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Tracy Morgan

Suspects tried to change clothes, police say


Bail from first arrest revoked

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Threat called into store Monday morning, officials say

Stan Forman/WCVB

TEWKSBURY, Mass. —A Walmart in Tewksbury has been evacuated because of a bomb threat.

Tewksbury Fire Chief Michael Hazel said the threat was called into the store Monday morning. As a precaution, the store was evacuated.

Investigators are interviewing the person who answered the call and store employees.

NewsCenter 5 and will have more information when it becomes available.

By The Patriot Ledger

Gary Higgins/The Patriot Ledger

HANOVER, Mass. — A pregnant mother racing to the hospital early Friday morning delivered her baby in the Hanover Mall parking lot instead when it became clear they weren’t going to make it in time.

Chris and Samantha Long of Pembroke were on the way to Norwood Hospital when they realized that they were out of time. They pulled into the mall parking lot to call 911, the Patriot Ledger reported.

Dispatcher Michael Mahoney, a certified paramedic, gave the anxious father instructions by phone while another dispatcher, Leah Ardini, directed police and firefighters to the mall.

They found the freshly delivered baby boy resting comfortably with his mother in a car parked in front of a Walmart store around 2:45 a.m.

“The baby was on his own schedule, however, and both dispatchers were pleasantly surprised to hear dad declare, almost immediately, that he had a son,” Deputy Fire Chief Barbara Stone said in an email.

Paramedics cut the umbilical cord, cleaned and swaddled the baby, and brought Long and the baby to South Shore Hospital in Weymouth.

Christopher Pelletier returned money next day, police say

NORTH ATTLEBOROUGH, Mass. — Police say a worker at a North Attleborough Wal-Mart store stole more than $2,000 from a cash register, but then put it back the next day.

Christopher Pelletier, of Cumberland, R.I., pleaded not guilty Wednesday in Attleboro District Court to larceny of property worth more than $250.

Police say the 23-year-old Pelletier was arrested at the store Tuesday after an investigation by store security, who reported the alleged theft to police.

The Sun Chronicle reports that police say Pelletier was seen on store surveillance video Monday stuffing cash from the register into his shirt pockets.

He put the money back in the register when he returned to work Tuesday.

He was freed on personal recognizance. He could not be reached.

Hundreds of dollars worth of purchases made

Hudson Police

HUDSON, Mass. —Police are searching for two women who robbed an 81-year-old handicapped woman outside Petco Thursday night and used her credit card to purchase hundreds of dollars worth of merchandise at Walmart, the MetroWest Daily News reported.

As the elderly woman placed the items she bought at the Washington Street pet shop in the back of her car around 6:45 p.m., another woman approached and made small talk, asking her how her holidays have been.

The suspect then lunged at the elderly victim, shoved her to the ground, stole her pocketbook and ran toward Giasson Street, said Police Chief David Stephens.

“I hate this type of crime,” said Stephens. “The victim is defenseless. It irritates me to no end.”

A bystander saw the robbery and chased the thief down Washington Street, Stephen said. The fleeing suspect jumped into a car driven by a second woman and headed toward Walmart, said Stephens.

The witness gave police a description of the clothes the attacker wore, said Stephens.

The elderly victim suffered a hip injury and some bruises and was taken to Marlborough Hospital for treatment, said Stephens.

After attacking and robbing the victim, the two suspects went to the Washington Street Walmart, where they purchased several items, including a TV. Stephens was unsure exactly how much money the two women spent, but estimated it was in the hundreds.

“They went to Walmart right after,” said Stephens. “They spent quite a bit of money.”

Using the description of what the suspect was wearing when she attacked the victim, police were able to capture photos of the two women from Walmart’s surveillance cameras, said Stephens.

“We have two suspects presently in mind,” said Stephens.

The suspects are likely to face charges of unarmed robbery and assault and battery on a person 65 and older at a minimum, said Stephens.

“We’re presently trying to apprehend them and get them off the street,” said Stephens.


Worker electrocuted at Walpole Walmart

WALPOLE, Mass. —Walmart has settled a multimillion-dollar suit that sought to hold the company accountable for a construction worker’s death during renovations at its Walpole store.

Romulo de Oliveira Santos, a 47-year-old Brazilian immigrant, was electrocuted in 2008 after another worker cut through live electrical wires hidden in a wall the crew was demolishing, the Boston Globe reported.

Watch NewsCenter 5’s report

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration later cited two subcontractors. Walmart was not cited.

Santos’ family, however, sued Walmart, along with the company’s subcontractors, for $5 million, alleging the worker’s death was part of a pattern of unsafe practices at Walmart construction sites.

“This is important to never happen again with another family. We know the pain, we know the tears,” Santos’ nephew Fillipe Moura told NewsCenter 5.

The case was settled in February and while details have not been made public, the Santos family lawyer, Brian A. Joyce, had previously told the Globe that the family would not settle the case for less than “millions.”

“Here on the American holiday of Thanksgiving, they can get closure and they have received justice for their son,” Joyce told NewsCenter 5.

A Walmart spokesman told the Globe the resolution has “allowed everyone involved to move forward.”