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My Poem Of The Day 


If Only I Could Fly© (written 04/02/1980)

I dream of flying high above the clouds

Seeing all that I can see

The stars that shine so bright at night

Would warm me as I travel

To where

I almost don’t care

As long as I’m feeling free

To shed those pieces of me

That carry the hurt from all those who judge me

It’s a pity I know

To have to go

So far away

Just to

Avoid you

There just doesn’t seem to be

Any other place that one of your friends don’t appear

And follow your orders to goad me

My hair

My skin

My walk

My talk

They all seem to annoy you

What makes you think you have the right to slay me

This is why I can’t sit by

Waiting for you to come for me


I wish that I could fly so high

And see you down below me

Just know that I would never

Do the things you do and make you feel like I do

All I want is my peace of mind

And for those I know to see me

See past your words

And past your scorn

To know that I’m actually quite alluring

Maybe, just maybe, you already know

And that’s why you choose to taunt me

So no one else will see

Anyone but you

By Felina Silver Robinson

My Poem Of The Day 


Scratching At The Surface©

Deep-seated are the feelings that scratch at the surface of her heart

Churning for a love that has been ignored for so long

Shunned by a society of ignorance forewarned

Piercing are the screeches of her sorrow

Empty are the souls of those who shame her

They know not of love

Only complacency

Which in the end will be their undoing

For their hearts will remain cold and empty

As they struggle to find a single companion

There is no longer empathy for their shameful intolerance

They shall be cast aside to the unknown

Only to return when ignorance is no more

By Felina Silver Robinson

My Poem Of The Day 

The Other Side Of Her©

Felina 06-28-98

Photo by Felina Silver Robinson ©copyright 2015


What you see is not always what you get

She appears to you as a graceful beauty

Her eyes captivate each onlooker

They appear in a trance like form

Only the snap of your fingers brings them out of it

When you get past her out shell

The insides are kind of course

She wants to open-up

But she’s fearful of the outcome

She’s been hurt so many times

She just doesn’t want to chance it

So she only shares her mean side

Sending away all those who want to befriend her

Once the night falls

She sits staring out her bay window

Wishing for happiness

The loneliness gets harder to bear

She is not happy in her disparity

She begs the night sky for a change

Hoping that someone will hear her

She lays her head down for a while

Upon the hour that she awakens

She feels a sudden glow

There is a weight that has been lifted

She feel the shadow of doom no longer looming

She now believes that she is free

To live a full life

Complete with love, trust and happiness

So the coarseness that surrounded her heart

Can now begin to melt away

Soon she will be free to fall in love again

And live for “the other side of her”

By Felina Silver Robinson

My Poem Of The Day 

The Road Home©


Route 89 “The Road Home”© By Felina Silver Robinson

 Photo by Felina Silver Robinson ©copyright 2015

The road ahead is all clear

It so belongs to me

Leading to where I need to be

Back to people who wait with open arms

Loving me for me

Home is begging me to feel open and free

Happy for the memories both ahead and behind me

Heading back to all my family, friends and neighbors

I first have to put this highway behind me

Along with its unmistakable skyline 

Leading me to the place I’ve always called home

I now find myself torn between home

And my home away from home

Where I too have family, friends and neighbors

Who I long to spend my time with

I ponder the thought of whether this is truly “The Road Home” for me

By Felina Silver Robinson

My Poem Of The Day



My Home Away From Home©

Long drive ahead

Plenty of pit stops

Crystal clear waters

Puffy white clouds

intermittent rain

Shop hopping


A little of this

A little of that

Good gestured smiles

Reminiscing moments

Heartfelt bellows

Never ending days

Planning for the next visit

Long ride home

By Felina Silver Robinson

My Poem of the Day

Marathon Monday©



At the start line

26 miles and 385 yards ahead of them

 No rain

 No sleet

No snow

Can keep them from the end

Up heart-break hill

Straight ahead

Crowds roaring

Runners pushing

Runners exhilarated

Finish line is within sight

Painful last moments melting away

There’s no turning back now

The runners hard work paid off in full

With a successful finish

the glory is all theirs

365 days from now

All will gather again

To cheer on the runners

Of the next Boston Marathon

By Felina Silver Robinson

My Poem of the Day©


People Are Good

On vacation in a town that not my own

Afraid of those unknown to me

For what

I’m not certain

Everyone is smiling

Nodding  their heads to greet all Newcomers

There are no whispers

No hateful glares

No endless waiting

No seats at the back unlit corners

Just wonderful service

Memorable moments

Time well spent

Offerings of next years return

No more doubts or hesitations

For traveling in towns not my own

Friendliness goes where friendliness is welcome