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My Poem of the Day


On the Charles©

The river is host to many an event

The Annual Head of the Charles Regatta

Athletes from 32 countries come to showcase their talents

Hoping to be on top at events end

The picturesque walking paths host many walks and runs for all types of causes

The Hatch Shell is the home for weekly Flicks during hot summer nights

Don’t forget the fourth of July celebrations


Summer concerts

I’ve seen many a family picnic upon the open green

How about some Zumba to keep you fit

The Charles brings miles of smiles to all kinds of faces from all kinds of places

I’ll always fondly remember my time on the Charles

Copyright 2014

On the Charles©

Felina Silver Robinson

My Poem of the Day


My Spot On the Hill©

The doctors told me to put my affairs in order

I sat there for a moment in denial of the words I heard

Being angry that my life was over before it really began

Now I had to spend my time taking care of business

I thought I still had time to tend to

I signed over my home

I willed away every remaining part of me

All left to do is pick my spot on the hill

When I was young

I ran atop on canyon hill

Overlooking the valley

And every place I wished I’d ever be

I always plan the day that I make a trip on down to the valley

For me

That day will never come

I picked a spot atop of Canyon Hill

So I can forever look down on the valley I had never been

I will fly freely at will when night falls upon Canyon Hill

Copyright 2014

My Spot On the Hill©

Felina Silver Robinson

My Poem of the Day


What Am I? Who Am I©

The reflection in the mirror doesn’t answer the question “What Am I? Who Am I?

My mother turned away each time I raised the subject of where I came from

What is there to be proud of?

Why do I feel shame?

Being native is something to be proud of

There is no shame in who and what you are

I need answers

I want answers

I deserve answers

I just want to know who and what I am

Outside of this shell I call my own

The one that tells you about who I am

And where I came from

But you can’t know of me

Before I know of me

I’m determined to find the answers

Before life’s end


What Am I? Who Am I

Copyright 2014

What Am I? Who Am I©

Felina Silver Robinson

My Poem of the Day


All Caught Up©

With promises from you

I’m all caught up on what I have to do

You give me ultimatums of what I must do

To keep me here with you

There’s no way I’m going to lose

The things that mean the most to me

So I’m going to do all I must do to keep me here with you

I’m all caught up

With nothing left but you

Copyright 2014

 All Caught Up©

Felina Silver Robinson

My Poem Of The Day


I Turn To You©

When all goes bad and no one understands the pain I feel

I Turn To You

When the darkness falls and fears all around me

I Turn To You

When sleep won’t come and I’m all alone

Fearful of all that might come

I Turn To You

When work is overcome with disaster

And I’m at the end of my rope

Because there is no one else that will help

I Turn To You

When I want nothing more

Than the comfort of my best friend

I Turn To You

I hope when the same falls true for you


I’m The One You Turn To

Copyright 2014

I Turn To You©

Felina Silver Robinson

My Poem Of The Day


In a room filled with things belonging to you

A life filled with experiences that I was never a part of

I flip through your yearbook

Plastered all about are pieces of you

Dance, swimming and cheerleading just to start

Loved and admired by all

Voted most likely to succeed

Then why am I sitting here after years gone by

Looking back at a past that was never mine

Our parents forever saddened by your absence

Their lives were never the same

Why couldn’t you just walk home some other way

In my dreams at night from stories told

When I close my eyes I see you

Walking home in the chill of the night

Alone and out of sight

In the corner under a tree

Out of nowhere

The car came bombing

Out of nowhere to be seen

When they stopped

There you were

Underneath their tires for all to see

Torn apart like a rag doll thrown away

Nothing for our parents to see

From that day on I always said

“If only I could remember you”

Maybe our parents would remember me too

Since you’ve been gone I no longer exist

Now with them gone I sit here alone in this room

Will all that you use to be

Copyright 2014

If Only I Could Remember You©

Felina Silver Robinson

My Poem Of The Day


My Heart Remembers You Fondly©

There is something special about true love

Love itself can come from many and belong to many

Love sometimes has no face

It’s just a feeling you don’t want to be left without

When someone is in it you know it

If you are without it makes you long for it

When I first saw you I knew you would be mine forever

My heart couldn’t allow me to be without you

It ached as if broken when we dared to part

If I thought for a moment that I didn’t belong

My heart sent me straight back to you

As our days turned to nights and nights into mornings

Our hearts worked at bonding

While our minds set to planning

All that we would do together

We’d built a house with our very own hands

And filled it with pieces of you and pieces of me

Of memories past, present and those yet to be

Life passed with those we loved

All passing through the house of love built by two

Hearts held together forever

But one day when I wasn’t looking

You slowly slipped away

You were gone in a flash and my heart was still aching

Aching for the love you once had for me when your eyes were still open

And your heart was still beating

But here now I sit on the porch of the house that we grew old together in

Endlessly waiting for your return as my heart remembers you fondly

Copyright 2014

My Heart Remembers You Fondly©

Felina Silver Robinson