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1. EPA will reduce sulfur in gasoline

New rule expected to improve health, lower vehicle emissions

2. The Scary New Evidence on BPA-Free Plastics

And the Big Tobacco-style campaign to bury it.

Photographs by Evan Kafka

3. 10 hours and 50 amendments later, House committee passes water bill

4. Mount Everest litter targeted by Nepalese authorities

Climbers will have to bring down 8kg of extra waste or face legal action as government tackles rubbish mountain in Himalayas

Mount Everest climbers

5. Inland Bays see new problems

6. Pet coke storage controversy isn’t over, just relocated a few miles downriver

Bob Griggs, right, and Harry Marx are on their way to perch fishing leaving from Belanger Park in River Rouge on Friday. 'I am totally opposed to this,' says Marx about Detroit Bulk Storage wanting to store petroleum coke nearby.

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1) Before You Straighten Up Your Desk, Image

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2) Why Your Parents Don’t Approve of Your Husband (or Wife)
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3) ProPublica: That pain reliever could kill you Acetaminophen overdoses a ‘persistent, important public health problem.”



4) How to avoid parenting meltdown


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5) Where are you most likely to die from air pollution?



6) How Makeup Can Cause Premature Aging


Transparent skull implant provides ‘window to the brain’


Trust is a brain habit in long-term relationships


‘Higher stroke risk’ in young people


You turn me inside out and upside down
My emotions are running wild
I fear for my anger and disappointment
I fear for my sadness after sending you away
Shall I be alone once more?
I can’t stand the thought of life without you
But my heart is broken, battered and torn
Forgiveness can’t come easy
The damage can’t be tucked away
The words “I’m sorry” continuously roll off your tongue
But my heart knows your words are empty
So I can’t hear any more
The door closes and I change the locks
Your calls no longer come here because my numbers been changed
I color my hair, change my name and even get a few tucks to hide the girl you once knew
Who am I kidding I still know it’s you
Why am I changing, I’ve done nothing wrong?
Why am I hiding in my skin?
I’m still in fear even with you gone
No more, no more, no more
I’m taking back my life once more
I won’t tell you how for then you’ll know
For it would spoil my happiness
And I can’t and I won’t allow that
Good bye to the old you and hello to the new me
Life will now be worth living, even without you!

I wrote this as a tribute to all those who have suffered through or are still suffering through the results of Domestic Violence. To all those that lost their fight or are still fighting, I wish strength to all of those who stand tall or don’t have the strength to stand tall. Know that wherever you are, there is always someone who wants to help because they have been where you are, you are not alone,


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