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We were sitting around the table after burying my then 2 year old sons father. My son was sad because he hadn’t received his daily call for 5 straight days. Every day like clock work he would get that call at 5:30pm. He didn’t appear to know what I happened. He was so young and I was having trouble finding the words to tell him his father was never coming back. I was having my own battle with the reality that was in front of me. We all sat about the table reflecting upon happier times. My son sat off in the corner playing with his plastic phone when we all heard of phone ring. It wasn’t the house phone. It wasn’t a cell phone. It sounded like a toy phone. Cold it really be that my sons phone was ringing. No matter what I thought I heard, the reality was, that there was a light blue, plastic toy phone being squeezed by a two year old. He normally was the one making calls, not ever receiving one. Well on this day his toy phone received its first call. My son just satires at it afraid what might happen if he answered it. He decided he had to answer it, so he held the phone to his ear. You could see his face turn from a bright red to a deep pale shade. He started crying. He threw the phone across the room. The phone continued to wring. He was screaming and crying so hard, I had choice but to go and pick up the phone. I didn’t listen, I just started talking. I spoke to my deceased husband and said “honey, I know you miss your son, but he is just a baby and you’re scaring him. You must let him be and let him gol. Promise me you will stop for hem. He is too young to understand all that’s happened. I hung up the phone and sat back down at the table. I asked my so to come sit on my lap. He looked up at me and started to scream and yell again. My adopted grandmother looked over at my son and said that my husbands Ora was lingering behind me and that my husband was afraid to come near me. I had to stop again and ask my husband to leave us all. I told him that we all loved him and missed him very much, but that our son wasn’t old enough to deal with any of this. I begged him to go and give us all peace. After a good 20 minutes, the room fell quiet. It was really cold for a couple of minutes, then really hot, then it was suddenly as it was meant to be. My son came over and jumped up in my lap and layed his head on my shoulder and said, “Daddy won’t be calling anymore mommy.” I replied, “No he won’t sweetie”. My son fell asleep right there on my shoulder.

My Wedding Orb

07/01/2013 — 2 Comments

My Wedding Orb

On my big day it seems that all those things perfectly planned had a mind of their own.

Things didn’t fall into place as we all thought they would.

But then their was my husband in Marshfield, when he was supposed to be in Brookline.

It seems he locked his keys in his car. Oh how could this be.

Thank goodness for AAA who sent him on his way.

Arriving at the church, the doors are locked with no one in sight.

Finally we are saved, but not before the food arrives knowing that we can’t get in.

Once inside, things we had set up the night before were no longer in place.

While other things were just plain missing.

Lots of hands and lots of love got everything back in their place.

The bride back home getting dressed with one late bridesmaid, hair to be done, and a late limo.

The limo driver tries to take us hostage not allowing us out of the locked doors.

Finally free the women dash to put on their dresses.

Everyone looks beautiful, and all things in their place we later realize that

we were not alone for there was an orb covering the grooms entire face.

It is believed to be the spirit of either or both of his late parents, hopefully giving their blessing on their son’s special day.

The night ends with everyone being happy and all things in their place, with no other orbs about the grooms face.

My new coffee table seems to have an uninvited guest.  One of the front side panel blocks appears lighter than the rest.  When the room is lit by sunlight or any other form of light, you can see a profile picture of someone long ago. The carving actually has features similar to those of George Washington and sports the very same hairdo. It’s funny because now the girls refuse to sit in the room alone without a companion as if they think something will happen to them. What could happen? :-)