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Naming Day

Alicia's Christening 1990

Early Sunday Morning

When the sky was a fluffy baby blue

You could see clearly til the next day

No seats left to fill

Family and friends from near and far

Gathered closely to hear me named

It was my “Christening Day”

The day I was named before all who cared

All dressed in white

Alert as could be

Ready and willing

Understanding nothing

But accepting all that came

Bouncy and nervous

Laughing then crying

Prayers and blessings

Being passed about

To and from

All those that will guide me

My heart became open to all that would come ahead of me

My head fully anointed

Greeted by all

Then the celebration began

Glad to be among all who celebrate me

On the day that I was named me, again

Before the lord

Copyright 2014

Naming Day©

Felina Silver Robinson

My Poem of the Day



When I wear my sunglasses no one sees all that I see

I spot a mother crying on the park bench

When her lost child is safely returned to her by the park ranger

I spot a purse snatcher trip by a boy playing with his dog

I guess the snatcher now knows better than to try that again

I spot a man bent down on one knee with his girl’s hand in his sliding a ring on her finger

While passersby stand teary eyed

I spot a teacher grading papers while enjoying a picnic

And a squirrel wandering off with various items laying about

I spot a father and son flying kites high in the sky

Til the wind comes and carries them away

I see the sky start to darken and the rain starts a falling

And suddenly everyone sent scurrying

Now there’s nothing left to see through rose-tinted glasses

copyright 2014


Felina Silver Robinson

Corey Hart – Sunglasses At Night

My Poem of the Day


Your Love

Your love

Lifts me up and brings me down

Turns me inside out and backwards

It makes me pull my hair out

It makes me scream and shout

It makes me sleep

It keeps me awake

It makes me laugh

It makes me cry

Sometimes I find myself wondering why

I hold on to a love that makes me ache

Then I realize because

There is no one else

That can make me feel the way that you do

The emptiness that once live inside of me

Has finally slipped away

Every part of me feels alive

I now have you and our life ahead

To look forward to

For the rest of our days

Thank you for

Your Love

Copyright 2014

Your Love©

Felina Silver Robinson

My Poem of the Day


This Place I Call Home

At Night when the streets are dimly lit

I walk hesitantly in the middle of the street

Fearful of who or what might lurk within the darkness

I pick up the pace

My breathing gets heavier and heavier

I hear screams in the distance

But maybe they’re not so distant after all

A car drives by and the muffler pops

Sounding just like a gunshot

I run for cover into the next

Set of bushes

Til the car passes and I see no bodies left for all to see

Once the street is left quiet again

I continue my walk home

I’m shaking and my teeth are shattering

I’m thinking to myself as I walk the street

My neighborhood is rated one of the safest around

But in the darkness of the night

Every street looks the same

Those things you can’t see

Are the things that can hurt you

When it’s dark outside

No one wants to open their doors

No one wants to remember when the police come knocking

At their door

But in the light of day

Everyone’s friendly

They shake each others hands

No screaming aside from the kids at play

Happiness is here for the day

So there’s a rush to do

All that needs to be done

Before the night falls again

Here in this place I call home

Copyright 2014

Here In This Place I Call Home©

Felina Silver Robinson


My Poem of the Day


A Wish for More Time

I haven’t seen you lately

But my thoughts are always with you

Each day that passes I wish there were more hours in the day

I wish there weren’t so many miles between us

I wish I had spent more time telling you all the things I’ve wanted to say

Now there is no chance for you to know all I had to share

I find myself wondering if you could have ever known

All that I felt for you

All the times I remember

All the days I was thankful to have you in my life

Thankful for all you had done

If I tell you now will you hear me

Will you forgive me for not telling you sooner

Will you watch over me

Will I get to see you again some day

Oh, how I wish I had more time to say all I wanted to say

And to hold you close again

Copyright 2014

A Wish for More Time©

Felina Silver Robinson

My Poem of the Day


Soulless Without Her Smile

This morning a man woke up on the wrong side of the bed

He was angry that he didn’t get what he wanted the night before

So he sets out to right his wrong

No breakfast needed

His angry makes him full

No drink

His sweat seeps into his open mouth

His dark and soulless glare sends each passersby running for cover

All fearing what it is that he’s after

His pace quickens as if he’s running out of time

Before he had to return home to prepare for the start of his day

Suddenly he’s where he needed to be

The all night mart at the corner of Elm and Beach St

The girl who had waited on him last night was still there

Her beautiful face was all he could think of

He didn’t even notice all the glances coming his way

Because he had left his house in his bathrobe

And hadn’t even brushed his hair

Oh what a sight he must be

But “Smiling Sarah” as they call her didn’t seem to mind

Once he stood before her she just darted him a big smile

And he thought to himself

Why couldn’t she just have done that last night

He found the nerve to ask her

If she’d like to see him tonight

She gave him a little giggle

Passed him her number and said “I’ll see you later tonight”

Getting what he’d come for

HIs soulless glare was gone

He once again looked human

And became embarrassed by his appearance

And ran home to start his day

Thinking only about the hours until he would get to see

His “Smiling Sarah” at the end of his day

Copyright 2014

Soulless Without Her Smile©

Felina Silver Robinson

My Poem of the Day


Oh, The Things You Say To Me

Baby when you bat those big brown eyes my way

I don’t need to hear the words you’ll say

Because I know what each twinkle in your eye is saying

But when you do shoot those soft words my way

They always tell me what I’ve longed to hear you say

You let me know that you’re the only one for me

That you can barely make it through the day

Without thoughts of kissing me

knowing I’ll be waiting by the door when you finally find your way

With your favorite slippers and your favorite bear

And dinner just for two

You tell me that you’ve never had it so good

You don’t know what you’d ever do without me

You remember the first time our eyes met

In the park under the weeping willow

We were reaching for the same dandelion

Hoping to blow for a wish

Little did we know

Our wish had already come true

That moment when we first met

Years go by and we raised our family

Our love has never faltered


Oh, those things you still say to me

Send me on my way

To the love I’d have no other way

I’ve been grateful for each and every day

Knowing that there’s no one else that could have ever made me feel this way

Thank you for all the things you still say

Copyright 2014

Oh, The Things You Say To Me©

Felina Silver Robinson

My ThrowBack Thursday Poem and Photo


Happy Days

Felina Alicia and Nana Kangas Nov 1997 Felina Alicia and Rose Nov 1997

Days when you wake up knowing

There’s a group of people

Who love you for all that you are


All that you’re not

They make you happy when you’re sad

They tell you when you’re wrong not just so they can be right

They look ahead when you can only look back

They give you life when you’re feeling lifeless

Happy Days

On Tap

For you and me


Your Friends


Your Family


Make a pack


To keep happy days on tap

At no cost

No ticket needed

And no pass

Just a smile

That will go a mile

As long as you play happy

You can stay happy

Leave all your baggage behind

Come and enjoy our

Happy Days

Copyright 2014

Happy Days©

Felina Silver Robinson

Seth in Tanisha's lap Sep 1997 Seth sitting on moms bed Nov 1997 Felina and Seth June 1997

My Poem of the Day


Twisted Words

I tell you what I need to say

I tell you what the people say


Within the next day

You’ve twisted every word I said

Nothing is right

Everything is wrong

I’m out

You’re in

Workers are angry

Customers are leaving

The community is up in arms

See what you’ve done

Don’t you know that I meant what I said

I’m here for the better good

I speak on behalf of the people

I’m not here for me

My job is to speak

My job is to listen

My job is to protect

My job is to lead

All of these things I’ve done with pride

You’ve stripped of my chance to

Move the company forward

So your workers

Have opted to come with me

Taking all of your business

Walking out the door

They’ll all come back

If you just listen to what they have to say


Give me back my power

Give them back their jobs

No punishments for the foul

All is good in love and war

You’ll see your customer

Come back and open the doors

All the works just want to be back on the job

But fairly and with clarity of all their demands

They’ll work as hard as you need them to

They’re dedicated for sure

Just don’t cross them again

Because they’ll go right back out the front door

Please just don’t twist their words once more

Copyright 2014

Twisted Words©

Felina Silver Robinson

This poem was inspired by the current happenings

in the Market Basket Chaos

Here’s to wishing for quicker resolution to the problem

My Poem of the Day


I’m Done!

I hold my life in my very own hands

I have a choice to take it or to leave it

Each day I teeter on the scale of life

Good, Bad

Worthy, Not worthy

Stay, Go

Hello, Goodbye

I struggle with the pros and cons

I struggle with my lack of desire

Each day I want you

But sometimes I feel like I don’t have you

You support me with your words and actions

But sometimes it just doesn’t feel real to me

I put on a happy face

But inside I’m tortured

So much push and pull

So much back and forth

Sometimes I just tire of the effort it takes

To fight my own battles

When deep inside I want to give up

To keep a happy face

I know that even you know

That I’m just not happy

Too much time has come and gone


I’m still not where I wanted to be

I’m still not who I wanted to be

I’m still not doing what I wanted to be doing

Do you think they know my secret by now

I’ve tried to hide it now for so long

It will never be revealed from these lips of mine

I will carry it to my grave

Instead you’ll see all that’s on my outer shell


Laugh, I’ll Cry

I’ll make you laugh, I’ll make you cry

I’ll give all that I have

I’ll do all that I can do

No matter what

You’ll never see me looking blue

You’ll never know what ails me

I’ll hold your hand

I’ll be your shoulder to cry on

I’ll be where you need me to be

I’ll hold you up in place

But when the light are down low


I’m on my own

I’ll be sitting in the dark

Staring out the window

Wondering why things just can’t be different

One of these days

Before you know it

I’m going to take control



It will be all over

Copyright 2014

I’m Done!©

Felina Silver Robinson