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My nocturnal hours

Always awake,
Wishing for sleep,
Even though I fear it,
Dreams and nightmares taunting me in the brief moments I do sleep,
Admiring all those who can sleep,
I listen to the sounds the house brings,
I rise from rest to start the day since I know I won’t get my way to sleep deep and peacefully,
For now I say goodbye to my nocturnal hours as I give up trying to sleep and start the day,
See you a little later my dear nocturnal friend.

The body of the man who fell overboard during the country music cruise this past Saturday has been pulled from the Boston Harbor at 1:15 on Tuesday, July 29, 2013.

I’m just grateful the body didn’t surface when I was at Castle Island with my family on Sunday.

If you want to read more, click here: Body found in search for ferry passenger who fell off boat:

Our prayers continue to be with his girlfriend and his family.

I can’t imagine the pain of this poor new mother bearing the largest child born without having a c-section. My largest child of 6 was 7 pounds and 6 ounces. My heart and best wishes go out to her and her family. German baby is largest born without C-section:

Happy for the sun

I wake to a slightly dark morn, waiting for the sun to beckon at my door.

The grass wilt’s, the flowers wilt, waiting for the sun to awaken them

The bees fly without direction,

The birds sit idly by

The streets are quiet

The dogs sigh

The sun starts to peak

Her beams get brighter and brighter

The grass stands tall,

The flowers reach out and wrap themselves up in the arms of sun

The bees and even butterflies do their dance, bringing even more life to my waiting garden

The birds now know what to do, they feast on the day directed by the light of the sun

The streets are now busy

and the dogs are signing

Everyone is just … Happy for the sun!

Is the rain your friend?

The rain seems to comfort me
It’s always my friend
It cools me
It soothes me
It even rules me

Is the rain your friend, because it sure is mine.


You wake up with a plan in mind

You’re not expecting only to have a good day

You rush about, gathering everything you need to take with you

Making sure that everyone has what they need and what they want

Making sure that nothings left

You reach your destination

Surprise number one is that you make it in,

Surprise number two is that you see a dear old friend

Surprise number three is that the place you were in was last nights news

Surprise number four as that their still searching for the victim, which explained the news crew

Surprise number five is that everyone had a good time

Surprise number six is that after ice cream no one fights when it’s time to go

Surprise number seven is that there’s no fighting in the car on the way home

Surprise number eight is that the ride home was so great

Surprise number nine is that the kids still behave for the rest of the night

Surprise number 10 is that they all sleep quietly in their beds, without putting up a fight

While mom and dad get to put their feet up for the rest of the night

What a great end to a day full of surprises

Inspired by our trip to Castle Island 7/28/13

What a beautiful Sunday! Castle Island in South Boston, MA is a wonderful family spot. It’s even a great place to run into old friends. Enjoy the photos!