NH rep. allegedly struck duck flock, drove away

12/29/2013 — Leave a comment

Police investigating state Rep. David Campbell

NASHUA, N.H. —Police are investigating a New Hampshire lawmaker who, according to a witness, drove his BMW into a flock of ducks and killed at least one of them.

The Nashua Telegraph reports that a retired U.S. Marine officer called police on Monday when he saw Democratic state Rep. David Campbell plow into several ducks outside the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Nashua and drive away before police arrived.

“I hit some ducks,” Campbell told The Telegraph. “Some people were feeding ducks on the driveway in front of the Crowne Plaza at 10 o’clock at night, and they didn’t move and I hit some ducks.”

The witness, Florida resident James Murphy, said he was feeding the ducks crackers outside the hotel when he saw the car approach, according to The Telegraph.

“All of a sudden, this 5 Series BMW comes up, it’s going about 15 miles an hour and then when he gets to the ducks, it’s not like it even slowed down,” Murphy told The Telegraph, adding that he believes about six ducks were killed. “It just crushed all of the ducks.”

The Telegraph reported that Murphy followed the BMW and talked to Campbell, who Murphy said seemed indifferent to the scene of dead ducks.

Police are investigating the incident but did not release further details, according to The Telegraph.

The Telegraph also noted that under New Hampshire law drivers aren’t required to report striking wild animals.

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