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My Poem of the Day


Oh The Way She Makes Me Feel©

Curves that just don’t quit

Toes that curl at his touch

Fingers that knock the tension out of any muscle

Hands that sooth every ache in any head

There’s not a ripple in any ocean that can me feel the way she makes me feel

When she speaks I’m completely mesmerized

By each word that roles of her tongue

I can no longer concentrate on anything else

She has the cutest little laugh when she’s nervous

Whenever I bring my friends around

There’s a shyness about her

That intrigues all who meet her

But I have to remind them all that she’s my girl

And there are some things I’m just not willing to share

I feel so lucky to have her to comfort me and the end of each day

Oh The Way She Makes Me Feel

Don’t you wish you hand some one like her to start and end your night

Copyright 2014©

Oh The Way She Makes Me Feel©

Felina Silver Robinson

Enjoy Listening to Michael Jacksons Song before you leave

Michael Jackson – The Way You Make Me Feel

My Poem of the Day

(09/18/14) #2

Domestic Violence


Why when I tell you the truth

You insist it’s a lie

You frisk me like a thief in the night

Searching for what

I can only imagine

You come up empty handed

But I’m not so lucky

I end up with the whites of your knuckles

Tattooed across my body

Like an artist paints his canvas

Even as I quiver

And tears run down my face

Your bantering continues to ring through my ears

A small red puddle starts to gather at me feet

Your guess is as good as mine

As to where it comes from

After a while I can no longer hear your voice

I’ve drifted off to somewhere else

Somewhere darker and yet serene

Anything is better than here

I’m thinking to myself

Why couldn’t I get others to listen

To believe what I was saying

Didn’t they wonder why

I was always covered up

Even on the warmest day

Didn’t they wonder why

I always had to run home

As if being time in a race and may the best one win

They never questioned why my phone was always ringing

And the tears streamed down my face

Each day I was trapped

And there was no turning back

There was nowhere to run

Nowhere to hide

I had run out of time

And now the phantom had come to collect me

Before it was my time

And all because no one ever questioned


Copyright 2014


Felina Silver Robinson

This poem is one of many written in the hopes of raising awareness about domestic violence.  This is a serious problem that has plagued us all for decades even centuries. I believe its been inbred in many and they are not even aware of what they are doing nor are the aware of the consequences to themselves or their victims.  Changes can only be made once the problem is acknowledged and both the victim and the abuser become willing to take action only then can progress be made. Are you ready to lend a hand or a shoulder to those in need? Take Action and defeat the beast known as Domestic Violence.

My Poem of the Day


If You Leave©

If you leave

I may laugh I may cry

Not because it’s funny

It’s because you left me here on my own

With no direction

No plan in place

All my dreams were meant to be partnered with you

Now I have to find new ones that don’t include you

If I cry

It’s because I’m lonely without you

My life has been all about you

There’s never been another that makes me see myself as you did

I fear that I will lose myself from within

That I will slip into the darkness

Never to be seen again

My emotions get the best of me

So the best I can do for my own survival

I to push the reset button and begin again without you

Erase the memory of what we once were together

Letting go of everything

Allowing myself to try something different

With someone other than you

This is what’s to come

If You Leave©

Felina Silver Robinson

Here is a little music of the same name by a great band to go with my poem.

OMD is an amazing band that I still love to this day.

If you leave by OMD

My Poem of the Day


This world is “Ours”©

The world I was born into

Is clean, yet dirty


Some are wealthy, some are poor

Some are starving, others eat plenty

Some are homeless, some have beds for many

Some are grateful, some are entitled

Some are charitable and would give their last dollar

Others will beat you and send you packing

The person I am is

Tolerant and forgiving

Believing that everyone can change

I hope for the day

That we wipe out the threat or even the idea of







Have more





Love for one another

This world is “Ours”

It was made for each and every one of us

Life is happier when people work together


Not against each other

Copyright 2014

This world is “Ours”©

Felina Silver Robinson

My Poem of the Day #2


Husbands and Wives


Husbands and Wives


Partners in Crime

They Stay Together

Till Death Do Them Part

Through Thick and Thin

They Are

Lovers and Friends

Friends and Enemies


Good Times and Bad


Work Hard and Break Many A Promise

They Try Hard To

Budget and Keep Their Finances

They Nurture Their

Babies, Children, Teens and Young Adults

Who Have Many A

 Boyfriend and Girlfriend

They’ll Suffer Many

Heartaches and Headaches

While Putting Their Children Through

Elementary School, High School and College

They Will Enjoy and Sometimes Suffer Through

Holidays and Vacations

Plays and Graduations

Any Will Gain Many

Memories and Make Lots of History

Together Through Both

Life and Death

From This World To The Next One

Husbands and Wives

Joined Together Forever

Copyright 2014

Husbands and Wives©

Felina Silver Robinson

Your husband may always be your Mr. Right,

But you will forever be his Mrs. Right all the time.

Without you, he may lose direction, then need reflection

finding only regret for he did not listen when you were talking.

 Be gentle, forgiving, patient and understanding. Mr. Right will always be grateful.

Love will be forever binding”© Felina Silver Robinson

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My Poem of the Day


Oh, The Things You Say To Me

Baby when you bat those big brown eyes my way

I don’t need to hear the words you’ll say

Because I know what each twinkle in your eye is saying

But when you do shoot those soft words my way

They always tell me what I’ve longed to hear you say

You let me know that you’re the only one for me

That you can barely make it through the day

Without thoughts of kissing me

knowing I’ll be waiting by the door when you finally find your way

With your favorite slippers and your favorite bear

And dinner just for two

You tell me that you’ve never had it so good

You don’t know what you’d ever do without me

You remember the first time our eyes met

In the park under the weeping willow

We were reaching for the same dandelion

Hoping to blow for a wish

Little did we know

Our wish had already come true

That moment when we first met

Years go by and we raised our family

Our love has never faltered


Oh, those things you still say to me

Send me on my way

To the love I’d have no other way

I’ve been grateful for each and every day

Knowing that there’s no one else that could have ever made me feel this way

Thank you for all the things you still say

Copyright 2014

Oh, The Things You Say To Me©

Felina Silver Robinson