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Basking sharks spotted feeding in Cape Cod Bay

Florida boy, 12, catches 8-foot tiger shark on family fishing trip

Fish spotted off Sunrise Beach in Marshfield

Police helicopter spots shark off Powder Point Bridge

Underwater camera captures sharks near Chatham

California shark bite victim feared for his life

1. Study: Species disappearing far faster than before

2. Bill to require research into menstrual product additives is introduced after global Menstrual Hygiene Day

3. Solvents May Raise Breast Cancer Risk For Some, Study Finds

4. Emission tests ‘substantially underestimate’ pollution pumped out by diesels

The amount of pollution generated by diesel cars on congested roads may be much higher than previously thought.

Diesels may actually be emitting three times the pollution allowed under current emissions tests

5. Contamination monitored with bird blood

Map shows the level of PCBs at each study site. Image: USGS.

6. Great Read Drought Yields Only Desperation

Almond field

7. Brazil’s drought creates a surge in global coffee prices

8. A sign of a coal comeback in New York

9. New Delhi Locals Cry Foul Against Incinerator’s Exhaust

10. Pollution levels mar Lebanon’s rivers

The Litani river is seen from the Western Bekaa village of Saghbin, Saturday, March 2, 2013. (The Daily Star/Hasan Shaaban)