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Philip Chism reacts to the verdict being read with his defense attorney John Osler at his side during the Philip Chism trial in Salem Superior Court, Salem, Mass, Tuesday, Dec. 15, 2015. Chism was accused of first-degree murder, along with rape and robbery, in the Oct. 22, 2013, slaying of teacher Colleen Ritzer, 24, of Andover, Mass. (Ken Yuszkus/Pool)

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Sexual Assaults on Campus

by Felina Silver Robinson

Through the years I’ve read a number of articles about unsolved sexual assaults on college campuses around the world. Often times I’ve felt that these cases may have gone unsolved because those meant to solve them have an underlying impression that the victims were deserving of their assault. We all have our own impressions of the behavior of college students. It’s true that some students may dress provocatively, exude a promiscuous image while giving young men the wrong impression. Any parent, psychologist, or psychologist knows that young adults experiment with a great number of things before settling down to the level of maturity they will need to live an adult life. Regardless of any persons appearance or behavior, young or old, isn’t an open invitation for sex. If someone hasn’t verbally asked for it, then don’t assume you have a right to what is not yours. Being married or in a relationship doesn’t give you the right to expect sex either.

For most parents the idea of sending their children away to college is a hard one. Today, violence of all kinds is so out of control we are all living in fear of just taking our dogs for a walk where even they are in risk of attack.

When students are excitedly filling out their college applications one thing they shouldn’t have to think about is what their risks are of being sexually assaulted will be. They definitely shouldn’t have to wonder how safe their campus will be. But I’m almost certain that today not only are the students thinking about it, their parents are too.

Drinking alcohol, experimenting with drugs and whatever else young people are doing today, unfortunately gives these sick predators headway into the acts they tend upon committing. Sometimes predators don’t know that the act will happen until it’s too late, by then all they care about is themselves and clearing out before anyone can finger them for the act. Other predators want their victims to know they did, but terrorize them to point where they know their victim won’t utter a word for fear of what might happen to them down the line including another assault or more likely death.

My words are indeed meant to scare you into the reality of the life around you. When we take things too lightly that’s when they get worse. Truly, I just want there to be an awareness about the misconceptions that people have about one another. Taking what’s not yours and what’s not offered to you should come at the highest cost, which should be your freedom. Victims carry their scars whether they be physical or emotional, for the rest of their lives. Therapy can only help so much. Attackers usually have no conscious, because it’s all about them.  Well, I say it’s past their wake up time. Law enforcement, Campus Administrators, Lawyers and Parents, need to take a step up to protect their victims. Maybe, just maybe frat houses should become a thing of the past since they have continued for decades to be a big part of the problem. College life shouldn’t be remembered as the number of days a student spent in a drunken stupor or for how many women they took advantage of and had no price to pay for it.

I would just like to solute Sabrina Rubin Erdely for her chilling report “A Rape on Campus,” without her report UVA College Administrators would still have their eyes closed. My one wish is to have more eyes open to the seriousness of the problems all of our young adults are faced with. Bring back the safety and the natural joy of college life. College is about learning not boozing and assaulting innocent victims. I still have 4 out my 6 children with college life ahead of them and at this point, I can honestly say, I’m not looking forward to it.

“The wrongs described in Rolling Stone are appalling and have caused all of us to reexamine our responsibility to this community,” UVA president writes in letter suspending fraternities


Bill Cosby Gets Another Standing Ovation at a Comedy Show Amid Sexual Assault Allegations Scandal

Bill Cosby

BROCKTON, Mass. — School parents are facing a dilemma after a serious incident involving two students from the Oscar F. Raymond Middle School.

One middle school student is facing a charge of rape after a classmate accused him of attacking her in a wooded area minutes after school dismissal earlier this month. That student faces one count of rape, said police Lt. Kenneth LeGrice.

Ward 7 City Councilor Shirley Asack, who represents the ward where the school is located, expressed concern, the Enterprise reported.

“It’s concerning to me as a parent,” she said. “I have a 12-year-old. I don’t let my kids walk alone. We’re going to do everything we can as far as public safety, but parents need to know where our kids are. It’s scary, it’s pretty scary.”

School police Lt. Donald Mills said the 16-year-old boy was arrested a week after the alleged rape occurred on March 6, less than a mile away from the Raymond School as the two walked together to their respective homes.

The 14-year-old victim told police that the incident took place on a pathway near the Gilbert Walker Playground shortly after the 2:35 p.m. dismissal. Both of the students are eighth-graders at the kindergarten through Grade 8 school.

The incident went unreported for six days while the student refused to return to school or speak with authorities, police said. Once she did return, Mills said, her mother reported the incident to school officials, who immediately notified police.

The 16-year-old suspect was arrested at the school by school resource officers the next day, he said.

School Superintendent Kathleen Smith declined to comment on the matter citing the level of sensitivity with the case and the ages of those involved.

Although the incident occurred off school grounds, parent Rosa Pires, who has three children enrolled at Raymond School, said school officials should have notified parents about the incident.

“You would think they’d tell us something like this,” she said. “If your child does something bad, they’re quick to call you, but stuff like this you don’t hear about.”

The incident raised concerns of public safety among school and city officials.

Brockton School Committee Vice Chairman Thomas Minichiello said, “This is just so horrendous. It’s extremely disappointing that this happened.”

“Someone doing something allegedly outrageous, all we can do is remind students to be careful not to place themselves with people they may not know or trust,” he said.

Asack added, “We’d love to have more school police so they can have more of a presence after school.”

To reduce violent incidents involving students, parents, school officials and community members should go beyond the legal system and seek to educate students, said City Councilor-at-large Shaynah Barnes.

“It’s important that they look at school and home history,” she said. “Safety in school should involve guidance counselors teaching the kids about how to behave with their classmates, a specialist coming in to do some workshops and training teachers on how to detect signs of sexual aggression.”

Mayor Bill Carpenter declined to speak about the incident, but said he will reach out to school district administrators and law enforcement to address safety measures.

“Thousands of other parents will also want to know,” he said.

Brockton School Committee member Andy Robinson, of Ward 2, also declined to discuss the specific incident, but said that officials have gone to great lengths to create an environment in schools that makes students feel comfortable with coming forward with concerns.

“For better or worse, bad things still happen and some of them unfortunately happen outside of school,” he said. “The school district is taking appropriate action within their ability to ensure the safety of students.”

Ward 7 member Raymond Henningson also declined to comment. Meanwhile, messages left with committee members Judy Sullivan of Ward 5, Patricia Joyce of Ward 4 and Allisha Jean Clark of Ward 3 for comment were not immediately returned.

School Committee members were notified about the incident the day the incident was reported, Minichiello said.