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This world is “Ours”©

By Felina Silver Robinson

Copyright© 2014


The world I was born into

Is clean, yet dirty


Some are wealthy, some are poor

Some are starving, others eat plenty

Some are homeless, some have beds for many

Some are grateful, some are entitled

Some are charitable and would give their last dollar

Others will beat you and send you packing

The person I am is

Tolerant and forgiving

Believing that everyone can change

I hope for the day

That we wipe out the threat or even the idea of







Have more





Love for one another

This world is “Ours”

It was made for each and every one of us

Life is happier when people work together


Not against each other

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My Poem of the Day


That Sinking Gut Feeling©

By Felina Silver Robinson

The feeling that you get

In the pit of your stomach

When you know somethings wrong

But you can’t put your finger on it

When everything suddenly goes silent

Then there is a ring of the phone


The doorbell rings

And you’re met with an even more awkward silence

Then the words you dread hearing

After the caller or the person ringing the door bell

Has identified themselves

“We regret to have to tell you”

You want to slam down your phone

You want to slam your door

Hoping that it was all just a dream

But the voice you dreaded

Calls out asking

“Did you hear me,

Is there someone I can call for you?”

And you just collapse

Wishing you were in fact just dreaming

But of course you’re not

Oh how I dread that sinking gut feeling

My Poem of the Day


Each Wall Tells A Story©

By Felina Silver Robinson

In my house upon each wall

There’s a place for a


A note

A date

A prayer

A milestone

I fill each wall with


Happy Memories of

Those I love

Those I miss


Those I admire

Sometimes I find myself

Just staring at each wall, in each room, of my house

and, oh how I enjoy the view

Even though, sometimes it leaves me feeling sad and blue

Longing for what was, or  what may have been

So before I have a chance to shed another tear

I hurry to place another picture

Upon the wall

My Poem of the Day


Wedding Day©

By Felina Silver Robinson

A Bride

A Groom


A Marriage License

An unforgettable white lacy dress

Fancy but comfortable shoes

A french manicure

Perfectly styled hair

Family and Friends

A specially chosen wedding party

Something new

Something borrowed

Something blue

A beautiful church

An officiant

A Marriage certificate

A grand reception

A honeymoon

A happy ending

My Poem of the Day


What’s in the Past is in the Past©

By Felina Silver Robinson

In the past

There were days that I didn’t believe

In myself

Nor did I believe in those that I loved

In the past

There was nothing I wanted bad enough

To change the life I was living

In the past

I let others define me

I let others choose my direction

I let myself go to a place I wasn’t sure I could get back from

That was all in the past

And that is where I left it




Looking back

Looking forward

To all that’s good

All that makes me happy

My family

My friends

And my


That is my ticket out of the past

This is one door I’m happy to see the other side of