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Go Set a Watchman by Harper Lee

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Almost from the moment the seven-year-old girl first tumbled down a rabbit hole, her adventures in Wonderland became a classic.

Image borrowed from: Shards of Alara (“The Grizzly Bear”) 

Deep in the woods 16-year-old Jessica was hiding behind the biggest elm tree she could find. The ground was completely covered with a blanket of thin shear ice due to the recent drop in temperature. Jessica had lost her way when she almost missed her bus stop and the substitute driver not knowing his own way and nervous about where he was, demanded that Jessica leave the bus so that he could head back the way he came in the hopes of finding his own way home. He no longer wanted to deal with Jessica. Being told not to fight with adults and not feeling comfortable around a stranger, Jessica listened, and vacated the bus. She didn’t realize that it was already getting dark outside and had no idea where she was. Within minutes whatever light left in the day was gone and Jessica was suddenly terrified. She heard the ice cracking underfoot with every step she took. But she couldn’t just stand there it was getting colder by the minute outside. All she could do was walk. Her eyes were bulging with fear with each random sound she heard. She felt as if she were in a scene out of a horror movie. She began to think that maybe she was in one of her very own horror movies. Twenty minutes later she could see a light glimmering in the distance. She followed the glimmer and as she got closer and closer a terrible odor surrounded her but she couldn’t figure out what it was or where it was coming from. Just feet away she saw a small cabin. With numbness settling in on almost every part of her body, the cabin seemed like her only option but after thinking about it she no longer felt safe with the idea of knocking on the door. Before she could process any alternatives someone or something had knocked her out cold.

Jessica had no idea how long she had been unconscious. She wasn’t tied up, just tossed in a ball on the corner of a cold kitchen floor. The cold stone made her jump quickly to her feet. The one thing she knew was that she had to think fast to find a way out of this place or she might end up as the foul odor she had smelled outside. Jessica could hear the faint sound of a saw coming from the basement followed by muffled screams and clawing as if someone or something was trying to make its way in or out. The front door started to shake frantically and just burst open as if struck by the wind of a tornado. Standing before her was a disfigured man draped in a brown torn garment and what looked to be thick tights. He was dripping with blood that didn’t seem to be his own. He held a blood covered sword in one hand and a lit torch in the other. He frantically spoke to me as if trying to warn me of what was to come.  The words just wouldn’t formulate to anything Jessica could understand. Eager to protect her, the man quickly picked Jessica up and threw her on the back of his horse. What a beautiful and amazing horse it was. It was as white as snow with a golden mane. Not a drip of his owner’s blood spilled anywhere upon its skin. His eyes were as dark as the night, but not in a scary way. There was gentleness about it. Come to think of it, although dripping with blood his owner too possessed that same soft quality about him. No words were spoken. They rode for what felt like hours through a bone covered path with random skulls tossed here and there. Jessica wondered who all the heads belonged to and could only hope that hers wouldn’t be tossed about just as theirs had been. With each step the horse took the darkness behind them seemed to slip magically away as did the bones, the skulls and the horrible odor from the woods.

We came to a halt and there was a sudden sense of warmth and a feeling of safeness. The disfigured man quickly jumped down from his horse and extended his hands to Jessica. Jessica jumped gently into his arms so that he could place her on the ground. She stared into his black eyes that slowly seemed to be changing with every second that passed. Once she was safely on the ground, Jessica reached up on her tippy toes and kissed him on the cheek thanking him for saving her. As her kiss melted into his skin the disfigured man began to slowly change. The blood evaporated into thin air. His ragged clothes turned into tan khaki pants and a baby blue polo shirt. His horse turned into a sky blue perfectly kept Chevy mustang. Jessica just couldn’t stop staring. She couldn’t believe that one minute she felt left for dead in the deep, dark woods and now she stood before the man of her dreams. He reached out to place her hands in his and said my name is Jason. Thank you for breaking my curse. Jason went on to tell Jessica that five years ago he too had gotten lost in the woods on a school trip and was left behind. No one ever found him. He told her that if you stand under the biggest elm tree it releases the beast called the “Innidenti” of the woods. If you are ever left to stand by that tree when night falls you will be trapped here inside the curse. It changes your form and turns you into a dead, heartless soul. If you are lucky the curse is all that will happen. If you are not so lucky you’re chopped to pieces and fed to the beast to keep it living, but it only likes the blood of the young. Only a kiss from the one you risked your life to save will return your soul to your body and make you whole again.

Jessica was in shock and grateful at the same time. She was speechless. James just wanted to get them both out of this place before anything else could happen. Jessica was afraid to ask why his sword was dripping with blood. Jason didn’t want to tell Jessica that he had just killed the Innidenti, because he was just as eager as she was to leave the woods. Jessica would forever be wondering why though. They stopped at the 7 eleven as they entered their hometown. They both called their parents and waited to be reunited. As she waited, Jessica began to think that maybe just maybe the “substitute” bus driver intentionally left her right at there at that spot in the woods. Was he maybe the Innidenti who had changed forms to capture his prey?

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Why Must You Follow Me (The Haunted Story of My Life)© is an online chapter by chapter publication of Felina Silver Robinson (Copyright 2015)

Chapters 1-6

ghost lady

 Chapter 1 – The House of Stirring Spirits

Chapter 2 – Former Occupants

Chapter 3 – Like Any Other Day

Chapter 4 – The Long, Scary, Dark Hall

Chapter 5 – Underground Dwellers

Chapter 6 – The Spiral Staircase: Part 1 – The Window

Chapter 6 – The Spiral Staircase: Part 2 – The Visit

Chapter 6 – The Spiral Staircase: Part 3 – The Closet

Chapter 6 – The Spiral Staircase: Part 4 – Living in the Rectory

Chapter 6 – The Spiral Staircase: Part 5 – Church Fire (1/6/76)

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Note to Readers:

This is it for a while.  I’m starting work on future chapters now. I hope that what I’ve shared will keep you interested until I’m ready to share what comes next. Please feel free to post comments on suggestions for change or additions.  Please do not link advertisements to this posting.  Your interest is much appreciated. Felina Silver Robinson (Author)

Why Must You Follow Me (The Haunted Story of My Life)© is an online chapter by chapter publication of Felina Silver Robinson (Copyright 2015)

Chapter 6, The Spiral Staircase

Part 5

Church Fire (1/6/76)©


Returning home from school Helen smelt a horrible burning smell all around her. Helen was afraid to breath in. She started choking and didn’t have her asthma inhaler. She got closer and closer to her house. Helen could see flames erupting worse than an explosion. She started getting scared that her house had caught on fire again. Helen started running faster and faster. Helen realized that from the angle of the smoke it had to be coming from the church. Helen couldn’t get there fast enough. She fell upon the crowd of worshipers and spectators. The church was now nothing but a hollow shell. Helen suddenly fell into a snow bank on her knees crying endless tears. She couldn’t imagine  what she was going to do now. There was no one standing that wasn’t screaming, crying or yelling. It was a true disaster.

Helen’s mom grabbed her shoulder. She knew that Helen would have a hard time dealing with the fire. The church had been the one place that truly meant something to her. It had become her home away from home. This made Helen’s mother feel good because she knew if she were there she wouldn’t have to worry about her getting into any trouble.

This wasn’t about the feelings of any one person. This fire affected an entire community.  The church not only provided spiritual support, it was a place for people to go for help, almost any kind of help. They had many programs for all ages. Al of these things were going to be missing for however long it would take for the church to be rebuilt.

Helen’s mom insisted that she come home now.  That night Helen couldn’t even think of sleeping. The only thing she could think about was the church. She could smell of the burnt walls creeping in her bedroom window. She had a feeling that she would smell it for a long time to come whether her window was open or not.

Helen waited for everyone in her house to go to bed. It was her plan to sneak out of the house and go over to the church. She had to go see what it looked like. Otherwise there would be no rest for her. She already knew she wasn’t going to sleep, but she wouldn’t even be able to lay down and just close her eyes if she didn’t get to see the church, and tomorrow would just be too late.

The house sounded quiet. Helen put her sweatshirt on top of her pajamas. She purposely did not wear her favorite night-gown knowing that she was going to sneak out. She didn’t want to take a chance hurting her uncovered legs. She made sure everyone was sleeping, she then slipped out the back door. She was afraid that the creeks from the front stairs would wake up her mother who could hear a pin drop. Helen slipped a small cloth in between the back door so it would not lock.

Once at the bottom of the stairs, Helen started to walk really fast. The church was only a half a block up the street and a turn to the left and another 1/4 of a block.

Luckily no one saw her out there. Helen’s mom always had her friends watching her and her sister and brother and would report if anything was not right. The closer Helen got to the church the stronger the smell of the damp smoke  was. There was no worse smell that she could think of.  Helen’s heart was pounding so hard, as if it wanted to burst out of her chest. The entire situation made left Helen scared and nervous at the same time.

All of a sudden she felt as though she was no longer alone. She thought she could hear the screams she had heard from the locked crate the woman in red showed her when she was staying at the rectory. Could it be possible? She wasn’t sure of what to do, what direction to turn. Helen felt a familiar tap on the shoulder. Something told her not to be afraid to turn around. She turned quickly as if anxious to find out who it was. She had a feeling she already knew who it was. She was right, it was none other than the woman in red.

The woman in red lead Helen through all the rubble,  they then stood amid the empty shell of the church and the smoldering rubble. The woman in red was pointing straight ahead. She never said anything. She pointed to a lit area coming from the corner where the church bell resides. Somehow that spot wasn’t to badly damaged. There was a door leading down a separate set of stairs leading up. Helen was lead down the stairs. The smell of smoke was no longer so obvious, which was strange being that they were still amid the remnants of all the rubble.

It seemed to take some time to get to where they were going. In all the years that Helen had been a part of the church, she didn’t remember anything under the church steeple. The woman in red pointed to a door straight ahead. Gesturing for Helen to enter.  They entered and the first thing Helen saw was another crate.  It was clearly different from the one that she had seen when she stayed at the rectory. Remembering what she saw in the last crate, she wasn’t really looking forward to what she might find in this one.

The woman in red showed her a pocket outside the crate that had an envelope in it. The envelope looked like it had to be more than 100 years old. It was quite yellow, but not torn. It just looked as if it had aged like pages in an old book. The envelope was so old that the seal had disintegrated and Helen was able to open it by just lifting it out of the envelope.

Helen started reading the letter, which was just instructions that if anything happened to the church that this crate must be taken to the church rectory and stored with the other crate already being stored there. Helen now understood what the woman in red needed her to do this time. Lucky for Helen, this crate wasn’t heavy. She followed the woman in red back the rectory basement. She again was not paying attention to where she was going. It was trance like every time she was with the woman in red. Once she delivered the crate placing it next to the other one, the woman in red walked her to a heavy gold framed door covered with carved angels. The door opened on its own. Helen was once again pushed and fell endlessly downward until the next thing she knew she was back home in her bed once again.

Helen didn’t even bother turning her head to see if her sister Ann was going to notice her return for she knew she was still fast asleep. Helen had given up on trying to figure out what was going on and what would happen next. She just closed her eyes hoping that no one would bother her at least for a while.