stood proudly by

You took me tobogganing on top of Blue Hill Ave

And you followed right behind me

You didn’t even laugh when I became a fixture on the biggest tree

Together, we climbed Mount Monadnock

My fondest memories were of

Our weekend state to state trips

Sometimes, by car

Sometimes, by ferry

Whichever way was fun-filled and merry

Your love is like no other

Your always so caring and forgiving

I know that there’s nothing you wouldn’t do

Not all times were with cheerful

But you sure did find a way for me to get past every bad moment

These are the things that only a dad can fix

I’m so glad that you will always be

My forever dad

Copyright 2014

You are my forever dad©

Felina Silver Robinson

Discovery of human remains has Brockton neighborhood on edge

Few details available

police car


Aquiles Perez charged in fatal stabbing

police crime tape

For a fleeting moment last spring, the epidemic sweeping West Africa might have been stopped. But the opportunity to control the virus, which has now caused more than 7,800 deaths, was lost.