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Englut (v.)

Englut means swallow up, gulp down, devour. Englut, is cited in several of William Shakespeare’s plays. I’ve chosen to cite from Timon of Athens (Tim II.ii.171) “Flavius says to Timon: “How many prodigal bits have slaves and peasants this night englutted!”

Timon of Athens Play by Shakespeare

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Enfettered (adj.)

Enfettered means placed in fetters, enchained, enslaved. Enfettered, is cited in William Shakespeare’s play Othello (Oth II.iii.335) “Iago alone says about Othello and Desdemona: “His souls is so enfettered to her love.”

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Entame (v.)

Entame means absolute dominion, sovereignty. Entame, is cited in William Shakespeare’s play As You Like It (AYL III.v.48) “Rosalind as Gaymede to Phebe: “Tis not your inky brows that can entame my spirits to your worship.”


Robert Walker Macbeth, “Rosalind as Ganymede”

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Empery (v.)

Empery means absolute dominion, sovereignty. Empery also means empire, emperor’s domain. Empery, is cited in four of William Shakespeare’s plays. I’ve chosen to cite from Julius Caesar (JC I.i.19) “Marcus says to Saturninus and Bassianus: “Princes that strive by factions and by friends ambitious for rule and empery.”


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Envenom (v.)

Envenom means poison, taint, destroy. Envenom, is cited in three of William Shakespeare’s plays. I’ve chosen to cite from King John (KJ III.i.63) “Constance says to Salisbury about King Philip: “Envenom him with words.”


Henry Fuseli – Lady Constance, Arthur, Salisbury (King John) – 1783

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Eternize (v.)

Eternize means immortalize, make famous forever. Eternize, is cited in William Shakespeare’s play Henry II, Part VI (2H6.V.iii.31) “Warwick says to all: “Saint Albans battle  shall be eternized in all age to come.”

Henry VI, Part 3: Warwick, dying at the Battle of Barnet, speaks his last words.

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Enchafe (v.)

Enchafe means heat, excite, anger. Enchafe, is cited in William Shakespeare’s play Cymbeline (Cym.IV.ii.174) “Belarius alone says about Arviragus and Guiderus they are as rough their  royal blood end hafed as the rud’st wind.”

mogen Discovered in the Cave of Belarius

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