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What Am I? Who Am I©

Copyright 2014

Felina Silver Robinson


The reflection in the mirror doesn’t answer the question “What Am I? Who Am I?

My mother turned away each time I raised the subject of where I came from

What is there to be proud of?

Why do I feel shame?

Being native is something to be proud of

There is no shame in who and what you are

I need answers

I want answers

I deserve answers

I just want to know who and what I am

Outside of this shell I call my own

The one that tells you about who I am

And where I came from

But you can’t know of me

Before I know of me

I’m determined to find the answers

Before life’s end


What Am I? Who Am I

A special bag of Doritos benefiting the It Gets Better Project has bigots foaming at the mouth


by Felina Silver Robinson

Felina 06-28-98

I’ve had many an idol in my lifetime. There have been a number of reasons that have caused me to change my feelings towards those very idols.  When I first heard about what happened with Hulk Hogan (aka Terry Bollea), I was angry and decided I no longer liked or admired him. I’ve since had time to come to terms with my feelings and reflect upon my own slips of the tongue.

Hulk Hogan mentioned in his interview with Good Morning America that as a child growing up in his neighborhood, the “n” word was used all the time but not in a necessarily derogatory way. But Hulk Hogan knew as soon as the word slipped through his lips in the moment during the disagreement with his daughter and her then boyfriend, that it wasn’t what he wanted to say and certainly not in the company that he was with. He didn’t mean it as it would appear and certainly had no idea that he was being recorded. I get it. He made a mistake. I’m sure each and every one of us has had a slip of the tongue and wished that we never had. Most of us are fortunate not to have cameras at the ready to catch any mistakes that we might make to thrust out into the open and cause a hysterical media frenzy. Unfortunately for Hulk Hogan and many others like him, it’s a constant worry and part of being a celebrity. Your life is never your own and you always have to worry about what you say and to whom.

If we see that a person is regretful in their actions and not because of what they stand to lose for them, but because they are truly personally hurting from them, then we know that they deserve forgiveness. I believe that Hulk Hogan is one of these such people. Stripping him of his affiliations may have been harsh, but understandable.

When there is a clear remorseful act committed, or when you clearly see that someone only apologizes once they realize what will then be lost to them, that’s when affiliations should be stripped. It’s about the message that’s being sent. Through time, children as well as adults have learned by what they see and hear. Behavior becomes acceptable when no one corrects it.  Once it becomes acceptable, it becomes the norm, thereby making it harder to change. There are obviously some behaviors we should not encourage, and racism is one of them and being unforgiving is another. Compassion and understanding are key to living a peaceful coexistence with one another.



‘Please forgive me … people get better’


This world is “Ours”©

By Felina Silver Robinson

Copyright© 2014


The world I was born into

Is clean, yet dirty


Some are wealthy, some are poor

Some are starving, others eat plenty

Some are homeless, some have beds for many

Some are grateful, some are entitled

Some are charitable and would give their last dollar

Others will beat you and send you packing

The person I am is

Tolerant and forgiving

Believing that everyone can change

I hope for the day

That we wipe out the threat or even the idea of







Have more





Love for one another

This world is “Ours”

It was made for each and every one of us

Life is happier when people work together


Not against each other


In the land of Ignorance©

By Felina Silver Robinson

Copyright© 2013


When I walk into a room of people and they all stop and stare

There is nothing I can do

Their eyes are upon me

I hold my head high and brush off their stares

I sit in the middle of circumstances beyond my control

I go to the store to shop for holiday gifts

I barely enter the store and there is a shadow upon me the entire time

No one asked me if I needed help

They just continued to shadow my every step

Frustrated with the treatment I left the situation and returned to the comforts of home

I opened my laptop and ordered most of my presents online

Being sure not to buy from the store that shadowed me

Circumstances beyond my control

I hold no grudges

But I choose not to support the ignorance

I walk through the village and someone asked me what part of Africa I’m from

I reply that I was born in Boston and that to my knowledge none of my family hails from Africa

I explain that my mother is Native American among other things

The lady asked me why I sound so white

I tell her that I’m not quite sure what she means but that I grew up in Brookline

and My father graduated from Harvard and what you see, what you hear is what you get

She replied “I didn’t think that colored people could be intellectual or use proper English”

She further said, “If you were speaking to me on the phone I wouldn’t have known you were colored”.

I told her that I didn’t know people could be so ignorant

I told her I ha to be on my way and I walked away with my head held high

Her face turned red and she apologized

Why must people speak before they think


Racial Slurs©

by Felina Silver Robinson

Copyright© 2015


Words easily roll off our tongues

Sometimes they aim for a target

Sometimes they go with the flow

Words can often sooth

But more often they hurt

They become a weapon

Leaving victims in their wake

Some who never forget

What’s been said

When words refer to race

Those words cut like a knife

The scars they leave are invisible

To the eyes of a racist

They see the pain they inflict

But they care not that you ache

They may care that someone else saw their hateful act

There will be no apology

If one comes it won’t be genuine

Years from now you may forgive

But you will never forget

So my advice to you now


To always think before you speak

The words that fall from your tongue

Will always be attached to you

The now, the past, and the future of you

If you don’t mean it

Don’t say it

Don’t even think it