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Copyright 2014

By Felina Silver Robinson


This morning when I woke up

The sky was bright and cheery

As the moments passed

I heard the winds talking

Gathering up their strength

The sun ran for cover

The sky turned a mystical gray

There was a stillness in the air

Suddenly there was a chill to the air

Things outdoors started to toss about

The rain poured down forcefully

Trees ripped from the ground flying about like lost umbrellas

Landing on houses and cars

Houses are obliterated in seconds

People run for shelter unknowing of their fate

Screams of voices without faces

I close my eyes tightly and cover my ears

My hearts pounding

My bodies shaking

I’m counting the seconds that might be my last

As I start to pray

The warmth of the sun starts to heat upon my face

There’s no longer the sound of the beating wind

Things no longer fly about the sky

I’m sad to say things no longer look the same

Once I bravely open my eyes

Some houses made it

Houses no longer have an address

Houses that are now just a shell

Trees lay flung about like scattered bricks

An oil tanker sits in the river like a soggy pillow

So much lost

Not much will ever be the same

Another clean-up starts

Send your prayers for miracles

and helping hands

Maybe together

We can all begin again

Bye hungry Tornado

Sorry you felt the need to come our way

Torrential rain, strong winds forecast late Tuesday night, Wednesday

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Waiting for a Change of Season©

Copyright 1998, 2015

By Felina Silver Robinson


The sun has risen on this cold winter day

The leftover icy snow lies awaiting its thaw

The birds flock together where they’re off to

Not even they know

The trees are as bare as the leaves have all fallen

The grass that was once green

Is brown beneath the snow


The sun light barely brightens such doom

And gloom of the winters chill


Each child awaits the next snow fall to replace their

Last snowman lost to the bright sun


Adults can’t wait for the next long ski weekend


As teenagers wait to go ice skating or tobogganing


All of this being a true sign

Of our long winter season


We both love and hate this Season

But with some patience

Spring and summer will soon be upon us


We too can find both fault and pleasure

With this dreaded season



Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wind?©

Copyright 2014

Felina Silver Robinson


The wind savagely tears at each of my windows

The trees branches cry out as they thrust against my house

Everything in my yard found a new spot to live

My cats run for cover on the heals of one another

Passerby’s discard their useless umbrellas

walkers sigh in defeat for they are no longer dry

Dogs whimper from the chill in the air

I peak anxiously through the window hoping for calmness

Comforted by the fact that I’m here and not out there

Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wind?

Not I, Are you?


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