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Kaci Hickox says rights being violated

Modern Family NOT Canceled — Story Is Hoax From Parody Site

Modern Family Canceled

According to Eric Stonestreet’s Twitter

Eric Stonestreet, Modern Family

The Beatles Official Music Video Playlist

The Monkees Music Videos Playlist


Almsman means a person who is living through charitable offerings.It was sited in Shakespeare’s King Richard II (R2 III.iii.149 [King Richard says to Aumerle] I’ll give my gay apparel for an almsman’s gown.

From Left, Bagot (Allan Kleban), John O’Gaunt (Dan Tucker), Bolingbroke (David Hastings), Aumerle (Sean McGuire), King Richard (Greg Faber), Queen (Melissa Kearney), Mowbray (Lee Hamilton), Earl of Salisbury (Tom Wheeler) in Arden Shakespeare Gild’s RICHARD THE SECOND in Delaware until June 28.

1) Rocky Horror Picture Show




2) The Little Shop of Horrors

3) Ghostbusters

Taken from the Complete Works of William Shakespeare

The Winter’s Tale


ACT V. SCENE III—The same. A Room in PAULINA’s 


Per.                                 And give me leave;

And do not say ’tis superstition, that

I kneel, and them implore her blessing.—Lady,

Dear queen, that ended when I but began,

Give me that hand of yours to kiss.

Paul.                                           O, patience!

The statue is but newly fix’d, the colour’s

Not dry.                                                [on,

Cam. My lord, your sorrow was too sore laid

Which sixteen winters cannot blow away,

So many summers dry: Scarce any joy

Did ever so long live; no sorrow

But kill’d itself much sooner.

Pol.                                   Dear my brother,

Let him that was the cause of this have power

To take off so much grief from you as he

Will piece up in himself.

Paul.                          Indeed, my lord,

If I had thought the sight of my poor image

Would thus have wrought you,—for the stone

is mine,—

I’d not have show’d it.

Leon.                     Do not draw the curtain.

Paul. No longer shall you gaze on’t; lest

your fancy

May think anon it moves.

Leon.                             Let be, let be.—

Would I were dead, but that, methinks, al-


What was he that did make it?—See, my lord,

Would you not deem it breath’d? and that

those veins

Did verily bear blood?

Pol.                         Masterly done:

The very life seems warm upon her lip.

Leon. The fixture of her eye has motion in’t,

As we are mock’d with art.

Paul.                             I’ll draw the curtain:

My lord’s almost so far transported that

He’ll think anon it lives.

Leon.                         O sweet Paulina,

Make me to think so twenty years together!

No settled senses of the world can match

The pleasure of that madness. Let’t alone.

Paul. I am sorry, sir, I have thus far stirr’d

you: but

I could afflict you further.

Leon.                            Do, Paulina;

For this affliction has a taste as sweet

As any cordial comfort.—Still, methinks,

There is an air comes from her: what fine chisel

Could ever yet cut breath? Let no man mock


For I will kiss her!

Paul.                  Good my lord, forbear:

The ruddiness upon her lip is wet;

You’ll mar it if you kiss it; stain your own

With oily painting. Shall I draw the curtain?

Leon. No, not these twenty years.

Per.                                   So long could I

Stand by, a looker on.

Paul.                         Either forbear,

Quit presently the chapel, or resolve you

For more amazement. If you can behold

I’ll make the statue move indeed, descend

And take you by the hand: but then you’ll


Which I protest against,—I am assisted

By wicked powers.

(On 11/01/14 – Join me for the continuation of “The Winter’s Tale”,

ACT V. SCENE III—The same. A Room in PAULINA’s