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1. Mork and Mindy Season 1 Episode 1 Pilot

2. Mork and Mindy Season 1 & 2

Robin Williams and Pam Dawber will keep you laughing for hours. They were a magnetically, charming, loveable couple. I enjoyed every episode and would watch them over and over. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did. Felina Silver Robinson



Geico – Hump Day REMIX “Guess What Day It Is” Camel (FINAL) Happier than a Camel on Wednesday

1. Eddie Griffin – Voodoo Child


2. Robin Williams – Weapons of Self Destruction


3. “The Diceman Cometh” – Andrew Dice Clay


The Count of Monte Cristo

The Count of Monte-Cristo is a 1975 television film produced by ITC Entertainment and based upon the book The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas, père. It was directed by David Greene and starred Richard Chamberlain as Edmond Dantes, Kate Nelligan as Mercedes, Tony Curtis as Fernand Mondego, Louis Jourdan as De Villefort, Donald Pleasence as Danglars, Trevor Howard as Abbé Faria, and Isabelle de Valvert as Haydee. ITC had previously produced a 39-part TV series based on the same source material, in 1956.

A Lonely Place to Die Full Movie


Melissa George as Alison

Ed Speleers as Ed

Eamonn Walker as Andy

Sean Harris as Mr Kidd

Alec Newman as Rob

Karel Roden as Darko

Kate Magowan as Jenny

Garry Sweeney as Alex

Stephen McCole as Mr. Mcrae

Paul Anderson as Chris

Holly Boyd as Anna

Douglas Russell as Hunter 1

Gillian MacGregor as Policewoman

Mathew Zajac as Mr Rakovic

Eric Barlow as Sergeant Gray

Alan Steele as Hunter 2

Leigh Newby (extra)

My Poem of the Day


Out Here On My Own

I’m determined to rise up from the box that I’ve been stored in

I can’t survive here much longer

I can no longer breathe

I’m sure you would never find me

I’m deep in the city where no one dares to come

No one wants to teach me

So I must teach myself

Food is often scarce

So I find a way to harvest my own

I will not become a beggar

I expect no one to care for me

When I’m ailing

I will heal myself

Because I take from no one

I know that I can’t be poisoned

Because I do no wrong

I know I can’t be placed in an even colder cell

I’ve already had enough of my own private hell

So I live here quietly waiting for change

For a time when my box becomes a grand piece of land

Surrounded by homes that others would be proud to own

In a neighborhood that would no longer be feared

But wanted by all

We’d all share resources


No longer would I be all on my own

Doing everything meant just for me

I could be part of a bigger picture

Still knowing if I ever had to

I could in fact hold my own

Copyright 2014

Out Here On My Own©

Felina Silver Robinson

This poem is dedicated to all those

Fighting the good fight

Longing and striving to

Be a part of bigger and better things

Out Here On My Own – Irene Cara