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My Poem of the Day


Twisted Words

I tell you what I need to say

I tell you what the people say


Within the next day

You’ve twisted every word I said

Nothing is right

Everything is wrong

I’m out

You’re in

Workers are angry

Customers are leaving

The community is up in arms

See what you’ve done

Don’t you know that I meant what I said

I’m here for the better good

I speak on behalf of the people

I’m not here for me

My job is to speak

My job is to listen

My job is to protect

My job is to lead

All of these things I’ve done with pride

You’ve stripped of my chance to

Move the company forward

So your workers

Have opted to come with me

Taking all of your business

Walking out the door

They’ll all come back

If you just listen to what they have to say


Give me back my power

Give them back their jobs

No punishments for the foul

All is good in love and war

You’ll see your customer

Come back and open the doors

All the works just want to be back on the job

But fairly and with clarity of all their demands

They’ll work as hard as you need them to

They’re dedicated for sure

Just don’t cross them again

Because they’ll go right back out the front door

Please just don’t twist their words once more

Copyright 2014

Twisted Words©

Felina Silver Robinson

This poem was inspired by the current happenings

in the Market Basket Chaos

Here’s to wishing for quicker resolution to the problem

In the last month many store shelves have gone from full to empty. No fresh produce or any kind of perishables. Canned goods and other non perishables are all they have to offer. Picketing, Boycotts, and Protests start off and end each work day. All sides hoping for an agreed upon resolution that makes everyone happy.

When an administration feels that family infighting takes precedence over the livelihood, safety, and security of its loyal employees and the communities that have brought great business to their company for years, there is definitely something wrong.

Today Governor Deval Patrick met with the key members of Market Basket to see if they could come to a resolution that satisfies the needs and concerns of all involved. He urged workers to return to work. So basically he wants them to put their own personal needs aside and do what’s best for the community .  The employees have the right to put themselves first. If they are not happy or treated properly then they don’t want to work.  If the person or people that they have come to trust and depend may come to no longer be employed at the same company, then by all means you are going to have a large number of disgruntled and worried employees. This person has been there to make sure that their needs as a hard-working, dedicated employee are met, and that their voices are heard when they need to be. If Arthur T. Demoulas were not to return, there would be no job security for any of the employees fighting to keep him as well as their own jobs.

To-Date, it doesn’t really seem to me that the board has the best interest of its employees in mind. What I see is an organization that is unhappy that many of its employees have been able to control their business for such an extended period.  At this point however, there are no winners.  Everyone is losing something, including the workers who walked off the job. Administration has made multiple threats and demands about replacing the workers with other workers should they choose not to return to their posts. Then they are told that they should come back in the best interest of the community with no definite outcome to the situation. Just more of the same promises about being close to a deal.

At this point, it all seems to be falling on deaf ears now.

It would make sense that the business should be sold to Arthur T. Demoulas on his terms since he seems to be the only one that truly cares about the feelings of the employees who really hold “Market Basket” together. Just a little food for thought.

Felina Silver Robinson