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My Poem of the Day


How Much I Feel©

It dawn on me

That maybe I wasn’t sure I knew about feelings

Where they really come from

How they work

And whether we all really have them

I know that when someone says something I don’t like

It hurts

I know that when someone starts harassing me

I stop listening and walk away

But once I stop I realize

Why did I let him get away with hurting me?

I realize I’ve done nothing to call for the behavior

But somehow

I don’t really feel like doing anything about it

I’m passive at the moment

And feel powerless to change it

I know that when someone tells me that they love me

It brightens up my day

In fact I know it makes my heart beat at little faster

It gives me the power to go about my day

I know that when I feel love

I know love

And if I know love

I can share love

I know that love is the one thing

That we all deserve to feel

And that we all deserve to know

I know my heart is wide open

Copyright 2014

How Much I Feel©

Felina Silver Robinson

My Poem of the Day


The Colours of My Heart©

RED – Means I’m on fire, my love for your makes me want to explode. There is no end to my love for you

ORANGE – Means that my heart feels a slight fizzle in your feelings for me

I must find a way to bring you back

To help you remember what we together can do

And how nothing would be complete should we part

YELLOW – Mean that my feelings I have for you are fading

And I’m sickened by the knowledge and feel uncertain about our future

GREEN – Means my heart envies one we once had

It longs for your advances

And wonders if your heart now longs for another

Dare I hold on waiting for your attention

BLUE – means I’ve accepted that we are no longer one

My heart starts to close off to your love

And sits in wait for the love of another

INDIGO – means my heart is still bruised

But peaks at the prospect of a new love

VIOLET – Means my heart is ready to start anew without you

These are all “The Colours of My Heart”

Copyright 2014

The Colours of My Heart©

Felina Silver Robinson

My Poem of the Day


Another Place In Time©

I sometimes wish there were two of me
So I could keep my family safe
As I travel off on an adventure made just for me
I’d love to travel the world while still never leaving home
If only there were two of me
I could come and go as I please
And no one would ever miss me
Because I would always remain by their side
If there were two of me
I could set sail on the big wide ocean
I wish could venture in a moment’s time
So I’d never have to miss an opportunity to capture a memory
So I can bring it back and share it with all my loved ones
It would be grand to live two lives
Because you’d have
Twice as many memories
Twice the amount of love to give
Twice the time to make up for any mistakes made along the way
Sometimes I wish I lived in another place and time
In a place where all you had to do was make a wish
Where all you have to do is wish and all your dreams come true

Copyright 2014

Another Place In Time©

Felina Silver Robinson

My Poem of the Day

Things As They Once Were©

Footloose and fancy free is how all things use to be

Today there is no time to stop by and say hi

We barely remember where we came from

because all that we once knew has changed

Trees, cars, houses, buildings, parks and people

It’s hard to know who’s who and what’s what

I so long for a time when neighbors would just drop by

When our doors remained open

And the corner store owner knew you by name

And kept all your favorites waiting just for you each day

These are things as they once were

Oh how nice it would be if they could just be once more

Copyright 2014
Things As They Once Were©
Felina Silver Robinson


My ThrowBack Thursday Poem of the Day


Forever Friends©

Jenna David and John Carrigg with Tanisha 12-1989Julie and David Carrigg 12-1989 

At a time when my family was missing
You became my family
But foremost we became friends
In times of trouble
In times of need
You were right there by my side
I didn’t have to ask
You came on Que.
You always knew
Where to be
just what to do
Even more so, what to say
I didn’t much know what to do without you

Now years have passed
I still think of you often
Wondering if you think of me
I find myself wishing that we were still as we use to be
But time changes everyone
But it hasn’t changed the way I feel about you
My ear is always here if you need someone to listen
My door is always open
Our friendship
Still holds a special place close to my heart

I’ll always be a phone call away

It’s clear to me that we are “Forever Friends.”

Copyright 2014

Forever Friends©

My Poem of the Day

Life as we know it©

I’ve been trapped inside a life I was a never sure was my own
Raised on a pocket full of lies and broken promises
Neighbors who knew of the inflicted pain but felt powerless
or too shamed to chance making a change
A daughter chased away like a thief in the night thought to be left for dead
Only to suddenly reappear years later to the shock of those who bore her
Life seems to control us
We can only hope for the control we actually take
Each day change may come and change may go
But the trail of your life may be some of what you make
But in the end it will be more of what others make
You may not always see it
But if you sit back and take a minute to think
It will suddenly become clear once again
That all you hold near and dear is a gift
And we all know that gifts can most certainly be taken away
At which time we would once again can be left with nothing

Copyright 2014
Life as we know it©
Felina Silver Robinson

My Poem of the Day

Self Judgment© – My Poem of the Day (12/08/14)


The mirror that hangs highly upon my wall

Shows me not as you see me

But as I see myself

The beauty you know

Seems to hide from me

Every sin I know of others

I feel hiding beneath my skin

I’m frightened to peek through the glass

Fearing the vision I may see

I know it won’t truly be me

But do I take the risk to see what others have created

Must I be forced to hold their sins in view

So now I judge myself asking what kind of person am I

That I see and hold onto to the sins of others

And wonder what my peers must think of me

There’s no stronger judgment than the judgement I give myself

So sinners take your penance and come take your sins from me

So that I can look in my mirror and see what you see

And see me only as myself

Copyright 2014

Self Judgment© – My Poem of the Day (12/08/14)

Felina Silver Robinson