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‘A Hard Day’s Night’ rocked the movie world forever

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‘Hell’s Kitchen’ finale, ‘Project Runway’ returns

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When I was young I didn’t have much

Not because we were poor

Because we weren’t

Not because no one cared

Because everyone did

It was because my parents wanted to teach me

That there are many more among us that truly have nothing

We have each other

We have our neighbors

We have our church

We have our memories

We have all that we need

When I was young

My idols could be found on TV

My idols were my neighbors

My idols were my friends

My idols were my family

Now many of them have passed

The shows have come and gone

My friends have moved away

And my family, those that remain

are mostly scattered about

So my idols are now my children and my husband and the family that remains

My idols are

The children of the world that will sculpt our future

Those who are hard at work

Those that are surviving

Those who are waiting to be noticed

Those who are waiting for help

Those who are fighting for their lives

Idols come in all shapes and sizes

Idols come


Idols go

But we must go on living

Little do you know

You too are someones Idol

Copyright 2014 Idols© Felina Silver Robinson

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