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My Poem of the Day

From the Voice of Domestic Violence


Do You Know What You Mean to Me

I’m grateful that you brought me back from the darker side of life

I was stripped of who I once was

There was no rhyme and no reason

Just a man with power who was in control

He chased away all those who mattered to me

He cut me off from all I once enjoyed

No longer allowed to venture out alone

No phone calls not monitored by him

No trips to the bathroom

Calls at work being certain I was their

Check Ins required with every departure and arrival

I was trapped inside my own private hell

Bruised and beaten by a man claiming love

He said that he owned me

And would take what he wanted

When he wanted

There was no one to stop him

Everyone had…

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Image: Tim McGraw

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I Appreciate All That I have

Life is Bigger Than We Are

Sometimes we’re lucky enough to live a full life

We learn as we go and experience most things

Others are not as lucky

Some have no choice but to grow up fast

Not knowing what it is to be a child

They instantly become a caretaker

as soon as they can reach the sink and the stove

for some they have to go to work to help bring money into their home

Some are raised in famine with no roof over their head

No walls to separate their family from other families

No medicine to help the sick

No electricity

Some are just not fortunate to live as others do

I appreciate

the air we breath

the running water

for cooking our food,

for bathing,

for cleaning our clothes and our homes

The home we live in,

The school our children attend

The stores we shop in

The clothes we wear

The cars we drive

The doctors who care for us

The medicine that makes us well

I’m sad for those…

Who die young

Who never get to know love

Who never get to know happiness

Copyright 2014 I Appreciate All That I have© Felina Silver Robinson