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The Call©

Copyright 2013

By Felina Silver Robinson

Just because I didn’t call, doesn’t mean I don’t care

Sometimes, I need not hear your voice to be there at your side

I always hold you close to my heart, so close I still hear your heartbeat

I know when you are safe and I know when you are in trouble

Never walk in fear because help is always near

Keep your head up, walk with strength, and people will look past your fear


happpy bliss

Happiness and Bliss©

Copyright 2013

By Felina Silver Robinson

Time slips through my fingers as easily as sand

My thoughts wander through my head like a newborn crawling across the living room floor

But one thing I know is that I would do anything for you

and you would do anything for me

Our devotion to one another is deeper than the Black Hole

We are forever pleasing

Forever knowing what the other needs or desires

There’s no chance of deception for our minds are as one

We complete each other

Each day we motivate and inspire each other to always follow our dreams

And each day starts and ends with a smile and a kiss

Showing one another our happy bliss


Copyright 2013

By Felina Silver Robinson

Sometimes we think we know what someone means
Dare not assume you know the answer
You may end up wasting precious time unnecessary

Sometimes the words you heard weren’t meant the way you heard them
Ask those that speak to clarify what you’ve heard
Too many friends, family members, bosses and the like are torn from those they needed
Because misinterpretations

Our hearts yearn for a perfect world
But we all spend too much time overworking things especially our thoughts
Forgetting that there is somewhat a natural order to things
Sometimes we don’t realize that we get in the way of that in which we are searching for
With all our over-thinking and misunderstanding ways
Sometimes we are our own worst enemies

Time will forgive us all, but we must learn to forgive ourselves
Stand back, let the world interpret you and don’t you interpret it



 Copyright 2014

By Felina Silver Robinson

All I have is yours

I offer it to you for nothing

For I only want you

For you to see me as I am

For you to be everything that you can be

For you to feel free to let your heart be

What do you have for me?

I want not your money

I want not your soul

I just want for you to be free with me

Out Here On My Own©

Copyright 2014

By Felina Silver Robinson

I’m determined to rise up from the box that I’ve been stored in

I can’t survive here much longer

I can no longer breathe

I’m sure you would never find me

I’m deep in the city where no one dares to come

No one wants to teach me

So I must teach myself

Food is often scarce

So I find a way to harvest my own

I will not become a beggar

I expect no one to care for me

When I’m ailing

I will heal myself

Because I take from no one

I know that I can’t be poisoned

Because I do no wrong

I know I can’t be placed in an even colder cell

I’ve already had enough of my own private hell

So I live here quietly waiting for change

For a time when my box becomes a grand piece of land

Surrounded by homes that others would be proud to own

In a neighborhood that would no longer be feared

But wanted by all

We’d all share resources


No longer would I be all on my own

Doing everything meant just for me

I could be part of a bigger picture

Still knowing if I ever had to

I could in fact hold my own

This poem is dedicated to all those

Fighting the good fight

Longing and striving to

Be a part of bigger and better things

Out Here On My Own – Irene Cara

Today I…©

I took a deep breath

I smelled the lingering odor of last nights chinese food from another successful family birthday gathering

The bananas  that flavored my mother’s super moist banana cake gifted for my eldest daughter’s birthday celebration, perfumed my dining room

I daydreamed about the gorgeous chocolate cake that sat upon my table the night before. I’m still wishing I wasn’t allergic and could have enjoyed a piece. You’ve never seen a more inviting Trunchbull looking cake. Not at all due to its size for it measures in no way close to that of a Trunchbull cake, but in its appearance and its inviting glow. You have a want it, aim for it and take it, and later wish you never did kind of glow.

I sat questioning why helicopters circled overhead only to learn that a fire broke out nearby, I then sit hoping that no one gets hurt along the way during this melancholy kind of day as I try hard to push the tears out of my way saddened for the billion dollar jackpot that got away.

So, I laughed, talked, ate, then the day ended and I just couldn’t wait to climb into my warm inviting bed and that’s how I lived today

Company expected to announce move Thursday

Sources GE to announce new headquarters location this week