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The Creature Inside My Heart©

Copyright 2015

By Felina Silver Robinson

There is no creature greater than the one I hold inside my heart

You may fear it when you see its rage

Which only comes out when fear surrounds it

Or when the art of betrayal lays before it

There’s no comfort found in its appearance

There’s no mask that will hide it

Comfort is found in knowing

That someone holds the power to tame it

But I long for the creature that can forever free its rage

So that one day my heart can too be set free

Happy Thanksgiving©

Copyright 2014

By Felina Silver Robinson


I woke up this morning with lots on my plate

But I wasn’t threatened because I knew the reward was the gift of time with those I loved

Those at home were good and helpful

Doing what needed to be done

Then my first of two daughters that had yet to arrive opened the door accompanied by her boyfriend

She went off to the kitchen to do her work

Time for calls and posting to all the others that can’t be with us

Waiting still yet for the arrival of another daughter

Grateful that upon her arrival most of those I love

Will be right there by my side

This is all I need on this day of thanks

Now back to my baking, my cooking

And my time with

Friends and family


To those who know and love me

Know that  my heart is with all of you and I wish you a year of happiness and success

I’m thankful to have you all in my life

I’m thankful for the food that will be upon my table

I’m grateful for my happiness and my freedom

Enjoy each moment of your celebration and give thanks to those deserving

images of life



By Felina Silver Robinson


When I was young my parents would pack us up in the station wagon

Every weekend was a new and different t adventure

One relative

Another relative

A new relative

A friend

Mountain climbing


When we weren’t traveling

There were Christmas pageants

School plays

School sports

Girls scouts



School dances and graduations

Now that I’m all grown up with children of my own

I take my kids on adventures

Visiting family and friends

We’ve been camping


They’ve performed in school plays and Christmas pageants

We’ve visited many museums

I was a Girl Scout troop leader to my girls troop

My life is one big replay

I wonder if their life will become one too

Wild Hearted In My Dreams©

Copyright 2015

By Felina Silver Robinson


Stripped of all that’s normal

I’m bare and I’m free

I run wild between the trees in the wilderness with thee

Hoping that no one will see

You bring life to my soul

My spirit is alive for a time

Not long enough for me

Before the alarm bell rings

and life gets in my way


Delightful is…©

Copyright 2015

By Felina Silver Robinson

Pressured Into Bad Behavior©

Copyright 2015

By Felina Silver Robinson


Knowing the difference between right and wrong is

something we were taught as children

Pressure from those we look up to or admire

Is difficult in itself

But then to watch them make poor choices

Can be hard to fight through and make sense of

But you must realize that

Those pressuring you don’t have to pay the price

For those that they pressure into following through

On their bad behavior

Is your freedom worth the price of the relationship you

With those who are pressuring you?

I don’t think so

I’m sure they won’t visit you in your 4×4 cell!

Think about the life you will miss for the poor choices you made

Hold onto the right that you know

Don’t let others take away your sensibility

As We Celebrate Your Life©

Copyright 2015

By Felina Silver Robinson


Bothered by your silence

I think of words to say

But nothing comes to mind

Because you’re bluer than this day

The cheer I’m use to seeing

Seems to have gone astray

On any other day

I would just look the other way

But today

You should be happy

As we celebrate your life

With so much to look back on

Even more going forward

Everyone will come from miles around

To honor all that you’ve done

All that you’ve become

So please

Throw away your frown

Put your smile back on

We’ll put your favorite song on

And we’ll dance the night away

Hence, your silence will become a thing of the past

But your memories will surely last

So come and let’s have a blast