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Crystal beaming lakes

Parents buried in the sand

Volleyball matches all day long

Guitars playing softly in the background

Siblings dunking one another on the rivers bend

Surfing, hang gliding and snorkeling is all in a days merriment

Barbecues pop up all around

Picturesque sunsets end the days fun

Summer Fun©

by Felina Silver Robinson

We are not lost

We are right where we need to be

In a place where we are not wanted

But willing to fight the battle

We will teach acceptance

We will teach an

Openness of

Heart and








Openness of Heart and Mind©

by Felina Silver Robinson


Untamed Desires, Harsh Words

Passionate Moment, Salty Tears

Daring Acts of Love, Bittersweet Memories

Blue Skies, Dreams Gone By


Dark Skies, Salty Rivers

No More Kisses, No More Wishes

Heart of Steel, Closed Off To Love

Then and Now a Heart in Pieces©

by Felina Silver Robinson

Non Accepting

Finger Pointing

Never Changing


Hater of difference




The Ugliness of Racism©

by Felina Silver Robinson

I have no answers for all that has unfolded

The lies you tell

Make people stand and stare

I have no knowledge of what you’ve said

My life’s a mess because I cannot address

All of what’s been said

Do I want to be to be a part of your puzzle

Do I want my life to be in shambles

This is nothing I could have foreseen

I thought your love was meant just for me

But now I see

There has been at least three

That you’ve shared a part of yourself with

Now I’m no longer wanting this life with thee

So heed this warning

I’ve set you free

I’m headed now to a place I can just be me

The Lies He Told©

by Felina Silver Robinson

My heart is not woven with elastic

Your words don’t bounce off as if on a trapeze

Instead your words stew at my hearts center

There is no question of the power that you hold

If only I could bear to look away long enough

My trance would be broken and I’d no longer be smitten with you

Then and only then I might have a chance at real romance

Love Trance©

by Felina Silver Robinson

My heart bleeds for you so

There is no other heart bigger than my own

No love greater than mine

You are my beloved

I hold my love for you

There is no other mate that can hold my attention

Nor my affection

I thrive solely from your love

I pray that you wont deny my affections

For there is no alternative life for me

I am beholden to your love for the hope you bring forth to my yearning heart

No Love Greater Than My Own©

by Felina Silver Robinson