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My Poem of the Day


Me and My Bully

Even if you weren’t looking at me, I saw you
Even if you weren’t talking to me, I heard you
Even if you didn’t invite me, I really wanted to go
Even though you didn’t hear me, I was talking to you

You asked me why I’m always crying,
But I know you really don’t care
When I’m not looking, your laughing with your friends about me

At the beginning of the year I was happy and smiling
I was full of laughter
Walking around and hanging with my friends

Two months of knowing you
No one would dare to be my friend
I was destined to be alone
I was always alone
Except for when you and your friends would hurt me

Who are you? You’re my Bully!

Why do you hurt me?
Because you feel small inside
Because those you love have no time for you
They leave you out in the cold
Your friends just use you, because you’re rich
Because they know you are going places and someday, they might need you

Don’t you know, you’re just like me
You’re bullied too, so stop hurting me and maybe just maybe
We can just be friends

I wrote this for all the kids that I know that are now being or that have been bullied.
Stand up and take back your life.
Turn your bully into your friend,
Your bully is just as lonely as you are and maybe even lonelier.

I created the slide below to hopefully be used as an educational tool. I hope it helps.


Me and My Bully©

Copyright 2014

Felina Silver Robinson, #FelinaSilver, #MyPoemOfTheDay

My Poem of the Day


I’m determined to make you happy, even if just for a while

I see a smile pulling at the corners of your mouth

You seem to fight the smile

But it’s meant to have its way

I see a twinkle tug at the lines of your eyes

You try to look down to chase away the sparkle

But something inside

Gives the win to the twinkle

Now your eyes are shining brightly

I can hear a laugh trying to works its way from your stomach through your mouth

But your body language proves you are trying to hold it back

So I pretend not to see the wall ahead of me

And walk dead straight into it bumping my head

You’ve lost the tug of war and your laugh belts its way out

Win, Lose, or Draw

You’re no match for me when…

I’m determined to make you happy, even if just for a while

Copyright 2014

I’m determined to make you happy, even if just for a while©

Felina Silver Robinson

Natural Beauty

If only you knew how beautiful you really are

No need for


plastic surgery

dental reconstruction

tummy tucks

Botox injections



People can’t get to love you

If they have to peel through all the layers first

When you start to really show your age

All of what you’ve done to yourself will look twice as bad

You will have doubled your age in appearance

You’ll have

Twice the wrinkles

Twice the scars

Twice the sagging in your thighs

Your eyes will droop like sand bags

Your lips will look like rotten bananas

There will be no turning back once all of this has begun

30 years younger

Becomes 60 years older

Look for your beauty deep from within

There’s no substitution for natural beauty

Copyright 2014 Natural Beauty© Felina Silver Robinson




The Voice of Domestic Violence: If I had a dime for every time…

You promised me you would no longer hurt me

(your hands and your words where your weapons)

You promised to spend more time with me

(Instead of you just drinking)

You made me feel like your servant

(instead of your partner)

I cried myself to sleep and you didn’t even know it

I ached all over my body, but didn’t want your pity

I wished I could turn back the clock to when we first me

You didn’t know when and how much I needed you

(the you from when we first met)

You made promises you knew you couldn’t and wouldn’t keep

You chased away everyone I loved

I wished I could be anywhere else, with anyone else

I wished I had never met you

I told myself I would leave and never look back

Well, look at me now…I left you and you didn’t see it coming

Now, I live without regret

and I have new friends that you won’t be able send away

I am thankful and grateful that I put my kids first

and me second

and kicked my baggage to the curb

Copyright 2014 The Voice of Domestic Violence: If I had a dime for every time…© Felina Silver Robinson


If you must cry, cry on my shoulder

If you must work, I’ll lend you a helping hand

If you are sick, I will care for you

If you are disabled, I will tend to you

If you are ignorant, I will teach you

If you are wealthy, Share your wealth

If you must fight, fight for a cause and not to cause pain

If you are skilled, Share your knowledge

If you can build, build for the needy

If you have a talent, nurture it and encourage others to find their own

If you have love, I will love you back and we together can love others

Copyright 2014 If…© Felina Silver Robinson


Love is Grand

Love is grand,

love is kind,

love has only time for those who believe in it.

So let it comfort you.

No need to feel embarrassed.

Love has no eyes,

It only has need for a sense of belonging.

Love has no color.

Love has no shape

Love has patience.

Love takes time.

Love makes time.

Love must not be left behind.

Copyright 2014 Love is grand© Felina Silver Robinson

This poem was written for my friend Valerie Oberton

as she remembers her loving husband now that he is on the

other side continuing his journey with the man up above.

May my words bring you comfort and reflection on the years

you hold near and dear to you. May your memories always 

be with you.


Your darkened heart chases me

You tear at the seams of my troubled heart

You tempt me to falter from my given path

You urge me to choose the abundant gifts you offer

at the cost of my soul

You are angry because I show no interest in your temptations

My chosen path offers me the happiness I’ve dreamed of

I’ve learned that you only ask for what you need

Give all that you have to offer from the kindness of your heart

Don’t give with the hopes of rewards

Rewards are given when deserved, by those who judge you

Those who are not your peers

But by those who watch over you

If you learn all that has been taught to you

You will understand all that comes your way

Allow nothing or no-one to deter you from your path

All that is sought, will in time be in front of you

Copyright 2014 Faith©Felina Silver Robinson