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Colours of Love©

My Poem of the Day


My heart is undercover

And run by colours

It wont always give me what I need when I want it

It leaves me begging on my knees

It’s surely left me singing the blues

While other times I’ve been green with envy

Over the colours it wont let me be

But no matter what

The sun keeps me yellow so I can smile back at you

While the rest of my colours stay stored in the

Four corners of my heart

Can you guess all the colours of my heart?

A Precious Gift©

My Poem of the Day

ali and mom


On A Day I wasn’t expecting it

Came a gift many may not be so lucky to receive

My gift was another child meant just for me

Her eyes, big brown and wide

Innocent as can be

Full of wonder

Full of surprise

Waiting only for me

Many others expectant mothers

Were having babies just like me

While their husbands were spying the Superbowl

I can never forget this glorious day

For her beauty is a constant reminder

I carry my pride for her everywhere I go

Someday she’ll look back on this and think I was just bragging

But the truth is she a special surprise that I’m sure others weren’t as lucky to get

I hope in time she’ll come to know just how special she is

My special gift is grown now

But she’ll always be my pride and joy

I Know An Angel©

My Poem of the Day


I know an angel

Whose as precious as one can be

Troubled here and troubled there

It’s doubtful that you could know what she meant to me

Since she’s been gone my heart has become sad and lonely

I work harder each day to keep the darkness away

She made me honest and pure in the simplest way

She was dealt the wrong hand in life

I only hope now that she’s found her way

The light that she brought to my life is like no other that I’ll ever know

She still brings me comfort

Even while I beg her forgiveness

For not being there each moment that she needed me

Thank you my angel for giving me something to fight for every day

Life is what I fight for

I fight to live in her honor

For that angel of mine

HPIM0499 10-17-10 Maryann's B-Day 3

I love you my Angel Maryanne

The Rebound Friends©

My Poem of the Day


It all started with a glance one day

When I saw you standing there all on your own

Looking like you had lost your best friend

Little did I know that you actually had

The way your bottom lip curled down

Your eyes sagging so low

But I was there to pick up where she left off

I swooped in to save the day

That frown of yours became a half-witted smile

At least you were trying instead of crying

And I was happy to be there when you needed the shoulder of

Someone older and a little bit bolder that surely wouldn’t ignore you

I’m here now

I will hold your hand

I will help you stand and again be proud

You will find the you that you used to be

And become even better

Thanks to the friend you found in me

And the friend I found in you

We have become best friends due to a rebound

Be True To Thyself©

My Poem of the Day


Be true to thyself for
We are not what people see
But we are the things that we do
We can only become something better
If we are willing to accept ourselves
And change the flaws we find that come from within
Flaws are not what others think they are
But what they know within themselves is wrong
And only judge others by what they see wrong inside themselves
Wanting only for us to become what they are
We wouldn’t be ourselves if we were always desiring to be someone else


My Poem of the Day

lea in the snow


This morning to our delight we woke to a snowy surprise

Snow so simple, clean and pure

Here for a short time

To brighten our day

The more that comes

The longer it stays

Sometimes getting in the way

Then it can prolong your day

In a bad kind of way

Till they send the snow plows to clear the way

Followed by Sanders to make your ride safer

I watch eagerly hoping for more to fall

There’s nothing more amazing than the view once the snow falls

Up Where I Belong©

My Poem of the Day


Into the light I climb

No longer fearing where I’m going

knowing that you’ll be there to guide me

Everyone that I’ve lost will be there to greet me

Homeward bound I’m going

Now happy as can be

Someday joined by all the others I love

Peaceful, blissful happiness ahead

Thanks for leading me up where I belong