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My Poem of the Day


The Sun

The sun slides on into its picture perfect day
It’s ray’s warm the blood of its anxious patrons below
None dare to step away from its light
Fearing the change that might over come them
Instead they sit back and enjoy all that will come
You too should bask in the glory of the sun

On a picture perfect day

Copyright 2014

The Sun©

Felina Silver Robinson

Happy for the sun

I wake to a slightly dark morn, waiting for the sun to beckon at my door.

The grass wilt’s, the flowers wilt, waiting for the sun to awaken them

The bees fly without direction,

The birds sit idly by

The streets are quiet

The dogs sigh

The sun starts to peak

Her beams get brighter and brighter

The grass stands tall,

The flowers reach out and wrap themselves up in the arms of sun

The bees and even butterflies do their dance, bringing even more life to my waiting garden

The birds now know what to do, they feast on the day directed by the light of the sun

The streets are now busy

and the dogs are signing

Everyone is just … Happy for the sun!