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My Poem of the Day




I woke this morning to a chill throughout the house

Not even a mouse would dare to scurry about

My toes curled as my feet touch the floor

Trying to hide from the feel of the cold upon my flesh

Goosebumps completely covering me from head to toe

Oh, cruel, cruel Winter

Why must you inflict me this way

You make me not want to stay

I dream of warmer days

With the sun across my back

As I lay upon the beach floor

And swim deep in the warmth of the ocean’s bed

But at the snap of a finger

Reality hits me and the wrath of your coldness

Remains at my door

My only solace is your delightful beauty

Once the first Winter snow falls

Covering all of our surroundings

Upon the night fall

The moon and the star’s light up the evening sky

There’s nothing more beautiful you could ever see

So I guess it’s worth it to be caught up in your hold

For three whole months before your departure

So my old friend Winter

I guess I’ll take you

Since I don’t seem to get to leave you

Treat me well as I’m caught under your spell

Copyright 2014


Felina Silver Robinson

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Money in wallet

My Poem of the Day


Christmas: Jesus, Mother Mary & Joseph©

While many slept centuries ago

Mother Mary and Joseph set out on their journey

To find a place to bear their son

They traveled long and far

Until the arrived at the perfect place

Upon their arrival Mary got as comfortable as she could

Waiting patiently for her son to be born

The animals were restless for

They knew someone important was on the way

They too waited patiently as the time grew near

As the midnight hour began to clear

The angels watching over

As baby Jesus begun to appear

The Virgin Mary and Joseph

Stood amazed at the beauty of

The gift of life given to them in the little lord Jesus

Upon the news of his arrival

The lords shepherds guided

Three kings to honor little lord jesus

Who lay safely in his straw filled bed

Bearing gifts they blessed the arrival

Of their newborn King

The angels then began to sing

For peace on earth and the blessing of the newborn king

So each year in honor of his memory

We remember his coming with gifts and prayers for our loved ones

We offer time and food for the needy

We are both thankful and grateful for all that has been given to us

At the sacrifice of the little lord Jesus

Copyright 2014

Christmas: Jesus, Mother Mary & Joseph©

Felina Silver Robinson

My Poem of the Day


While I Was Dreaming©

My head lays snugly upon my goose feathered pillow

I’m off in a dreamland made just for me

With thoughts and memories untouchable by anyone else

I’m in a faraway place

Where all is new and different

I experience no déjà vu

There are no familiar faces, names or places

But everything I see appears to be meant just for me

My face is covered with smiles

And I could just walk for miles

Here in this dream world of mine

All the trees are healthy and fruitful for all

Each home is warm and inviting

All residents are genuinely neighborly

Each homes table seats many a stranger made to feel just like family

Please I beg of you don’t pinch me

This is one dream world that is hard to leave

I’m sorry to say that while I was dreaming

I’m not sure I missed this place I call home

Copyright 2014

While I Was Dreaming©

Felina Silver Robinson

My Poem of the Day


The Sun That I See©

The sun that I see is not always high in the sky

It is however as bright as the smile upon your face

The sun I see can be seen dead in the center of your bright, shiny eyes

When you cry upon hearing that we are not to see one another tonight

 Your tears flow like the waves in the nearest ocean

I feel powerless to stop your sadness

But know that upon our next gathering

All will be well again once we walk hand in hand

To our next destination hoping only for everlasting happiness

We now lay upon the grass atop the highest hill gazing up

At the starlit sky and the moon as bright as day

Hoping that our love will always remain this way

Copyright 2014

The Sun That I See©

Felina Silver Robinson