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There are just some things that you need to be awake for and other things that just become more of a problem if you’re tired when you are doing them

What I See When I’m Sleeping©

Copyright 2015

By Felina Silver Robinson


When I sleep, I’m in a glorious place

You can hold my hand with no one squawking

It doesn’t matter that my hair isn’t like everyone elses

Everyone knows and understands the value that each of us have

The heavens embrace all that each and every one of us has to offer

When I sleep, I’m at peace

I don’t worry about the war that people unnecessarily suffer through

or the rights that the innocent have to fight for

I don’t worry about the disease that plagues so many nor do I fear how the environment is changing

But sadly upon my waking all of this rushes in

and I pray upon praying

That there will be peace and resolve for all

That we will all come to see the same things

Realize the value and benefit of one another


Work together to cure disease and better our environment

In the end, this one place is here for all of us

I am certain this is true for I know that we wouldn’t all be here

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