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The calm of the Summer night

a thickness to the air

with a hint of a struggling breeze

the airy blue night sky with twinkling stars so bright

it gives me pause to wonder

if the twinkles are the hearts of all the souls lost

or the hopes of all the dreamers

I sit and spill out my own hopes and dreams

to a sky that may have no answers

to a sky that has no voice

but its warmth and friendliness makes

you think of it as an old friend

One that you have as your confidant

No worries that it will tell your secrets

or judge you when it doesn’t like what it hears

With every twinkle comes

the feel of acceptance and a sign of hope for things to come

I look forward to my old friend

The calm of the summer night

Copyright 2014 The calm of the summer night© Felina Silver Robinson

My Eyes and Ears Are Open

I’ve seen what you wanted me to see

I’ve made the changes you asked me to make

I listen to what you are saying

But somehow I’m still lost

I still can’t seem to please you

There is never any peace

I’m damned if I do and damned if I don’t

I watch your every step

I’m sure to clear your path

I listen to all you say

So you never have to repeat your words

I bring you your slippers when you walk through the door

Your drink sits beside your favorite chair

Your remote lays by your side

I serve your dinner

and go on my way

Back to my book of promises

and dreams of the future

That seems a lifetime away

You have your dreams

and I have mine

They no longer seem to be one in the same

My eyes are open and I’ve watched you changing

My ears can hear you and I’ve heard your disappointment

So now I know that I must be on my way

On my way to better things

If only it could have been with you

than without you

If only your eyes had been wide open

And you had heard me speak

Copyright 2014 My Eyes and Ears Are Open© Felina Silver Robinson


When I was young I didn’t have much

Not because we were poor

Because we weren’t

Not because no one cared

Because everyone did

It was because my parents wanted to teach me

That there are many more among us that truly have nothing

We have each other

We have our neighbors

We have our church

We have our memories

We have all that we need

When I was young

My idols could be found on TV

My idols were my neighbors

My idols were my friends

My idols were my family

Now many of them have passed

The shows have come and gone

My friends have moved away

And my family, those that remain

are mostly scattered about

So my idols are now my children and my husband and the family that remains

My idols are

The children of the world that will sculpt our future

Those who are hard at work

Those that are surviving

Those who are waiting to be noticed

Those who are waiting for help

Those who are fighting for their lives

Idols come in all shapes and sizes

Idols come


Idols go

But we must go on living

Little do you know

You too are someones Idol

Copyright 2014 Idols© Felina Silver Robinson

The Voice of Autism Through a Mothers Eyes:

Finally, A place to feel I belong

My Poem of the Day


The Start of Summer School

In a new place

With all different types of people

But more like me

Some could walk

Some had wheelchairs

Some had trouble speaking

Some had trouble paying attention

Some just wanted to leave

But we all found that there was

No more

being teased

No more

being poked

No more

being dared to do bad things

And no more

having our lunches stolen

It was scary seeing classmates that were different from me

But I know that

Everyone learns differently and has

different abilities

different strengths

different weaknesses

But in the end we all learn the same way

We have the same fears

We all want to be liked

And we’re all here to learn

Now my eyes are wide open


I find interest in more things


Have made new friends

No one makes me feel bad about who I am

No one makes me cry every day

I smile when I walk in the room


I smile when I leave the room

I’m the happiest that I can be

Thanks for setting me free


For letting me just be me

Copyright 2014 Finally, A place to feel I belong© Felina Silver Robinson


My bones

My skin

My face

My head

My heart

My inner self

My outer self

My body

My Mind

It all belongs to me

It’s all a part of me

It all makes me whole

It all makes me empty

It all makes me happy

It all makes me sad

It all makes me think

It all helps me decide

My thoughts are mixed

My thoughts are uncertain

Sometimes they make me go back to the beginning

So I then can become certain

Certain of my beginning

Certain of my task

Certain of my foes

Certain of my allies

With all in place I’m ready, set, go…

Out into the world

With all that I have

All that I know

And all I intend to do

Look out world because I’ve begun

To turn to you and set you straight

The time has come to change this place

This place we call our home

Times are changing

Just like we do through the years

But now we must give this place

we call home a facelift

We must clean …

our air so we can breathe

We must clean ….

our water so we can drink

We must preserve …

what is good,

what is healthy

what is in danger

In danger of extinction

our birds

all of our food sources

our bodies

our selves

Give back to mother nature

All you have taken

Now she needs you as she has helped you

Help her before it becomes too late

We’re on a path

A path to extinction

Things can end faster than they began

Adam and Eve, Eve and Adam

No matter the name

No matter the forbidden fruit

Where there’s a beginning

There’s always and ending

We can only extend the time before our extinction

So make your choices

Choices control us

Choices change us

Choices lead us

Choices need us

Choices believe in us

Copyright 2014 Extinction© Felina Silver Robinson

My One True Love

Just a simple caress from you makes me lose control

The sultry sound in your masterful voice makes me long for you more

I lose all sense of reasoning when I’m around you

Every woman looks at me wondering what I have that keeps my hold on you

If they only knew it was just loving you the way you want me too

I always listen when you have something to say

When you need me, I’m always there

I understand your pain and do whatever I can to comfort you

I only have eyes for you

You will always be the many of my dreams


The holder of the key to my heart

You are my forever dream lover

The one man who knows what I need

You aim to please as I please you

Love is a two-way street

It takes two to make love work

But sometimes love truly hurts

Together we can weather any storm

When all goes wrong

I remember your gentle caress and the sound of your sultry voice

and all is forgiven as I fall back into your loving arms

Copyright 2014 My One True Love© Felina Silver Robinson



Felina School picture2 School picture 6

ThrowBack Thursday Poem of the Day


When We Were Young


When we were young

We use to stay up all night telling stories

We use to laugh

We use to cry


Each morning we delivered the morning paper

House to House

on Foot or riding our bikes

In all kinds of weather together

We were the together forever “Irish Twins”

Born 9 months apart

Not much separated us

Life was our competition

Always wanting to beat each other

At whatever we did

We always knew one day

We would stop and question why and how

We always knew what the other was

Feeling, thinking or doing

Always watching out for one another

When we were young

there was no just getting by

We always wanted to be the best

at everything that we did

Boyfriends, Girlfriends

Sports and grades

and don’t forget

Love and attention

When we were young

There was


Sunday School

Choir School

Church Youth Group

Weekend trips all about New England

Martha’s Vineyard

The Cape

Connecticut and Vermont

Singing songs to the music on WCGY

Ice Cream from Eddie’s truck

Spending our allowance


Eddie’s convenience Store

George’s Follies

and not to forget Woolworth’s Five and Ten

When we were young

We always thought we could

Fly so high and touch the sky

Oh, how I long for the days

When we were young

Copyright 2014 When we were young© Felina Silver Robinson

One of our favorite songs of that time

In My Little Town


In My Little Town…

Everyone knows your name

They know you’re not all the same

They like you because you’re different

you’re something and someone who brings change to their lives

Everyone has a cause

Sometimes you’re their cause

Everyone always needs to know what’s going on

Especially when it doesn’t concern them

Sometimes they want to lend a helping hand

Sometimes they want to know how they can avoid you

Some of them are genuinely kind

Others can’t wait for you to walk away so the can gossip about you

Some won’t even wait until you’re far enough away so you can’t hear them

Some just don’t care and really just want to hurt you

In My Little Town…

There’s no on street parking

There’s no using plastic bags or styrofoam

There is no serving veal

There is no trans fat

There’s no buying cigarettes until you’re 19

Even though you can vote at 18

At least you know now,

that you’ll probably outlive all of your fiends

In My Little Town…

They teach you not to bully

They teach you to defend yourself

They teach you to help out others

They teach you to aid in disaster

They teach you to grow up

In My Little Town…

Some people come from money

Some people never have money

Some people work hard for their money

Some never have to work for their money

Some people take money for granted

In My Little Town…

There are so many people chasing a dream

A dream of a happy place

Where their children can

learn without fear

sleep without fear

live without fear

In My Little Town…

There’s always hope

Hope for today

Hope for tomorrow

Hope for the future

In My Little Town…

I feel safe

Copyright 2014 In My Little Town…© Felina Silver Robinson

Seven Days a Week

On Sunday

Mornings are quiet

wake to tea and coffee

Then off to church everyone goes

A day spent with family and friends


A big

Sunday Dinner

On a Monday

Starts the work week for adults

School for all the lucky kids

Can’t forget the mom’s monthly ManiPeni

On a Tuesday

It’s kind of a snooze day

So some find time to gossip

Others try to befriend you

Anything to kill some time

On A Wednesday

It’s a “hump day”

everyone’s thinking

what’s up for the weekend

Making plans for what to do then

Work flies on by

It’s like a breeze, then

before you know it

the day is at its end

On A Thursday

It’s the crunch day

You want to get everything done

So it doesn’t hang up your friday

There’s no surprise when

no one has the time

to stand around and chat

because the time is quickly slipping by

Everyone wants to hit the sack early so

They’re up bright and early

On A Friday

It’s Goodbye

To the work week

And hello to the weekend

But not before the work is set and done

Contracts are signed

Mail has been sent

Schools out

Court has been dismissed

Ready, get set and lets go

On A Saturday

You sleep til sleep comes no more

Shower, breakfast

and out the door you go

Aquariums, Museums, Malls, Beaches, Zoo’s

Whatever, wherever it is

A smile on your face

and stride in your step

But time is going to fly by

As long as you’re happy

It doesn’t matter when it ends

As long as you have the memories of good times spent

Copyright 2014 Seven Days a Week© Felina Silver Robinson

Prisoner of your love

My body awakens at the thought of your arrival

I’m mesmerized by the gleam within your eyes

I’m delighted by your gentle touch

Your smile soothes the pain that lays against my heart

The sound of your voice lingers between my ears

When you speak your voice is the only one I can hear

Your words of love and unspoken promises keep me as your prisoner of love

Copyright 2014 Prisoner of your love© Felina Silver Robinson