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Gunshots erupt during reporter’s live shot in Virginia

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He’s Back©

By Felina Silver Robinson

Copyright© 2014,  2015


My day is full of wonder

My heart is full of joy

My soul is but a yonder

Looking just for you

My life is full of hope for

What is ahead?

My future holds a place for

Whatever is meant to be?

You are here before me

Asking for my hand

I know not how to answer

For where have you been?

My love has never ended

But your words have been

Quite absent

I look to you to repair my heart

For it’s nearly been broken

 I finally see your return to me

Slowly but surely

Old words


Old memories ringing at my ears

The promise of love and hope

Now again are at my door

No longer shall I wait

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Injuries described as non-life-threatening

Police officer accused of assaulting handcuffed shackled man

Dies at 93


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