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Panda went into labor earlier in the day Saturday

Mei Xiang Panda

Gov. Jay Inslee says his heart breaks over the loss of life

FBI, ATF investigating ‘active shooter incident’

Obama disappointed in Secret Service agents involved in DUI crash

The White House reacts to the agency’s latest case of misconduct

Opinion: We all must keep in mind that although Secret Service Agents are held to a higher standard because of what they are responsible for, they are all still human and are making human mistakes. Their actions don’t make it any easier to swallow, but they are the facts. All agents need to now prove that they are able to be trusted in their jobs and are not intentionally behaving in the manner that has recently been brought to light. The White House Is the most important office in our country and those that walk the halls must be protected by those dedicated to those inside as well as our fine country. If for whatever reason that is no longer the case, they must be removed from their jobs. Felina Silver Robinson

Passengers transferred to another train

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A search and rescue volunteer died trying to save a 25-year-old man who fell 100 feet at Pilchuck Falls in Skagit

Mother: Daughter in Capitol chase was ‘depressed’

The mother of a Connecticut woman who was shot to death by police after trying to breach a barrier at the White House said her daughter was suffering from post-partum depression.

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Watching the video back I wonder did this young mothers attempts to break through a number of metal or cement cylinders really warrant her shooting death?  It appeared that no matter how hard she rammed, those cylinders weren’t budging.  She apparently had no other weapon besides her vehicle. It terrifies me knowing that they opened fire on her vehicle with her innocent young daughter in the car.  If she was shooting a gun, that might be different, but you still have to consider the life of the child inside.  I thought that you were always supposed to be certain that their were no innocents in a vehicle before firing upon it. I realize that there are many important people in and around Capitol Hill, but I’m truly sickened at the thought that such a young life could have been taken for no reason.  But I’m truly pleased that only one life was lost.  I’m just sad that it turned out that way.  May she find peace now and may her child have a fruitful life.