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My Poem of the Day


A New Day©

In a dark room

Dark thoughts pass through my mind

The cracks in the floor swallow my tears as they flow at the thought of you

I wonder if the light will ever shine here again

Wishes for better things bounce against the walls of my mind

I hear cries from the others trying to reach me

Their words fall lifelessly at their feet for my ears have closed to reason and logic

There is no knowing when and if I shall return from the darkness

I challenge anyone to bring me willingly into the lightness of a new day

Copyright 2014

A New Day©

Felina Silver Robinson

My Poem of the Day


Sky-High, Looking Down on You©

I soar overhead

Looking down on all that you do

I see some scurry on their way to work

Others are off to school

I see old man Parker sitting on his porch stoop

All the pigeons gather with their beaks out

Waiting for their morning bread

Mr. Lee opens up his market

Placing fruits and vegetables outside his door

Officer Bill walks his morning beat

And Lucy’s out for her morning jog

All these things I miss

Now that I soar in the sky-high above you

I feel displaced here in limbo

Hoping for something different from from what I have

More like I was use too so long ago

If only it was yesterday

And all could be done again

Maybe, just maybe

I’d be back there again

Until then I stay sky-high, looking down on you

Copyright 2014

Sky-High, Looking Down on You©

Felina Silver Robinson


My Poem of the Day


Safely Into Your Arms©

You shoot a glance

That warms my heart

My toes tingle

And my heart dances

I twirl in my daisy printed sun dress

Underneath the old oak tree

The warmth of the summer sun warms me

You sit atop your impatient stallion

Calming him gently as you rub his side

I steal a glance as I turn

And spy you smiling

At me

I wonder if you know at that moment

That you caught my heart

You make me not want to stop turning

I fear when I’m done you’ll be gone

I then have no choice

The heat of the sun has left me thirsty

Nearly collapsing

To my surprise

I’m laying safely in your arms

Hoping that it will last forever

With my eyes closed

I feel your lips planted upon mine

I feel myself melting slowly away


The sound of my fathers tractor is upon us

I quickly find new life in my step

You tell me

This isn’t the end

I smile with a gentle giggle

As I watch you gallop away

My father reaches out his hand

And I hop up and sit proudly next to him

We’re headed home for Sunday supper

Tonight I will dream of falling again safely into your arms

Copyright 2014

Safely Into Your Arms©

Felina Silver Robinson


Photo by Felina Silver Robinson

Copyright 2012

My Poem of the Day


Acceptance of all I can’t undo©

There is much I cannot change,

So much I cannot undo

My prayers

The hope I’ve had

All lay’s lifelessly at your feet

I’ve begged

I’ve pleaded

I’ve given reassurance

My words apparently mean nothing

I see before me

That nothing has changed

I’m still beholden to you

For what I’m not certain

I know all that I need is still needed

So I give in

And I give you my Acceptance of all I can’t undo

I’ve asked for forgiveness more than a time or two

Now maybe my chance has come and gone

So I live on in the company of your mercy

Please be patient

Please be kind

As I stay forsaken

Copyright 2014

Acceptance of all I can’t undo©

Felina Silver Robinson

My Poem of the Day


The Art of Pain and Loss©

None of us go through life

Without losing someone we love

Some of us feel like we lose more than others

Some of us put on a happy face and work hard to push on

Some of us just can’t keep it together and begin to fall apart at the seams

Seemingly becoming completely unglued

There’s no ease to losing someone close to you

Especially when this someone has been a big part of your life

Whether it be since the beginning of time or a short time

Only you know how deep and significant your relationship was

We all have to remember not to lose ourselves within our pain

Because we will do an injustice to those that we’ve lost

They leave hoping that we can do better to carry on without them

Sometimes in spite of them

No one wins if there’s no one left to carry on

Some think that the only art there is …

Is an act, a picture, a story, or music

But reality is

Life is an art

It’s an art of pain and loss

Life and love


Life and Death

We all have our parts

Good or Bad

But the show must go on

Carry on sweet friend of mine

Copyright 2014

The Art of Pain and Loss©

Felina Silver Robinson

This Poem is written in Loving memory of Frederick “Freddy” Berzon, who was not an uncle by blood, but was a best friend to my dad.  Therefore he was my uncle. I knew him since I was quite young and he was always there. Anyone who brought Joy to my dad, brought Joy to me. I will miss the friendship and love he offered to so many. It will be strange never seeing him again. I just can’t imagine it. I know that he is off to a better place to start a new chapter of his life. I hope he will carry the love that we all have for him with him always.

My Poem of the Day


My Final Say©

I stand high on the tallest mountain

With my arms flying high

People gathered from all around

I’ve waited so long

To stand proud

And have my final say

They plan to take from me,

My friends and my neighbors

The land mother nature has nurtured since the beginning of time

They intend to build, build and build

Until the land is empty no more

It matters none that the animals have lost their way

They come into our homes

They live in our back yards and our attics

Because man has taken the only home they’ve ever known

When they are caught they are euthanized for trespassing

On land that use to be their own

We must take a stand for us the people

And for them

The animals

The air is slowing leaving

Soon we won’t even breathing

The hunger that will come as all starts to die off

All so the man could continue with his building

To fill each square foot with machines that devour all our resources

When the lights turn off and we sit in the dark

With no food

And no place to lay our bed

Then and only then

Will man see the problem he created

And what will he do then

Stand here on this mountain

Stand tall and speak with me

And tell the story of what you see

And hope that it’s not too late to be heard

And to see what man can do to fix the mess he made

Copyright 2014

My Final Say©

Felina Silver Robinson

My Poem of the Day


Give and Take©

There is much that I know

And I’m willing to share my knowledge

There is much that I still need to learn

And I’m hoping you’ll lead the way

There is much that I’ve seen through the years

There are many changes I would like to see happen

I’m willing to lend the hands needed to see them come to fruition

There are many stories and experiences I have to tell

But my ears are wide open and ready to hear yours when you’re willing to share them

This world is full of “Give and Take”

And it’s by far the best way to teach and the best way to learn

Copyright 2014

Give and Take©

Felina Silver Robinson