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Rob Kardashian can’t seem to get enough of the sight of his leading lady, Blac Chyna, during her Malibu photo shoot earlier this week

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In Search Of Love©

Copyright 2016

By Felina Silver Robinson

Each of us look for love and acceptance

Hoping for an indescribable happiness

There are countless things that get in our way

Starting with our egos

The desire to be right and

The need to be heard

Sometimes forgetting those around us

And they too are searching for both love and acceptance

Love is a never ending vicious and chaotic cycle

Still gifting us with unforgettable rewards

That will carry us through all the days of our lives

But only if we are willing to work towards its benifits




When I’m sick, you tend to me

When I’m scared, you hold my hand

When I’m mad, you make me happy

When I’m sad, you remind me of happier times

When I’m grouchy, you give me space

When I’m nervous, you calm me down

When I’m rushed, you step back and let me do my thing

When I’m hungry, you feed me with delight

When you come and go, you seal it with a kiss and say you love me

When you’re gone, I miss you

When you’re sleeping, I watch you with a smile

When you need me, I’m always there

When you want to talk, I always listen

When you fall, I always pick you up

When you cry, I wipe away your tears and tell you all will be fine

When we walk, we’re always hand in hand

When we disagree, we always talk things through

When we’re apart, we’re still together

Copyright 2014 When…© Felina Silver Robinson

I’m Torn©

Copyright 2014

By Felina Silver Robinson





I’m Torn





I’m Torn





I’m Torn





I’m Torn

Make a choice

Pick a side


Give up




I’m Torn

Then just say good-bye

power of love - 2009 by karmym

Love Is Mighty Powerful©

Copyright 2015

By Felina Silver Robinson

I stand

Powerless to make you

Powerless to take you

Powerless to keep you

Just the way I want you

Powerless to need you

When I want to see you

Powerless to change you

Which makes me want to save you

Knowing that each moment spent will be wasted

But well worth each moment that I’m near you

Powerless to hate you because it would be too easy

So love prevails to continue stealing my power

To make you

All that I hope for

Sweet Darling©

Copyright 2015

By Felina Silver Robinson


Here I am sweet darling

My hand is held out for you

I’ve walked the ends of the earth for you

Are you ready for our journey?

Take my hand

Let’s escape

Back to an untouchable time

Where no one else can find us

The world is meant for us

The sky’s the limit

Won’t you come and frolic with the

My heart is yours

My time is ours

Hope is on the horizon

The future is ahead and waiting for us with open arms

Sweet darling I’m so glad you’re still mine

As we travel through time

Together we walk till the end of time

Speak To Me©

Copyright 2015

By Felina Silver Robinson


She sits in the bleachers biting her bottom lip

Telling herself this time he will see her

This time he will hear her

She nervously taps her foot against the parquet floor

Everyone’s eyes are upon her

Her long, blue satin, low-cut dress sways against her thin figure

Her 6 inch heels make her tower over all the other girls

All the guys are looking just at her

There is only one that she hopes to hear from

Her favorite song is bouncing off the hollow walls

She starts singing inside her head to

Meghan Trainor – Lips Are Movin

Giggles and whispers fill the room

Everyone is on the dance floor but her

In her boredom

She imagines being on the beach

Slipping into the crystal blue water

Swimming with the fish

There is a tap upon her shoulder

She hesitates before turning

Not certain that it will be him

After a moment he leans in

And kisses the softness of her skin

Gently upon her neck

Then she knows its him

A smile breaks upon her face

She turns into him

And says “speak to me”

Instead he plants a gentle kiss upon her lips

Suddenly the become lost among the bodies in the crowded room

Oblivious to all around them


Words no longer matter