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My Eyes and Ears Are Open

I’ve seen what you wanted me to see

I’ve made the changes you asked me to make

I listen to what you are saying

But somehow I’m still lost

I still can’t seem to please you

There is never any peace

I’m damned if I do and damned if I don’t

I watch your every step

I’m sure to clear your path

I listen to all you say

So you never have to repeat your words

I bring you your slippers when you walk through the door

Your drink sits beside your favorite chair

Your remote lays by your side

I serve your dinner

and go on my way

Back to my book of promises

and dreams of the future

That seems a lifetime away

You have your dreams

and I have mine

They no longer seem to be one in the same

My eyes are open and I’ve watched you changing

My ears can hear you and I’ve heard your disappointment

So now I know that I must be on my way

On my way to better things

If only it could have been with you

than without you

If only your eyes had been wide open

And you had heard me speak

Copyright 2014 My Eyes and Ears Are Open© Felina Silver Robinson


When I’m sick, you tend to me

When I’m scared, you hold my hand

When I’m mad, you make me happy

When I’m sad, you remind me of happier times

When I’m grouchy, you give me space

When I’m nervous, you calm me down

When I’m rushed, you step back and let me do my thing

When I’m hungry, you feed me with delight

When you come and go, you seal it with a kiss and say you love me

When you’re gone, I miss you

When you’re sleeping, I watch you with a smile

When you need me, I’m always there

When you want to talk, I always listen

When you fall, I always pick you up

When you cry, I wipe away your tears and tell you all will be fine

When we walk, we’re always hand in hand

When we disagree, we always talk things through

When we’re apart, we’re still together

Copyright 2014 When…© Felina Silver Robinson



First Born,

First Breath,

First Cry,

First Words

First Steps,

First Time to Tell a Lie

First Crush

First Love,

First Mistake

First Heartbreak

First Time to Wonder Why Life is Nothing But a Test at Best

Copyright 2014 – First© By Felina Silver Robinson

Will you be my Mrs.

I walk the streets aimlessly

I find myself slowly walking towards your house

I wonder if I’ll see you

My heart starts jumping as your front door slowly opens

I quickly duck behind the tree realizing I’m not ready

To again wonder why you don’t ask for my hand

The hand you’ve held tightly over and over again

We laugh, we cry, we help each other decide

What comes next

The one thing I want most is to be your bride

But each time I start to question when we move forward

My tongue gets twisted and I lose my nerve

Now my eyes are tightly shut

I’m hoping you don’t realize I’m tucked behind that tree of yours

Suddenly, I feel the gentle touch of your lips upon my forehead

And once again I have the feeling of bliss

My palms are sweaty and I no longer

Wonder when you’ll ask me to be your bride

Upon that thought you begin to bend down on one knee

In front of your tree

You ask me the question I’ve longed to hear

Without a thought the words “yes, of course I’ll be your Mrs.” flows from my lips

I feel a smile stretch across my face

Now, the sun feels warmer, the sky seems bluer,

And I feel happier than I ever thought I could

Now, years later we’re married with children

And there is no other place meant just for me

I’m the happiest I’ve ever been

I’m so glad that I’m your Mrs.

Copyright 2014 – Will you be my Mrs.© By Felina Silver Robinson


I see your frown slowly change into a smile

when I walk in the room

My heart is racing

I feel as though I might faint

Beads of sweat gather on my forehead

I grow impatient with each step

It feels like I’m walking through a never-ending tunnel

Each second feels like an hour

When finally we meet

Our bodies lock together

Like a missing piece of a puzzle

We tremble with excitement

My knees are so weak they start to buckle

My stomach is racing

Suddenly, we kiss and it’s as if our bodies blended together

There is nothing nor anyone that could pull us apart

Each precious moment is all I had hoped it would be

Now that we have reunited may nothing separate us again©

I hope to bask in the glory of our love forever

Copyright 2014 – Reunited By Felina Silver Robinson

By Felina Silver Robinson

1. When you can’t remember why you became friends.

2. When your friend tells you that they can’t take it any more without saying what the “it” is, which is most likely you.

3. When your friend starts spending time with people they told you they hated because they were crazy and weird.

4. When your friend only wants to talk about what’s wrong in their life and are not at all interested in what’s wrong in yours.

5. When you realize that the things you had in common with your friend are no longer a common interest.

6. When your friend seems to be closer to their technology then they are to you.

7. When your friend constantly make excuses as to why they are too busy to see you.

8. When your friend decides you aren’t important enough for them to attend your birthday celebration.

9. When your friend starts fighting with the people you love for no reason.

10. When your friend cant stand any of your other friends and therefore won’t spend time with you.

Rev. Frank Schaefer married son

Tim Schaefer is still happily married to his husband and living in Massachusetts, but his father’s career as a Methodist minister in Pennsylvania is threatened.

PHILADELPHIA —A United Methodist pastor from central Pennsylvania was defrocked after officiating at his son’s same-sex marriage in Massachusetts, a church spokesman announced Thursday.

The Rev. Frank Schaefer of Lebanon had already been suspended. He was scheduled to meet with church officials Thursday morning in Norristown, a Philadelphia suburb.

Schaefer was told to resign from the clergy by Thursday if he could not follow the denomination’s Book of Discipline.

Schaefer performed son Tim Schaefer’s wedding at a Hull restaurant function hall, not in a church.

Schaefer says the book discriminates against gay people. He says he won’t voluntarily surrender his credentials and hopes the church has a change of heart.

Schaefer has planned an afternoon news conference. It will be held at a Methodist church in Philadelphia where an associate pastor was defrocked in 2005 for being in a lesbian relationship.



For experts on the United States Constitution, the addition of a 7-foot Christian cross to Middleborough’s town meeting agenda Monday night means one thing: more division.

The town, deciding the fate of a cross that has stood for a half-century on a Route 28 traffic island, voted overwhelmingly to try and protect the brick structure.

Voters did so by moving the land into private hands, thereby avoiding the constitutional mandate that church and state be separate.

But Ed Doerr, chief executive officer of Americans for Religious Liberty, a national nonprofit organization based in Maryland, told The Enterprise that the controversy hasn’t ended — and that Middleborough could still end up in court because of the move. Other constitutional watchdogs agree.

At the center of the debate is the brick cross, erected 50 years ago by the Kiwanis Club. Across the top of the cross is the word, “WORSHIP.”

The problem? The private club put up the cross on public land, which wasn’t an issue until attorney Andrew D. Epstein, of the Boston firm of Barker, Epstein & Loscocco, passed by last year.

He saw the cross and questioned why it was allowed to be on public land — in clear violation of the First Amendment of the Constitution.

The cross was built in 1959, during the Cold War era and in the second term of President Dwight D. Eisenhower.

The times favored the cross. After all, Eisenhower had inserted “under God” into the Pledge of Allegiance and signed a law officially declaring “In God We Trust” to be the nation’s official motto.

But has the cross run its course?

Doerr said in the grand scheme of things Middleborough’s big cross is a minor issue — but one that won’t go away.

“Some people are not content with private property and feel they’ve got to put religious objects on public property,” Doerr told The Enterprise.

Town meeting members voted 228-10 to move the land into private hands to resolve the issue.

The lone person to lobby against the move was Jeff Stevens, who feared the town would face a lawsuit by the American Civil Liberties Union.

Some experts agree with Stevens.

The land transfer violates the Constitution, said Sarah Wunsch, an attorney with the ACLU of Massachusetts.

“People should care about it, this is not a trivial matter.” she said. “Government is supposed to stay out of religion, not favor one religion over another.”

Wunsch said the nation’s forefathers recognized divisive religious battles were taking place in Europe and England when they framed the Constitution and wrote the First Amendment to ensure separation of church and state.

Wunsch suspects the land transfer voted on Monday could violate the state’s constitutional anti-aid amendment law as well as the U.S. Constitution.

Doerr called the land transfer a dodge.

“It’s phony,” he said, adding it amounts to a ploy that has been used elsewhere and ultimately lands public officials in court, spending taxpayers’ money.

Simply leaving the cross in place erodes the fundamental principle of the Founding Fathers’ intent to keep the church out of the government and government out of religion, Doerr said.

Another watchdog agreed.

“It’s unconstitutional,” said Andrew Seidel, an attorney with the Freedom From Religion Foundation, based in Wisconsin.

Seidel said the cross must come down because there is still the nuance it is on public land, even if the land is sold to a private party.

“It is clear to me, the purpose of the land transfer is to keep the cross where it is,” he said. “It’s clearly an attempt to keep the cross. When government is acting to preserve a religious icon it is acting unconstitutionally.”

Despite the warnings, Selectmen Chairman Stephen J. McKinnon said a lawsuit over the cross has yet to surface.

Calling the cross an historic monument, McKinnon said the town needs to protect it.

“I want to preserve it,” he said. “I just wish the ACLU would focus on more important issues, like illegal aliens, and fight a good fight.”