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Figure’s sword bent back, officials say

police car

Mailboxes also damaged, suspects identified

Hand-held saw recovered at scene


3 cars damaged while parked overnight at Dubes Pond

Car windows shot out in Hooksett

Cars at condominium complexes shot with BB guns, police say


Damage repairs cost at least $4,000, owner says

Sleepwalker’ vandalized with paint

Wellesley sleepwalker statue

Swastikas, obscenities painted on homes, cars

MIDDLEBOROUGH, Mass. —Police in Middleborough are investigating after swastikas and obscenities were spray-painted on at least four homes and nine cars in one neighborhood over the weekend.

The vandalism was discovered Saturday morning by an officer on patrol.

Lt. Robert D. Ferreira Jr. said the graffiti appears to be random and not aimed at specific people or families, and it does not appear as if the swastikas were aimed at Jewish families.

There was no word on any suspects or arrests.

Sharon Sherman tells The Enterprise her home and car were vandalized. She attributed the graffiti to kids “just being stupid.”

Most of residents hit cleaned up the graffiti on their own.

Alhuda Academy reports damaged books, computers
Alhuda Academy

WORCESTER, Mass. — An Islamic school in Worcester was recently hit by vandals that smashed computers and trashed books in the principal’s office, school officials say.

The Worcester Telegram reports that Alhuda Academy staff found the vandalism on Saturday morning and called police to the scene.

“We don’t know who would do this to the school,” school Chairman Dr. Khaled Abdelkader told The Telegram.

The school had been closed Thursday and Friday due to snow, according to The Telegram.

The pre-kindergarten through eighth grade private school opened in 2001 and serves about 100 students. No damage estimate is available yet, The Telegram stated.

Neighbors wonder how more than 20 mailboxes were hit

MANCHESTER, N.H. —Neighbors in Manchester said a city plow mowed down dozens of mailboxes late Sunday night.

The plow operator knocked down more than 20 mailboxes on Stonington Drive, Meetinghouse Lane and other nearby streets sometime late Sunday night.

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Neighbors said the plow guy who handles their streets normally does a good job, and they want to know what happened this time in the southeast corner of Manchester.

“I didn’t know where the mailbox was,” Lynn Vachon said. “It was gone. We went out and saw it, the whole thing lying down in the snow.”

Neighbors said there were around 30 boxes hit.

“Maybe it was a newer plow guy who wasn’t used to the route or didn’t have the plow adjusted the right way,” Ed Kenny said. “Normally, they’re pretty good. This, we’ll write it off to a bad spell.”

Manchester’s Director of Public Works Kevin Sheppard said it’s common for mailboxes to be damaged by winter plowing, but he’s never heard of this many being hit in such a concentrated area. Sheppard said the operator behind the wheel Sunday night plows the area as part of his normal route.

Highway Department officials won’t know more until supervisors speak to the driver when he comes back to work Tuesday, Sheppard said.

“It’s a tough job, and it was late at night, and if it was a one-off, it would be OK, so he hit a mailbox,” said Dan Quinn, whose mailbox was destroyed. “What was kind of odd was the fact that there were so many that got hit.”

Quinn said he’s going to withhold judgment, but he’d like some answers.

“Oh yeah, I’d be curious to see what happened because it’s never happened before,” Quinn said.

Sheppard said the incident concerns him. He also said the city replaces damaged mailboxes with a standard wooden post and box.