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Giant Sinkhole Swallows Over Dozen Cars at Mississippi International House of Pancakes

Authorities evacuated Estabrook Elementary School in Lexington Thursday morning after a loud bang was heard and the ground shook

Students were brought to Lexington High School after a loud bang was heard at the elementary school (Photo credit Louisa Moller/WBZ-TV)

F-16s scrambled to track Maryland-based surveillance aircraft

At approximately 12:20 pm EDT today, a Joint Land Attack Cruise Missile Defense Elevated Netted Sensor System (JLENS) surveillance system aerostat detached from its mooring station in Aberdeen Proving Grounds, Maryland, and is currently located approximately northeast of Washington, D.C., over Pennsylvania.  

Two F-16 Fighter jets from Atlantic City Air National Guard Base are monitoring the JLENS aerostat, which is holding at approximately 16,000 feet.  NORAD officials are working closely with the FAA to ensure air traffic safefy, as well as with our other interagency partners to address the safe recovery of the aerostat.  More details on this event will be forthcoming.

Curry chicken salad, deli pasta salad may have listeria

Whole Foods 3

OSHA investigates Yale campus accident

If you can imagine it, you can find it somewhere! Felina Silver Robinson

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