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Retro News Wednesday Just For You

1) CBS to Launch Retro Digital Channel Focused on Pop Culture, History

Vintage vs modern Television Debate I

2) The Cost of Campaigns

3) RETRO Game Magazine Well On Its Way To Funding Another Year Of Issues


4) 8 remarkably retro “time capsule” homes

5) The Retro Ronde

6) Mario Kart 8 Yoshi Circuit DLC RETRO Track Comparison


7) Dialing it Back: Camera Makers Prize Retro 35mm Look

8) Sounds of the 50s

Fan Reaction to Luke Spencer’s Goodbye Is So Dramatic

Luke Spencer

Did Kaitlyn Bristowe Choose Nick Viall Or Shawn Booth?

Kaitlyn Bristowe, Nick Viall, Shawn Booth

by Felina Silver Robinson

After watching The bachelorette: The Men Tell All Episode, I was so angry at the idea of just how ignorant and foul-mouthed educated people can be. Some of the most disturbing comments that I heard and have recently read have come from parents who are supposedly concerned about what their children will take from being subjected to what occurred on this season of The Bachelorette. It’s however ironic that all their behavior is worse than anything that they feel Kaitlyn has done.

Personally, as a mother of 6 and having raised many more, I applaud Kaitlyn for the strength and willingness to be the person she needs to be to be truly happy. This is not about what other people would do. Kaitlyn was in search of the man she hoped to marry. The platform of the show allows her to do what she feels she needs to do to find love. Somehow, I feel if we were watching the Bachelor, people wouldn’t be as disgusted. It feels so wrong to me that both men and women alike feel that what they think or feel is more important than the person that will actually be affected by her own choices.

I applaud Kaitlyn for her amazing strength and determination. I’m sorry for all that you’ve had to endure on your journey to find love. I hope that the decisions you’ve made has brought you the happiness you were looking for.


1) Monsters and Mysteries in Alaska Paranormal Documentary

2) Encounters With Monsters – SCARIEST Paranormal Documentary

3) Giant Killer Bees – Paranormal Documentary



Hotel Will Feature Characters From Other Seasons

Lady Gaga, American Horror Story: Hotel


Retro News Wednesday Just For You

1) Blast from the past: Miller Lite’s retro beer can returns!

2) Texas A&M unveils ‘leather’ helmet look with throwback uniform

3) Stealing J. Edgar Hoover’s Secrets

Paperback Image - The Burglary

4) Weirdness: Mike Tyson Fights Himself in Punch-Out!!

  • Punch-Out!! Featuring Mr. Dream Cover (Click to enlarge)

5) Retro Indy: Halloween trick-or-treating

Dawn Lindenmeyer, Jack Gallo and Lisa Traylor all students

6) Monsterama – Hosted by Elvira, Mistress of the Dark

7) Popular Elvira: Mistress of the Dark & Horror videos

8) Groovie Goolies Monster Mash Music Video