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1. 12 Awesome Rock Your Mocs Photos From Around the World

Facebook – Michelle Reid, Antarctica
Rock Your Mocs took place all over the world in 2015.

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4. Akwesasne Man Who Alleged Mishandling by Canadian Border Agents Walks On

via Cornwall Seaway News
Antoine Delormier and his wife, Donna Delormier, in September after he alleged being dragged from his vehicle and pinned face-down on the pavement by Canadian border guards while trying to get himself to the hospital. Antoine Delormier died on November 24 at age 67.

5. Red Nation TV

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6. The Hub – Native American Indian TV Show

7. Where are the mainstream TV shows about American Indians?


8. ‘Saints & Strangers’: The Real Story of That First Thanksgiving?

Saints and Strangers Trujillo Queypo
National Geographic Channels/David Bloomer
Raoul Trujillo as Massasoit, center and Kalani Queypo as Squanto, right, in National Geographic Channel’s two-night movie event “Saints & Strangers.”

9. Epic Native American Music – Cherokee Tribe

10. Native American Indians Spiritual Vocal Shamanic Music



Singer delivers ’25’ tracks as musical guest while “Hello” serves as centerpiece of Thanksgiving sketch


1. 8 twisted tales to creep you out this Friday the 13th

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2. 13 Horror Movies That Are Actually True Stories

3. 3 True Friday the 13th Horror Stories


4. 5 Real Life Friday the 13th Horror Stories

5 Real Life Friday the 13th Horror Stories

5. Friday the 13th: A Ghost Story

Before sharing the articles about the Lies of Brooks Ayers, I just want to say how personally appalled I am that anyone would do such a thing.  I knew from the very onset that Brooks was lying about having cancer.  I’ve known many people with cancer, I’ve seen it and lived it and it doesn’t look as good as Brooks Ayers has always looked. It pained me that with each opportunity he had to correct his lie, he chose to continue telling it. More than that, the words he used to discolour the women who questioned his integrity just floored me.  The way he treated Brianna when she was pregnant was deplorable. Vicki Gunvalson’s treatment of her daughter was shameful as well as she chose to stand by Brooks even after all of his distasteful behavior. TV allows the public display of feelings all the time, but producers must realize that everything their guests say and do is somewhat of a reflection on them especially when they appear to condone it and let it carry on.  There are people who I’ve admired that don’t seem to be on the show any longer mostly because they rubbed some of the other women the wrong way, but yet someone like Brooks Ayers was able to continuously return when no one really liked him.

Cancer is a killer.  It is no one’s friend.  It’ isn’t pretty. It makes you feel bad in so many ways. Cancer is obvious, and it’s painful. It consumes the lives of all those who know it. Shame on you Brooks for using cancer in your lies. I’ve said my peace.

Now I want to share all in one place the articles shared on That filled me with anger. Now that I’ve shared them with you and can take a deep breath and move on. I send prayers to all of those who are fighting a battle with any form of cancer. May you be the winner in this game. May your pain find a new home and leave you as you once were.

1. Brooks Ayers Comes Clean After Cancer Bombshell Reveal and Apologizes for “Fabricating” Medical Documents

Brooks Ayers Was Never Treated for Cancer at City of Hope Hospital

2. Gretchen Rossi Is “Appalled and Disgusted” by Brooks Ayers’ Cancer Treatment Lies

Gretchen Rossi, Brooks Ayers

3. Vicki Gunvalson’s Brother Bill Steinmetz Says He’s “Astonished” by Brooks Ayers’ Lies

Brooks Ayers, Vicki Gunvalson, Billy Steinmetz, William Steinmetz

4. Real Housewives‘ Heather Dubrow Wants Vicki Gunvalson to Answer for Brooks Ayers’ Lies: “When Did She Know?”

Nathaniel Marston, ‘One Life to Live’ Actor, Dies After Reno Car Wreck: Mother

Image: Nathaniel Marston

If there’s one thing we can say about Jennifer Lopez’s new NBC cop show, is that it’s way, way more serious than its title would indicate

Jesse, from Swampscott, and Bridget, from Brockton, are two of 12 on the show’s inaugural season