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president of the American Indian Chamber of Commerce California.

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Education and Upbringing Doesn’t Warrant A License In Cruelty

Donald Trump has been on a continuous rampage since his decision to make a presidential run for the white house.  He’s said bad things about as many people as he could, including his most recent victim Arizona Sen. John McCain referring to him a stupid because he finished at the bottom of his class. Even worse was his comment that McCain wasn’t a real hero because he’d been captured. Trump himself did not serve due to problems with his feet. It’s my contention that a true patriot is the one willing to make an ultimate sacrifice for the country that they call home. No true patriot would demean others to suit any personal gains.  No we find that Trump doesn’t believe that he owe’s John McCain an apology.

Donald Trump has been known for a great many things through the years, including his aggressively strong and somewhat overbearing personality. Trump has generously funded many charities. He now successfully runs many organizations while rearing five amazing children. He is very strong and opinionated and will fight for anything he believes in. But the one thing he doesn’t seem to have is compassion and understanding for those outside of his comfort level. It’s certainly OK to have opinions and the strength to stand up to those who you feel may be doing the wrong thing.  But there is a way to do it without hurting an entire class of people or striking down a good man who has done you no ill will.  Somehow despite all of his bad behavior, Donald Trump is soaring in the polls.

Donald Trump along with every other politician have their own ideas on what needs to change in the years ahead. They also have much to say about how they think current politicians have failed the people. Running a country is lake raising a child, it takes a village and the village in this case is good politicians. I hope to see many things in the coming years. Foremost in my wishes is the end to needless bloodshed and disloyalty to our country. We need to find a way to take back our freedom and stop fighting among ourselves. Our police officers are continuing to risk their own lives on a daily basis, much like our military soldiers. But at the same time, civilians need to feel safe as well as respected as people, despite their ethnicity and level of education. No assumptions of guilt or innocence should ever be based on race, level of education, residence, or level of income. Guilt should always be proven in a court of law, not on a street corner in the dark of night while only one side has means to defend themselves.

Basically, my message to Donald Trump is that we all have work to do.  The world we live in is not perfect. When we slowly pick away at those we need by our side, we start to lose the foundation that keeps us whole. No one person gets to decide what is to be on his own. We are part of a democracy thereby giving us all a say in what happens going forward. It is important to remember how we treat those that we will come to depend on in the future. An apology goes a long way. Once given you are a better person for it. The only thing you may lose is a little pride and that’s something we’ve all lost at one point or another.

I would like to again admire the Donald Trump I’ve watched from afar, but the one I’ve seen lately is one I’ve lost respect for.

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