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A simple hug©

By Felina Silver Robinson

Copyright© 2015


Sometimes, sadness becomes so overwhelming that some can’t see tomorrow.

Sometimes, all one needs to open their eyes is a hug from someone they love.

Give yourself the power to be that someone.

If you are in need of the hug, receive it with open arms.


The Mirror©

By Felina Silver Robinson

Copyright© 2014


If you follow your heart

You might find that it has more to say

It may know you best

It just may show you the rest

Of the life that you have hoped truly existed

With your eyes wide open

Your guard down

Placing one foot in front of the other

and just taking the steps

That your heart lays out for you

There’s no rush

No time clock

No one forcing your hand

Just a choice to let your heart take the lead

No more forcing your eyes closed

No more butterflies in your stomach

No more turning back

Just accepting, trusting footsteps forward

Then maybe you’ll find a friend in me and

The love you needed for a time

The sun will shine

The clouds will lift

The rain will stop

and the birds will sing

In time for your new life to begin

Glad to have you back again

Stronger than ever before

Trying, willing and ready

to see me as I really am

The me you see every day

When you look into the mirror

Don’t forget to open your big beautiful eyes

Oh how glad I am to live once again



Look to Me©

By Felina Silver Robinson

Copyright© 2013


A city of of people

Turn to me

Looking for hope and direction

They trust me to lead them to their destiny

Am I strong enough

Who will lead me

Who will give me strength

We will do great things together

Together as one

For I am nothing without

All of you

You are my strength

You are my soul

You are my conscience

You are my soul

You are my heart

If you look to me

I’ll look to you and together

We will whether all storms


I dedicate this poem to all those in Leadership who run our great country and fight our great fight to keep us all safe and continue our rights to freedom.

self worth


When You Needed Me©

By Felina Silver Robinson

Copyright© 2013

angels right side

When you needed me

I lent you my shoulder

I opened my door

I opened my heart

I gave you all that I had to offer

There is no shame

There is no need to repay me

I lend the hand of hope

To help you see the opportunities before you

To help you see that the world isn’t as bad as it seems

To help you understand that life is worth fighting for

To help you see that no one or no thing has the right to take away your hopes or your dreams

To help you see that your life and all that’s in it is worth fighting for

For as long as you want it

To help you see that you are worth the time and the effort

To help you see that love heals all wounds

I am glad that you needed me

and that I was there to lend my hand and open my door



Photo: Morning, Breaking… by Mark ~ JerseyStyle Photography


Day break · Night fall©

By Felina Silver Robinson

Copyright© 2013


Morning break
Darkened skies brightened by the morning sun
Autumn leaves falling upon your feet
Screeching vehicles
Chattering voices
Stop lights, walk lights
Car honking at bike riders
Cars, trucks and buses playing chicken
Dogs chasing cats, cats chasing birds, birds chasing squirrels
Will it ever end?
Again the skies darken and the sun sets
The stars appears
While the moon lights the sky
Make a wish because you never know
What life might bring

Image by Katherine Choi


By Felina Silver Robinson

Copyright© 2013

It’s not easy to extend your hand in hopes that you will get the help you so badly need

It’s even harder to choose to be the one to help

Sometimes the decision to help is a part of you

You don’t know any different and its second nature to you

Don’t waste time thinking of what others might think

Because you extended your hand as the giver or the taker

Think of how you would feel if you didn’t

Don’t feel guilty if you can’t afford to extend your hand

Sometimes you may be the one who needs the help

Be open to receiving help

For as long as you are willing to offer help to others in need

Your needs will also be met in some way at some time

We are giving kind

We just need a small reminder sometimes

No one is too good to help nor too good to receive

People are both givers and receivers

Be there for those in their time of need and they will be there for you

Help is always there, all you need is ask


I wrote this poem on 10/02/2013 in a tribute to those who were and

continue to be out of work due to government shutdowns,

but it applies to all those in need everywhere at any time.

Bless you all and your families.


Beneath My Cover©

Felina Silver Robinson

November 3, 2013


What you see isn’t always what you get

I might have tattooed covered skin

Piercings throughout my body

And multi-colored hair

But that does not define who I really am

Believe it or not

I’m quite educated

if you got to know me you might be able to see that

I love art and have a keen eye for da Vinci, Picasso and Van Gogh

I can tell you anything and everything about history

In fact my teachers use to tell me that I should teach them

Can you believe it

I appreciate all kinds of music including Mozart, Haden and Bach

I can cook tantalizing cuisine that will leaving you wanting for more

I’m not here to judge you for judging me

I just want to tell you that just because you see me

it doesn’t mean you really see me

look beyond my cover and you will find the real me

I look forward to meeting you

I hope to become your friend