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Cards containing money taken after ceremony at Canterbury Woods Country Club


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Historical Events


538 - Witiges, king of the Ostrogoths, ends his siege of Rome and retreats to Ravenna, leaving the city in the hands of the victorious Roman general, Belisarius.
1054 - Pope Leo IX escapes captivity & returns to Rome
1088 - Odo of Lagery elected as Pope Urban II, succeeding Victor III
1144 - Gherardo Caccianemici elected Pope Lucius II, succeeding Callistus II
1350 - Orvieto city says it will behead & burn Jewish-Christian couples
1365 - University of Vienna founded
1455 - First record of Johann Gutenberg’s Bible, letter dated this day by Enea Silvio Piccolomini refers to the bible printed a year before
1496 - Jews are expelled from Syria
1572 - Luis Vaz de Camoes publishes “Os Lusíados” in Portugal
1594 - Company of Distant established for business on East-Indies
1597 - England routes troops to Amiens
1609 - Bermuda becomes an English colony
1619 - Dutch settlement on Java changes name to Batavia
1622 - Ignatius of Loyola declared a saint
1642 - Abel Tasman is 1st European in New Zealand

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Famous Birthdays

Born Today

Writer Jack Kerouac

Writer Jack Kerouac (1922)Birthdays 

1270 - Charles of Valois, son of Philip III of France (d. 1325)
1336 - Eduard, Duke of Gelre (1361-71) husband of Catharina of Bayern
1479 - Giuliano de’ Medici, monarch of Florence
1515 - Caspar Othmayr, composer
1607 - Paul Gerhardt, German hymnist (d. 1676)
1613 - André Le Nôtre, French landscape architect (d. 1700)
1620 - Johann Heinrich Hottinger, Swiss philologist and theologian (d. 1667)
1626 - John Aubrey, English antiquary and writer (d. 1697)
1637 - Anne Hyde, wife of James II of England (d. 1671)
1647 - Victor-Maurice, comte de Broglie, French general (d. 1727)
1672 - Richard Steele, Irish writer and politician (d. 1729)
1685 - George Berkeley, Ireland, philosopher/bishop of Cloyne
1710 - Thomas Augustine Arne, English composer (Alfred, Rule Britannia)
1718 - Joseph Damer, English politician (d. 1798)
1755 - Georges Couthon, French politician

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Famous Weddings


1969 - Paul McCartney marries Linda Louise Eastman in London

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Famous Deaths

Passed Away Today

Entrepreneur and Engineer George Westinghouse

Entrepreneur and Engineer George Westinghouse (1914)Deaths 

417 - Innocent I, Italian Pope (401-417), dies
604 - Gregory I the Great, Pope (590-604), dies at 64
1209 - Djamal al-din Abu Mohammed Iljas Nizami, Persian poet, dies
1289 - King Demetre II of Georgia (b. 1259)
1374 - Emperor Go-Kogon of Japan (b. 1336)
1447 - Shah Rukh, ruler of Persia and Transoxonia (b. 1377)
1471 - Dionysius the Carthusian/van Rijkel, Dutch scholastic theologist, dies
1496 - Johannes de Lapide, [Johan Heynlin], German philosopher, dies
1507 - Cesare Borgia, cardinal/soldier/politician, killed in battle at 31
1563 - John Bull, composer of British natl anthem (God Save The King), dies
1570 - Jacob van den Eynden, Grand Pensionary of Holland, dies
1608 - Koriki Kiyonaga, Japanese warlord (b. 1530)
1628 - John Bull, English organist/composer, dies
1648 - Tirso de Molina, Spanish author, dies at about 63
1681 - French van Mieris, the Elder, Dutch genre painter, dies at 45

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Historical Events


1377 - Cardinal Robert of Geneva (anti-pope Clemens VII) starts term
1377 - Mass execution of population of Cesena, Italy
1451 - Sultan Mehmed II inherits the throne of the Ottoman Empire.
1488 - Bartholomeus Diaz discovers Mosselbaai (Angra dos Vaqueros)
1509 - The Battle of Diu, between Portugal and the Ottoman Empire takes place in Diu, India.
1576 - Henry of Navarre (future Henry IV) escapes from Paris
1591 - German monarchy forms Protestant Union of Torgau
1653 - Cardinal Mazarin returns to Paris from exile
1660 - General Moncks army reaches London
1690 - 1st paper money in America issued (colony of Mass)
1740 - Charles de Bourbon, King of Naples, invites Jews to return to Sicily
1743 - Philadelphia establishes a “pesthouse” to quarantine immigrants
1752 - Dutch States-General forbid export of windmills
1781 - Dutch West Indies island of St Eustatia taken by British
1783 - Spain recognizes US independence

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Famous Birthdays

Born Today

Physician Elizabeth Blackwell

Physician Elizabeth Blackwell (1821)Birthdays 
1338 - Jeanne de Bourbon, wife of Charles V of France (d. 1378)
1368 - Charles VI, King of France (1380-1422)
1525 - Giovanni Perluigi da Palestrina, composer
1648 - Louis Bouteiller, composer
1655 - Francois Fagel, Dutch fieldmarshal, baptized
1677 - Jan Santini Aichel, Czech architect (d. 1723)
1690 - Richard Rawlinson, English minister (d. 1755)
1721 - Friedrich Wilhelm von Seydlitz, Prussian general (d. 1773)
1736 - Johann Georg Albrechtsberger, Austria organist/composer
1740 - Guillaume Lasceux, composer
1747 - Samuel Osgood, American patriot (d. 1813)
1755 - Florido Tomeoni, composer
1763 - Caroline von Wolzogen, [von Lengefeld], German author
1784 - John Fane graaf van Westmorland, English (opera)composer/diplomat
1795 - Antonio José de Sucre, South American independence leader (d. 1830)

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Famous Weddings


1112 - Ramon Berenguer III of Barcelona and Douce I of Provence marry, uniting the fortunes of those two states.
1547 - Russian czar Ivan IV (17) marries Anastasia Romanova
1994 - Actor Jean-Claude van Damme (32) weds Darcy Lapier (28) in Bangkok
2006 - “The Science Guy” Bill Nye (50) weds author/oboist Blair Tindall at Skirball Cultural Center in Los Angeles
2006 - Academy Award-winning actress Glenn Close (58) weds David Evans Shaw in Maine
2007 - Winner of “Strictly Come Dancing and “Eastenders” actress Jill Halfpenny (31) weds actor Craig Conway (32) at St. Andrew’s Church in Newcastle
2007 - Jackass prankster Bam Margera (27) weds Missy Rothstein (26) in downtown Philadelphia

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Famous Deaths

Passed Away Today

US President Woodrow Wilson

US President Woodrow Wilson (1924)Deaths 
474 - Leo I, Byzantine Emperor (457-74), dies
619 - Laurence of Canterbury, 2nd Archbishop of Canterbury
699 - Saint Werburgh
865 - Ansgar/Anscharius/Oskar, German 1st (arch)bishop of Hamburg/saint, dies
1014 - Sweyn Forkbeard, Viking king of Denmark, Norway and England (1013-14), dies
1014 - King Sweyn I of Denmark
1116 - King Coloman of Hungary (b. 1070)
1399 - John of Ghent, duke of Lancaster/king of Castile & Leon, dies at 58
1428 - Ashikaga Yoshimochi, Japanese shogun (b. 1386)
1451 - Murad II, sultan of Turkey (1421-51), dies
1468 - Johann Gensfleisch Gutenberg, printer, dies
1536 - Garcia de Resende, Port writer/publisher (Cancioneiro Geral), dies
1558 - Alfonsus de Castro, Spanish theologist (council of Trente), dies
1566 - George Cassander, Flemish theologian (b. 1513)
1602 - Paul Melissus, [Paul Schede], German poet/composer, dies at 62

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Groom sings his heart out as his beautiful bride walks up the aisle

We’re hard-hearted cynics at the best of times – and not the biggest fans of Ronan Keating, truth be told – but this wedding video had even us dabbing at our eyes.

Shot in 2011, it shows Niall Donnelly from Omagh waiting at the altar as his beautiful bride-to-be Jill walks up the aisle – and singing from the bottom of his heart a touching rendition of Ronan Keating’s ‘This I Promise You’.

And as Jill joins Niall to say their vows, he moves into fifth gear for the last verse and there’s not a dry eye in the house, least of all from the couple themselves.


Watch and bawl.

Although it’s a new one on us, the video has garnered over 200,000 views on YouTube since being uploaded in May 2011and has enjoyed a new lease of life on Facebook this week – presumably through being shared and shared by couples about to embark on their own nuptials.

You can imagine the conversation in kitchens around the land:

HER:: “How about if you could do something like this guy? I’d love that!”

HIM: “Mmmmmffff”

Of course, it comes as no surprise to learn that Niall – along with his lovely co-singer and sister Bronagh Hackett – is a professional musician and wedding singer, with 15 years’ experience in the trade.

We reckon this one sets the standard for grooms all over the country – Niall, you’re a hard act to live up to.

Rev. Frank Schaefer married son

Tim Schaefer is still happily married to his husband and living in Massachusetts, but his father’s career as a Methodist minister in Pennsylvania is threatened.

PHILADELPHIA —A United Methodist pastor from central Pennsylvania was defrocked after officiating at his son’s same-sex marriage in Massachusetts, a church spokesman announced Thursday.

The Rev. Frank Schaefer of Lebanon had already been suspended. He was scheduled to meet with church officials Thursday morning in Norristown, a Philadelphia suburb.

Schaefer was told to resign from the clergy by Thursday if he could not follow the denomination’s Book of Discipline.

Schaefer performed son Tim Schaefer’s wedding at a Hull restaurant function hall, not in a church.

Schaefer says the book discriminates against gay people. He says he won’t voluntarily surrender his credentials and hopes the church has a change of heart.

Schaefer has planned an afternoon news conference. It will be held at a Methodist church in Philadelphia where an associate pastor was defrocked in 2005 for being in a lesbian relationship.


I didn’t expect…

to want you

to need you

to miss you

to believe in you

to remember you

to honor you

to love you

Most of all, I didn’t expect to wed you.

Thank you for expecting me…

My Wedding Orb

07/01/2013 — 2 Comments

My Wedding Orb

On my big day it seems that all those things perfectly planned had a mind of their own.

Things didn’t fall into place as we all thought they would.

But then their was my husband in Marshfield, when he was supposed to be in Brookline.

It seems he locked his keys in his car. Oh how could this be.

Thank goodness for AAA who sent him on his way.

Arriving at the church, the doors are locked with no one in sight.

Finally we are saved, but not before the food arrives knowing that we can’t get in.

Once inside, things we had set up the night before were no longer in place.

While other things were just plain missing.

Lots of hands and lots of love got everything back in their place.

The bride back home getting dressed with one late bridesmaid, hair to be done, and a late limo.

The limo driver tries to take us hostage not allowing us out of the locked doors.

Finally free the women dash to put on their dresses.

Everyone looks beautiful, and all things in their place we later realize that

we were not alone for there was an orb covering the grooms entire face.

It is believed to be the spirit of either or both of his late parents, hopefully giving their blessing on their son’s special day.

The night ends with everyone being happy and all things in their place, with no other orbs about the grooms face.