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The National Weather Service issued a tornado warning

Roads turned to rivers as storm moves through

Roads turned to rivers as storm moves through

Wellesley MA

Stoneham MA

TransAsia plane with dozens onboard has fatal crash after making attempt to land in stormy weather on small island


When it is sunny outside

It makes me smile for a long while

When the clouds appear

I feel moody and uncertain

When it’s dark and gloomy

It makes me feel gloomy too

When it rains outside

It makes me want to dance in circles as I did when I was a girl

My favorite weather day is a bright, cool, autumn day

With leaves changing color still upon the trees

and fallen leaves scattered about the sidewalk

I love to hear the leaves crunch under foot as I walk on by

The worst weather day is like the one we had today

When your TV sounds the warning bulletin

That there’s a threat of a tornado and everyone must find shelter

I pray until the warning expires

But then it starts to thunder and the lightning crackles across the darkened sky

As if having a sword fight with a worthy opponent

Oh how I long for a clear blue sky

Copyright 2014 Weather© Felina Silver Robinson

A Mini Poem


The weather is dark and gloomy, my hearts racing, my chest is aching, fear takes over, where’s my bravery?

Copyright 2014 Weather© Felina Silver Robinson


Tornado warnings issued for Suffolk, Middlesex, Worcester counties

Waterspout seen Friday evening


22 apartments at Glen Meadows Condo Complex damaged

Up to 10 inches of rain possible Friday


Worcester county under severe thunderstorm warning