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The Right One©

By Felina Silver Robinson

Copyright© 1998


Each time the phone rings she’s hoping it’s him

Sadly it turns out to be another

And not the one for whom her heart yearns for


She listens to his words ever so politely

As she’s thinking of what the words might have been

If they had come from him, the man of her dreams


Thinking of just the right words so as not to hurt him

She politely says “sorry,

I must now be on my way, as the children waiting,

Oh thanks for the call”.


You can hear the disappointment in his sigh

as he reluctantly says good night

I can only wonder if he too knows that he’s not the man of her dreams

Solveig Tanisha and Alicia 06-28-95



Copyright 2014

Felina Silver Robinson


The days of summer

Remind me of the random laughter coming from the mouths of our young

So innocent and carefree

No responsibilities

Just time on their hands

Free to do as they please

How lucky they are to be so young and carefree

The days are long

And the night is young

Sleep is not needed

There’s only time for fun

Slumber parties,

Scary movies,

And talks about secret crushes

No worrying about the future

Just thinking about today

It must be grand to be so young and carefree

The clock is ticking

Time is slipping away

enjoy making your memories

Time can be forgotten

Don’t let yours slip away

Live your life

And put some laughter in it to keep you going

It’s easier to make memories when you are enjoying life


4th of July hand


The Fourth of July

Independence Day

July 4, 2015


The Declaration of Independence was adopted on July 4, 1776

By the Kingdom of Great Britain

It continues to be day spent with family and friends

who are all grateful for both their freedom and independence

The men and women who have sacrificed and continue to sacrifice their lives for us

are appreciated on the day of Independence

There are not enough words to fully show how we all feel for the privilege of

celebrating this day with all those who make it possible for us

to maintain our freedom


My Independence Day©
Copyright 2014
Felina Silver Robinson
I know I came into this world without an invitation
But I do know that I was created out of love between two people
I was born at time when things were changing
John F Kennedy died 7 months after my arrival
There was a sadness upon our country
At age 5 we lost Martin Luther King Jr
There was continued sadness
Through the years both happiness and sadness remain
But there is so much to be thankful and grateful for
We are all thriving and the world continues to grow
One important thing that has not changed
is that through changes in our presidents, governors and mayors
and through thick and thin
and through stormy weather
We still have our independence


Isolation Is..©

Copyright 2015 

by Felina Silver Robinson


No one looks your way

No one makes time to get to know you

When you’re the last person picked for a team

When people never have nice things to say

When you’re never invited anywhere

When you’rr always the wall flower

And you have no pictures for your wall

The box meant to be your home

Seems more like a cage

And you lost the key


Moments In Time©

Copyright 2015 

by Felina Silver Robinson

I lay awake in bed each night

Thinking of all the little moments in my life

Each memory I cling onto

Knowing that they give me comfort

When I’m feeling week

Wanting to give up on all that ails me

Then a flash from my past

Brings me back

To the reality I need to hold on to

Baby steps






Pictures of moments with you

I now realize that there is nothing that can

Take me away from you

No doubts

No pain

No feelings of defeat

I choose to push on because of you


Here Comes Summer©

Copyright 2015 

by Felina Silver Robinson

Longer days

Shorter nights

Schools out

And the kids ignite

Teachers can’t wait until their out of sight

So they can all go and catch their flights

Where they’re all going doesn’t matter

Just as long as the school years still gone tomorrow

Leaving them to wonder if they should ever return

For now they’ll enjoy

Days in the sun

Walks on the beach

Sunsets with loved ones

Homework free nights


Breakfast in Bed

Old Man Fall

Please take no offense

But I can honestly say

I don’t look forward to your presence

As you’ll take away my long summer days



Copyright 2014 

by Felina Silver Robinson


The job is the same

No matter what the name

The job is the same

No matter your age

Your child wants to know you

Whatever your game

You can’t deceive them

They’ve got their eye on you

Sometimes playful

Mostly stable

Always thinking

Always worrying

Wanting to make sure

That everyone is happy

Everyone is safe

Everyone knows that he’s doing his best

There is never a moment

That he’ll stop believing

That you’re the best

His love is so powerful

That he’s willing to give his life for yours

Fathers always knowing what’s best

They earn their wisdom

With each passing year

He’s proud of his title

His family is the key

The key to his happiness

And all that can be

He’ll climb any mountain

Move any tree

If that’s what you need

to see what he means

Raise your glass to one that knows best

Happy Father’s Day


Thank you for being my dad (W.R.M.)

Thank you Joe for being an amazing father to my/our


I love you both dearly