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The Back Seat Of Your Heart©

Copyright 2015

By Felina Silver Robinson


Endless days and endless nights

Counting stars as I shed my tears

Over a man who no longer needs me

Our children have all gone

Work no longer keeps us

But somehow there’s a distance tugging at my heart

Our love has taken a backseat

Now that you don’t seem to need me


Do you still see me?

Must I change the color of my hair?

Or shed some pounds?

Have the years changed how you love me?


I still see you

I remember your every touch

Your every dream

I still need you

But mostly

I love you

and I miss my best friend

Please don’t keep our love


The backseat of your heart

The Creature Inside My Heart©

Copyright 2015

By Felina Silver Robinson

There is no creature greater than the one I hold inside my heart

You may fear it when you see its rage

Which only comes out when fear surrounds it

Or when the art of betrayal lays before it

There’s no comfort found in its appearance

There’s no mask that will hide it

Comfort is found in knowing

That someone holds the power to tame it

But I long for the creature that can forever free its rage

So that one day my heart can too be set free

Wild Hearted In My Dreams©

Copyright 2015

By Felina Silver Robinson


Stripped of all that’s normal

I’m bare and I’m free

I run wild between the trees in the wilderness with thee

Hoping that no one will see

You bring life to my soul

My spirit is alive for a time

Not long enough for me

Before the alarm bell rings

and life gets in my way

… and three friendship-preserving alternatives.


True Friendship Is



By Felina Silver Robinson

Copyright© 2013


There when you need them

There when you don’t

They understand nothing

While understanding everything

They love you

They hate you

They know you

They owe you

and sometimes they own you

When no one else wants to listen

You can bend their ear

A friend won’t laugh at you when you want to wear footed PJs while watching scary movies

A friend comforts you when no one else will

They tell you everything’s going to be alright

When most likely it may not be

A true friend is the best comfort and will be there through thick and thin

Thank you for not being a fair weather friend


Looking for the strength to ask you…©

Copyright 2014

By Felina Silver Robinson


Many days and many nights

I’ve found myself at your doorstep

To afraid to find the strength to knock upon your door

I’ve tried to call

I’ve dialed your number more than a 100 times

You pick up the phone

But when I hear your voice

All my strength suddenly leaves me

But I know if I want you

The way I know I need you

Then I have to find the strength just to ask you

If you can find it in your heart to get to know me

I can see us one day getting married

And making a happy family

I picture our house on a hill in the country

With neighbors 200 acres away on either side

A farm full of animals

With many fruits and vegetables to harvest

In a place that’s timeless

But it binds us

One unto the other

For the rest of our days

If only I could just find the right words to say

When I finally get the urge to knock on your door


To answer your sweet voice when you once again say

“Hello, is there anyone there”

When I get the urge to call you

I pray for the day

Each night when I lay my head upon my pillow

I know it’s not just another dream

I’m just Looking for the strength to ask you…


I’ve Had It©

By Felina Silver Robinson

Copyright© 2014, 2015


There is no end to what I can do

No ease in what I have to say

I can do it with or without feeling

On any given day

But I’d like the comfort of you warmth


The feel of your touch

When we are together it’s just magnetic

Which is why I have to end it

Because I just can’t seem to get anything done


I’ve had it!